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  1. agree, if WG had used more historical realism, the game (balance) would have been better. The D-10t, D-25t and 88L71 are all (way) too weak, making stuff like 105L68 and Bl-9 needed, the not nerfed t7 guns would be sufficient on tier 8 also (and t7 could then used weaker guns...) basic, real, tanks like Tiger with 88L56 on t7, and on T8 stuff like IS-2, King Tiger / ferdinand with 88L71 should have been the basic of the tech tree.... Instead WG probably wanted to shoe horn the IS7 in at all cost, and made thus everything the way it is, instead IS7 was retarded OP compared to anything and took like 2 nerfs to make it `balanced`` against the Maus and T30, (and in the end, T30 had to removed form tier x and maus had to to be buffed like 3 times)
  2. i was kinda dissapointed in this tank, but given the opinions of others, i guess it was expected
  3. the 20 ammo count kind of things are just ridiculous and so is shitcore compared to ebr...
  4. What for 50TP? (the t9 polak tank) I put rammer / stab / vents first, to see how that goes (dont have top engine or turret yet) in doubt about hardening / irm (or turbo) but what to pick? (i run turbo on IS4 and E5 for example, but hardening on 53tp and IS3)
  5. when u are ano, there is also a risk of especially arty shooting you on purpose, so that also makes it less effective...
  6. Obj 268 had 450 HEAT, JpE100 had 420 and so did Foch-155 (or had foch 410?), E3 / E4 where the ``losers`` with only 375 APCR Heck T54 had 350 HEAT, and that was when HEAT > APCR, because heat didnt get absorbed by tracks or brick walls, APCR was faster, but HEAT lost no normalisation and had stupid high values The different between 350 and 400 HEAT are however minimal, E3 casemet, T95, stuff like that it makes difference, thats about it (before, with 450, u could pen gun shield and stuff, but that no longer works with HEAT and the most powerfull APCR of the game (E4) doesnt have enough penetation for that (i think)
  7. Its clad with spaced armour, naice Lets see how it looks when WG puts it in the game, i fear another t8 prog prem failure...
  8. For (high tier) scouts, u can now mount Optics (i guess still default), CVS, to beat bush, LNES, to buff camo and the thing that gives u 2 sec extra time when u spot ppl, is CVS actually worth it? (and, does CVS stack with itself? it removes camo (from bush) and camo when moving, so when u move through bush, does it help twice? (i assume it does, given that movement camo is different as bush camo)
  9. Yeah, i sorta like frontline (not all the time, but due to seasons, its fine) I dont like this SH shit, im not even bothering with it (dont care how op the t9 rewards are, that SH is so shit, fuck it..)
  10. WTF-E100 ``comeback``, nice...


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      If its anything other than the haloween event im uninstalling the second the patch that includes it comes out

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      unfair plane!

  11. T69 and chinese 122 (T-34-3, IS-2 (the t7!!), 110) used to have 300 pen on t8 ;D And ISU had 286 AP for 8 years, till WG fucked it up... Edit: the bs armour and gun depression is a far bigger problem, chinese tanks have big gun, and no gun depression, thats the balance factor, this thing needs 3 deg gun dep and serious armour nerf (and a dpm buff) to make it ``inline`` with the rest (T-34-3 should have more dpm, this should have more gun comfort, better pen, and shitty dpm, as balance, giving it double the armour and gun depression is just stupid...)
  12. played it a few games now, its totally shit, and despite buff still far worse as it ever was (it was better during shitty ``vision meta`` as it is nowadays...), too big, too slow, slow aim, slow reload, everything is slow the game is 100% zipping around spamming gold shells while camping in bush, so everything an E100 cant do (or maus for that matter) And E100 suks dik in hull down fights, which 90% of the heavy bralws nowadays are, so again, an E100 suks dik there
  13. there is the KV-85, a KV, with a 122 on t6 :p https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:R106_KV85 Except it seems to be atricous (perhaps woth food, bia, GLD and rotation its playable, but i doutb )
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