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  1. They did is right with Sandbox, (3 years ago or so), but instead of biting the bullet, and just doing it, they did nothing, let everything get worse, and base on what i read, half arsed it in the worst possible way, GG Wot had sooooo much potential, even after all the fails, but the single biggest fuck up after arty, gold ammo, they never dared to fix, they changed / screwed over everything else, except for the obvious problem, and now its too late... Player who quit in the past wont return as paying players, and new players will juts get confused by the clusterfuck that is wot now... ps: Also strong point of wot was the clean, basic, ``old`` UI / garage. All other games (around 2010) somehow needed complex shit ui, wot look old, clean and good. The mission menus and stuff they added later also fitted nicely. When they updated the UI, they lost me, i used to have a look at the missions, and tried to do them, till that the update 9.15. They added some garage filters, which was nice, but fucked up everything else (i think it was all in the same patch) Every singe im not even botherhing anymore, its clutter, complex, and rage inducting. Who the fuck: designs suchs shit? Approves suchs shit? has no balls to backtrack / update that shit? People always cried for Serb, well, when Serb was in charge it was alll a looooooot better...
  2. If you hoover your mouse in the garage above shells, it lists the pen at 100, 300 and 500m :p
  3. Did anything change with KV5? Or you mean the buffs it gets years ago, that made it a brutal murder machine due to OP dps and massive hp?
  4. While i dont care for all these crappy light tanks, and will prob not play much the next year or whatever this did pull my attention: U WOT MATE, Tiger II bad? Its a tank for kings, not peasants, peasants can drive the tiger, real pro`s drive the King Tiger!! ps: also, played 1 game in my shiny IS3, and IS3 still #1, so rest doesnt matter
  5. They should give us the real deal then, the original 6x560 dmg laser gun version we got, before it was nerfed. 350 APCR and 3360 clip dmg in 10 sec, Y0L0!! here comes the WTF-E100!!
  6. So after 7 years, they still didnt manage to find the solution? How wonderfull...
  7. Oh, i still got a Swe t9 heavy (dunno where i put the crew) so can perhaps check that out. 279e is the OP soviet prem i assume? (the mad lads actually put it in, a weak version, but still... Map blocking seems about fucking time, now i need to think of which map to block (i guess campinovka) Also, whats blue prints? I can gain them in any tier 5-10 tank, while on standard account, in normal battles, without any kind of stupid exception? https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/1-4-1-blueprints/ Seems usefull, that way you can by pass some crap grinds
  8. After updating 6 or 7 patches: What all changed? (i stopped playing daily when IS-2m was introduced and quit altogether last summer) So far only did some tier x and tier 9 speedy heavys, got fucked by polksa heavys (how you kill them) got screwed by new OP soviet crap and saw worthless light tanks zip around, also less arty and TD tards? (or was i lucky)
  9. Lets see how the IS3 rolls after all these time (i bet still #1 defender of the Soviet motherland)
  10. Well, i will atleast give it a go This damage nerf should have been done in 2013 though, 6 fucking years ago (gold ammo was put in the game in 2012 and half a year later it was clearly ``not working as intended``, but WG beiing morons, they didnt do the cpt obvious, and instead ruined the entire balance) As others above said, undoing the damage of 4 years buffing armor to keep heavies relevant is gonna be a hell of a task... ps: dropping the hitpoints with 10% on the few obvious problem cases when this goes live will tone down the worst offenders atleast (Maus, Type 5 etc.) ps ps: but im sure WG will fuck it still up + i doubt they will do it in next patch, and the longer they wait, the smaller the change it will bring back players / slow the drop in players
  11. Gold ammo and arty fucked it, those 2 made heavy tanks useless, and when the heavys suck, the bads will drive TDs or artys, many fun.... Over the years anything and everything got good gun depression, accuracy and turret armour, and every tank is now the same, with a different skin, aka shit. The main reasons why historical accuracy was so important, is that it forced WG to be creative, a tank with crappy RL armour and no gun depression needs to be amazing in other stuff, while a tank with fat armour and (often big gun) needs to be bad in other departments to make it balanced. Beiing a bit creative for the sake of gameplay, ok, but the last 3 years have been a total shit show in this regards. Only way to fix the game (perhaps): One arty in each team as hard cap Start removing autoloaders, it should be a nich, not something half the tanks have cut gold ammo dmg down by 25% Reduce hitpoints of all tier 9 and especially tier 10 tanks a bit and nerf dpm of tier 10 Reduce accuracy, especially of top tier tanks Add weakspots and when tanks become to weak, buff them a bit in other department. Tier 10 was always the cancer of the game, and it spread to all tiers over the years...
  12. I never understood all the hate Serb got, Serb made only 1 single mistake: Arty. And thats it, serb had a very good idea on whats good for the game and what not, and listening to the morons on official forum is NOT good! Most of the time your customers are drooling morons, they wanted a fun game, serb gave it to them, so shut up and play. What they think is ``fun`` is only fun for 20% and shit for 80%, if every turd idea gets put into the game, it means you gain 1 good idea at the cost of 4 awefull ideas... In retrospect, they day serb quit beiing in charge of wot, is the day wot started its long decline... ps: Serb was not some random turd developer what some on NA always seemd to think, serb was lead game developer, aka he was the head of game development.
  13. 1: whining implies im complaining about something thats not true / not a problem, only blind retards think arty was or is fine so im not whining, im mentioning a fact... 2: i was unicum before that term was even used, and what makes a unicum a unicum is beiing able to adjust and adapt to the new situations, the noobs will suffer, while the good players will kill said noobs regardless of the situation... 3: why should i even bother with elc? i dont wanna play elc, i want to play a tank, drive around and shoot people, like i could between 2010 and 2016/17, its not my problem WG fucks it up, i will just stop paying and do something else instead... Infact, its WGs problem: Wot is for me like watching tv, a nice filler, Wot is for WG their cash cow and their work and salery, people like me are the reason worthless developers like them even work in the first place... Pissing / losing your best and most loyal customers always ends in disaster, not short term, but long term, same with sports, if you loose the die hards fans / supporters from the first hour, your sport / club / team will be doomed, it might take 2 or 10 years, perhaps you can even keep exsisting, but you will never be what your where... and this is what WG has been doiing last 2 years, they made all the player who play for the sake of playing quit... death by a thousand paper cuts, and a big fat middle finger in your eye in the form of arty...
  14. Yeah, sticking your barrel in hes barrel means bb arty (and no punishment). Still, we need more hero`s like the E100 in this team He didnt say anything, he just turned around and killed the CGC, when other arty complained he said something along the lines of: get cancer arty, and also killed the other (he also wasnt banned, hurr durr) Due to arty, the maps are shit and shit maps + arty lead to TD hordes, this coupled with gold ammo makes heavys pointless unless they get buffed, making mediums crap (they now get shit on by arty, tds, bad maps and OP heavys) and its not heavys thats the problem, not is gold ammo helping meds, its arty fucking it, arty and nothing but arty. Arty not only always fucked my games and ruined my glorious wins, arty ruined the entire game. For every fucking dog that plays arty for fun, there is 1 player that left the game due to said arty, outright removing arty and giving only compensation in credits and free crews would have costed far less players as the constand arty shit does. im 100% certain that arty is the most common reason people quit wot, its not OP / UP tanks, russian bias, bad balance, ``low tiers beiing to weak against high tiers``, or all the other tanks people complain about, if people could pick 1 single option it would be fucking arty, every single person i know irl that played wot and quit wot quit due to arty, every single person in the clan that quit, quit partly due to arty, sure they might also dislike other things, but arty is always one of the main reasons what makes wot so rage inducing once in a while. to all arty players: FUCK YOU VERY MUCH
  15. Wont be playing WT, im not so keen on realism, wot (for me) always had the right balance between realism and gameplay Well, we once had a clan vote, and i won + im know for my limitless arty hate thus im the #1, except, me, as #1 think that Vodkjha hates arty even more (he tked hundreds of arty in all those years , put a stock radio on hes T-50-2 to make sure he wouldnt spot for arty, always went full retard in chat against arty, ignoring enemies who went to our base and even lost game he could win, just to spite arty) (i have also driven back to base, to TK an arty and thus assure he wouldnt get a top gun) The other would be Morgotz, he sometimes even tked arty in tank company, at the start of the game (cant find back screenshots right now) all in all, Morgotz hes arty hate was also legendary. So its either me, Vodkjha or Morgotz, most other arty haters are wannabees, i will 100% trow away a game if i can deny arty a top gun / special medal, and will NEVER EVER not hug an arty in enemy base, forcing my arty to either not shoot, or shoot me (i mean, Garbad was hating on arty, but was also busy doign everything he can to win a game, even defend / help arty, if you help arty your by default not an arty hater
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