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  1. 703v2 beiing interesting comparison, its 2x390 with either shotgun mode, or autoloader (with 2 shells) Yet there 390 is already kinda ``too much``, especially with its armour and mobility, this skoda is even worse in terms of burst dmg
  2. 2x460 is massive overpowered imo, unless you have like a tiger p, put that gun on it, and make it tier 8, and even then, its probably still annoying as hell, 2x 460, that means with some luck 1k dmg in 4 seconds, thats retarded...
  3. IS5 will now be an IS3 with a big worse soft stats and WAY worse accuracy as IS3, but more gun depression and i guess better armour? (and same speed) KV4 dunno, the normal KV4 is quite good, this one is a tiny bit faster, with way less dpm and gun handling and worse armour also, this change will only make it faster and less anooying to play... the chieftain looks interesting though, not good, but its a nice looking tank, if it doesnt suk dik after this buff, i might get that one
  4. Wont those panzer things get blown up all the time by KV2`s and other lame ass t6 tanks? (SU-100(Y), Arl 44, stuff like rudy / cromwell b Middle tier is often OP vs lower but ghetto vs higher tier tanks (Hellcat and KV-1s beiing like the only exceptions)
  5. Also a way to make it white again? hehe , i dont like dark websites, so prefer the white
  6. imo commander alrdy has enough, bia, repair, camo, 6e sense, view range, sometimes the radio skill with view range, and mentor (10% more crew skill) and the skill it can replace other crew are also not bad, radio man and loader are the ones getting shafted ps: and stuff like dead eye and designated target are kinda useless due to it beiing perks, i train that as 4e, then u never reach it, making it useless
  7. But ebr with commander vision in slot 1 can rush to a bush and sit still before manticore is in position and a bushed ebr will outspot an moving manticore (i think) What makes ebr speed so good / annoying, is has the speed to reach annoying bush at the start, and the camo to use them
  8. Yeah, this mostly, fast tanks will be able to dodge long range arty shots quite easy (asuming it pings straight away), especially if you are driving, all you need to do it go left or right, and u dodge it (from a standstill it might be harder). you can even turn your turret / front / gun in the right direction in time this way, to reduce incoming damage more (say if arty comes from the left, use right reverse, to move back and show ufp towards arty and should work nicely also Ebrs are gonna be unkillable now by arty, unless rly unlucky, just make a handbrake turn and no way your gonn
  9. dmg buff is only 10%, but in return it cant stun you any more (and the pen is still low) while the basic shells deal less dmg, and can no longer kill crew / modules (and tracks i guess.....???) AP dmg seems to be serious buffed, in the past it was like 60% of HE dmg, the new stuff seems to be way lower dmg wise (perhaps its not AP, but like high pen HE, would explain the shitty HE changes wg wanted to do) In the past using AP against armoured targets was stupid, since IS7 would bounce arty ap withs turret anyway, while "paper" targets like M48 would get fucked by it
  10. First thought: looks fine, return of AP round seems shitty, but for the rest looks like a nerf (and a buff for fast tanks, which can now sort of dodge arty)
  11. Mission complete! Reward: Vehicles added: Chimera (crew 100%)

    Now lets see how far i can get with 279 missions (without losing my sanity...)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. 3MAJ86


      only mission 15

    3. GehakteMolen


      u can skip all the missions, and finish the last with orders?

      Then i need to see which trees are the easiest (first look i think german and french, since soviet has a shitty scout mission)

    4. GehakteMolen


      lol, u can, so i need to unlock the 2 tokens from chimera then (1 is used for an arty mission, other for a us light mission), with 6 tokens i can skip 2 missions hehe

  12. After reading a bit more it seems to a classic WG case of: Good idea, terrible execution Every tank having more or less same skills is indeed a problem Not beiing able to pick every skill, so you are forced to choose is also a good idea Many tanks are ``too goo``, so its not bad that having a good crew harder is (the gains should be minimal at the end, not maximum like current So the basic idea is fine, the way they implement this is stupid, stuff like ultimate skills and instructors are all just overly complex, its just what. Drop all the extra shit, remove all
  13. the retraining thing bothers me the most, i NEVER retrain for gold (u lose 20% of the basic skill, thats what, 20k exp? how terrible) While when u have a lot of exp, the lose is bigger, i only retrain once, to swap in bia, and dropping from 70% 3e to 65% (or whatever) also doesnt matter much (i dont ever get it to 4e anyway) But with this new system, its either spend A LOT of gold, or get fucked exp wise.... Ah, then its indeed a true dick move...
  14. People not having best crew is no big deal imo, some will have 50, other 60 and others 75, as long as the best skills are not locked after say lvl 60, its fine. Beiing forced to pick either view range OR camo is also fine same its nice you can put 1 crew in 2 tanks (if i saw it right) People saying the difference between 2 and 4 skill is not massive also undersell it A LOT, having full camo, or no camo skill at all on a medium is a significatn difference, same for 1, 2 or no view range skills (2 skills is 20m, vent AND bia is also 20m...) Whats gonna suck though is that people w
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