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  1. windstorm you mean https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Windstorm Yeah, dunno why they removed this, was ok map (not good, not bad)
  2. Yeah, south coast > glacier (or stud, or empires border, or) And last version of swamp was ok soon(tm) Stalingrad got a lot of hate, but compared to Paris, of Kharkov?
  3. Looking at video, the 3e one seems good, 5e might be ok, 4e i gonna be either ok, or total awefull (depending on how good hill and base camp spots are) and first 2 seem mweah (especially the first one look bad, half the map shooting range, so compareble to studzanski)
  4. Not posted yet here i think, lets see what WG is gonna make of this...
  5. HE should be used at the weakest part of the armour, so weakspot on the turret roof, or next to the gun mantle (so the explosion goes down, into the hull roof)
  6. I thought 110 was always a sucker tank, only Morgotz (i think it was him) rly loved it (could be trolling) and for the rest it was a hipster IS3, which trade alpha dmg, gun handling and soviet side armour for uh, better ufp
  7. when top tier, and arty doesnt bomb you, that thing is OP as hell, its like 10% of the games though (spmm also helps it a lot)
  8. It rly is bad, worst turret bloom of any tier 7 heavy, 2e worst hull bloom (only KV3 a tiny touch worst) and almost russian gun handling. It can mount a V-stab, so thats helps it a bit, but its overall still bad (and others have a free slot, so either GLD / IRM / turbo / optics, T29 cant make that choice)
  9. O-ni? All i remember is getting gunned down by tier 8 tanks, and when top tier beiing either too slow / late, or getting gang raped by t6 meds (rudys and cromwell b`s) That said, i forgot about the IS-2 Berlin / IS-2m, they tie for best t7 heavys, given thet have better armour as the normal IS and better mobility as the chinese one, only real con is a slow (aiming) gun, but it hits like a truck and has good dpm (260 more as t29, with first shot 340, thats 1 shot every minute...) T29 also has ghetto gun handling, it can mount an V-stab, so that improves it, but its still not good, and neither is its mobility... edit: played some games with KV3, and without exception, disgusting shit games...
  10. personally i never liked T29, it lacks reload speed and dpm compared to the tiger (+ the looks), and it lacks armour / raw power compared to the KV3. That said, no idea how well a KV3 does nowadays, its nemesis, spmm heavys with good armour, like IS6, are mostly gone, but u now have a bunch of fast autoloaders, so no idea how that balances out..
  11. so few players? On EU i have seen over 200k around christmas (it gained a lot of (returning) players last year i think)
  12. Quick scanning it means u can use 1 crew for 3 different tanks (a win), its much easier to cap a crew to max, which is also good. I still have a bad feeling though, that said, crew skills is just sort of part of the game, its nothing special mostly. Only real con of current system is that very good crews are serious better as crap crews, 2 skills means 6e, some repair and camo, and thats it, if u put bia, u have no camo or repair, and the other perks, view range etc cant be trained either. Putting a full crew with 5 skills, u have bia, full repair and camo, 20-30m more viewrange, and quite a bit better mobility (off road and clutch braking combined make quite some different on sluggish tanks with good hp/ton) If WG wants to do something about the above AND can make it work like equipment 2.0, then its fine for me, but will they be able to???
  13. Oh, it was more directed at it beiing hard to get, many just sort of rig it, or pay for it, that said, with enough games and luck, you can get quite far i guess (like how barely blues managed to get an obj 260, when it was hard to get it, aka, no using coins from low tier for 260, many light tank missions where a pain and some other really hard missions got made easier (HT 15 was 20k combined at first i think, now THAT is stupid much)
  14. IRM can also work on amx-30, that thing turns like a battleship
  15. According to wot-news there are 11793 279 on EU server vs 20896 Chieftain, so while there are more chieftain, there are still plenty of 279 (and i have seen more as one plenty of 50-55% ppl driving 279e) Chieftain is for sure more flexible / more suited for unicums, but 279 has the highest moe requirement of any tank... (assuming that website is right)
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