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  1. Its probably also because many high tier tds have reload in that range (if u dont run food / bia), ISU, Jp-E100, T30, Fv`s, E4) So many other tanks are also poking / moving in that interval. Imo anything above 20 is alrdy kinda long (say Fv 4005) your reload if often so long, you cant shoot twice, which greatly hampers your influence... ps: this is also the easiest fix for Jp-E100, nerf dmg to 950 and give it much more dpm, keeps it sorta unique, and makes it much more reliable and dangerous
  2. The retraining (from tank to tank) is the main shitty thing, if they remove that, then its mostly fixed (still dont see the need, but not totally ridiculous as in the beginning) Right now retraining crew from 1 tank to another costs almost no exp (if u do for silver) so is more or less free, with this change, its like reseting the crews skills, why WG, why????
  3. Fv4005 suchs a pile of shit, i rly dont understand how ppl can like this (yeah, the kind of ppl who like arty)

    Fv 183 was amazing (till it got nerfed) but this? howgod, its terrible in both performance and and fun...

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      I only like it once in a while when I get a meme HESH pen, but otherwise yeah it's absolute trashbarn

  4. they sould just remove the stupid arty missions, heck they should have never added them in the first place... Or to self quote from 4 years ago: WG sort of banned xvm (anonimyser), removed gold rounds / heat round (they now brought them back....) so they made it a bit better, but it wasnt enough, just ban the stupid platoons and remove missions, thats all it takes to fix it... (they can then even buff arty back to what it was 1 patch ago if needed...)
  5. No, i have Fv 4005, and its imo a shitbox, perhaps i sell it and get a conway instead, but i have good memories from old conway with 120mm gun and 35km speed (or whatever slow it went), it wasnt good, but it kinda worked, dont wanna spoil that Also, HESH only works on accurate guns i think, Conway gun seems really slow... (it does get brutal dpm though, so might in the end still work, but wont try it yet)
  6. *bump* Did anyone else play this after intuition and HE changes? With new HE mechanics, HESH is now rly nice, no more bs shots on sides of tanks, you just penetrate stuff, sooo Highest alpha dmg of any tier 9 medium Highest dpm of any tier 9 medium (except E50 with 88L100), if you included first shot, its the highest dpm For best dpm and best alpha dmg, you get low penetration and shitty ass gun handling, but if it hits where you aims, and your enemy is not russian or a maus, howboy, this thing smashes ppl HARD... And due to intuition, you can easy swap ammo,
  7. yesterday more as half the games zero arty, so imo best patch in years!
  8. Another ``new`` skill is Intuition, it allows for quick ammo swapping (1,5 - 2 sec on most tanks i think) While not worth it on many tanks, in certain specific cases this is usefull (if not a must) Centurion mk7 for example has a great HESH round (480 dmg 220 pen) but a bit situational, with new intuition, you can swap ammo easy. Same goes for ebr 105 and Fv 4005 i think, or rather, every tank where HE is usefull OR where you have low pen AP and heat (E100 might also benefit, AP for weaklings / side shits, HEAT for the rest and HE for specific cases Perhaps just for HE usage alo
  9. Firefighting can be dropped easy though, on commander atleast, this arty perk is better. The detection will also help you look up to see from where the round comes, the tracers allow u to see the shells easy, so angling / driving away should be possible that way (even my slow ass t7 brit heavy could do it a bit) (especially slow shells from CGC can be dodged i bet, 1 sec travel time for the shell is a lot, if u can move 5m, thats enough) Its ofc gonna be situational, but so is firefighting
  10. Its good on tanks that are fast and paper, so something like a Leopard or Grille, you are often stationary and take a ton of dmg, but can move enough to make it worth dodging. And if you move right in the shell, well thats bad luck, if the arty player aims on your tank, most shells will land on your current place, so moving away will long term mean less dmg taken. Only problem is, its an commander (?) skill, and commander too many skills, this would have been better on radio man (who is also half the time commander, but still better as commander...) ps: on high skill crews, you
  11. i wanted 122 tm good turret + gun dep + high pen / dmg is nice (the dpm is ghetto and rly takes time getting used...) Rhm is just a paper sniper with good speed and high pen HE, high pen HE is almost always shit, so all u have is no alpha dmg with crazy expensive gold and a a fast paper tank There are a billion (fast) paper tanks on t8, who all dont rly work, becaus 240 (or 200) dmg just sucks... So in the end, 122 offers something unique, but this one? (he doesnt count)
  12. Its gonna give good players an advantage over bad players, not sure if thats a good idea. Customiztion is fine though, and this seems a better idea as the crew crap...
  13. Or look at the basic, crews and credits, i have 137 million, have 140 credit boosters left, have 230 tanks, 70 empty garage slots, have 23 tier 10 tanks (which just collect dust mostly) have ~70 million worth of premium consumables in my depot and dozens and dozens of pieces of equipment (like 20 GLD, 20 vents, 20 rammers etc) I I have ~600 crew boosters and like 150 +3e skill crews (including dozens of 4e skill crews) A new player can never get this, its impossible to unlock everything, get so much crews and credits to fund everything, i have dunno, ~600 million worth of tanks
  14. hmm, ok its now with discount on EU server, so only 4,7 mil, wil pick it up then
  15. Bump How does the tx compare to the t9? The same, or does it play different? Slightly more usefull armour, and tier for tier less pen / alpha, but more dpm and more campy gameplay (but also more arty and ebr...)
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