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  1. I would say, yes, but havent played enough t9 to confirm
  2. I rly cant stand the 704 though, i hate strv even more, but thats it, i alwas even rated foch better as 704 ;D
  3. 68€ for 360 days prem, the china t8 prem td and a pudel, amazing deal, buuut, do i wanna give wg money, hmmm (and im 100% gonna hate that td also)

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    2. ZXrage


      the WZ-120 TD is busted in all tiers

    3. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen why do you think you're going to hate it? It's 122-44 but a tier higher. The gun missess a lot but it has amazeballs DPM and good prem pen. The tank also has broken camo (stationary it's better than all lights in the game if I remember right). It also has armor that will give trouble to 80% of t7 tanks and most t8 meds without prem. 

      My DPG in the Wz120 is higher than my Renegade DPG and Renegade is a fast heavium that's a damage farmer. 

    4. arthurwellsley


      I agree with GehakteMolen  when I saw the deal for one year premium at that price I was tempted. I already own the Pudel so I am not sure what I get in lieu. I assume gold?

  4. Yeah, i put it on cromwell b (rly fast turning, fast aim, awefull bloom) and doesnt seem to make any difference (i use rammer / vent / gld, and dropped the gld for IRM). IRM is mostly to buff turning speed of the vehicle, not really reduce the bloom (the bloom reduction is pure to make the bloom not worse which would have been the case if only buffed turning speed). So its worth it only on tanks that can use faster hull / turret turning speed, say E4, and TDs in general, but then its abouve EGLD vs IRM, i guess EGLD will do more for your firepower, while IRM makes you turn faster, so a tank with shitty turn speed, Obj 704, will benefit more from IRM, while a tank with fast turning speed will benefit more from EGL (say jagdpanther perhaps). On low tier tanks (that cant mount vstab) IRM might also be worth it, tiger p perhaps, KV3, etc, yet on KV3, rammer / vent / egld could still be superior (or drop vents?) What im interested in, whats buffs mobility more, vents or IRM, straight line vents is better, when you need to make say 2 turns, what then?
  5. I feel the same, i expected T34 to be crappy, but so far it was pleasant to play (it drive slow, aims slow, reloads slow and well, its just slow) but it seems to sorta work decent. Had more luck with this so far as with Lowe (and i was always a Lowe fanboy, so go figure...)
  6. After another session of defeat farming with E25. SU-152 > E25, on any map, in any match up, all day everyday. When top tier SU turn around corner and stab them in the face for 700, when bottom tier you can lob HE shells (or still smash them for 700 heat in the face). No tacticool bushkemp fuckshit like E25, no low dmg peashooter weakling shit, just smash them in the face... (and SU-152 > ISU also, the extra accuracy is not worth having less mobility, less camo (relative) and less alpha dmg (relative), ISU suk dik now, SU-152 did fine so far (i now jinxed it and will have shit game after shit game)) Edit, and speaking of unconventional: Russian (heavy) tanks now seem too suck, Obj 257 is terrible, ISM was awefull, ISU is shit, Obj 705 is so far a pile of shit, 704 was as expected shit (i said in version 1 T30 > 704, and its now T30 >>>>> 704 it seems...) IS8 not much luck (read as in: shit games) and all versions of IS (IS, IS2-S, IS2) i played also suked dik (can also be t7 heavy mm beiing bad). Only SU-152 (ironic...) and T-44 seem to still work, every other russian tank, not so much... It seems all heavys suffer from bad accuracy making long range combat / pixel sniping next to impossible, while the awefull aimtime makes it even worse, the armour no longer works (everyone has a though turret + pike nose is just bad armour profile) and for the first time since like ever: Russian(heavy) tanks are not good, even the IS3 is no longer king, the IS3, the saviour of the motherland, the posterboy of soviet superiority
  7. It would be logical if it makes accuracy better at all times (like how some guns in stock turrets have worse accuracy as in top turret)
  8. I like current arty far, far more i rather get hit 2x for 400 as once for 800, no heat and AP means no stupid 1 shots also. Best arty change since like when they nerfed HE, that was, when, 2011? 2012?
  9. ISU-152 has been in the game since forever (like, literally) Speaking of unconventional opinion: Damage farming / trying to get as much damage (also for wn8 and meoe) has made the overal game expierence worse for anyone. Unicums camp in the back instead of lead from the front, in the past winratio was everything, dmg didnt matter, that is all long gone Joe avg sees the purple camp in the back farm dmg, and starts to copy this Streamers play passive, and try to get damage, again, joe avg sees this and copies this Playing for dmg is even more frustrating as playing for the win. Damage farming promotes bad gameplay, helped turning the game in a campfest and is in the end a stupid way to play, if WG had made raw exp as stats available, we would never had this dmg epeening, but instead exp / win% whoring (which are both far better) ps: and those who say you can pad winrate so easy, show me those 75% winratios, guess what, 99.99% of the wot player base never could and never will be able to do so, not consistend over thousands of games, the arty of winning is lost and will never come back... (see this topic the most epic winratio farm of ever, 95%. i contributed with T69 and KV4 http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/265837-first-100-battles-with-is3-in-random-matches/
  10. Not nerfing gold ammo and instead buffing armour and removing weakspots (to make gold ammo less effective) is the worst thing WG did since they added tier 10 TDs Wheeled vehicles dont work, they are either shit, or OP, a nice idea, but just no (not that unconventional i think) Adding autoloaders and good gun depression / gun handling to everything is very bad for the game and will kill it long term** **the game is now actually slowly dieing, due to this, armour (with weakspots) is a core mechanic of wot, and what made it good, WG is basically removing it...
  11. T-34-3 is actually ok, the really sad thing is, compare T-34-3 with T-34-2, the premium version has far better gun (like, better aim time, accuracy, less bloom and much more dpm) while also having more armour (like a lot more armour) and also more gun depression! T-34-2 needs to be the same as the prem one, with perhaps les gun depression (its smaller tank / turret) and the 100mm should be as good as T44 (hint, it isnt, not at all..)
  12. Encounter berlin where 1 side caps with 3 from the start, suchs fun, wow :doge:

  13. The base thing seems positive though, i even had ppl defend the cap!! And you can also (from everywhere on the map) select the flag icon and tag it for defend, if ppl also respond is a second, but it does no harm i think edit: you can only hove your mouse on it, not tag ot for attack / defend
  14. I was thinking, what about V-stab vs Rotation. Stab obvious works much better, but on some tanks, like E50, IS3, with either good blooom or good base accuracy, but poor speed, the extra speed might be worth more as the better stabilisation. (or with rotation and stab, you get tx med gun handling, on a t8 heavy, yolo)
  15. Westfield (village had to attack, gg...) And the worst map of all time: if defenders had a lot of tds, or arty, or a unicum platoon, it was 100% loose, unless they would all lemmingtrain 1 side (defending side attacking, in wot, on EU server, yeah, like how often is that gonna happpen...) Toss in the awesome mm we had (with mega OP tds...) and its gonne be biiiig fun....
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