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  1. just what we need, more autoloaders, especially on top of a russian bias heavy tank chassis!
  2. Finished is saturday, got nothing but berlin, so with x15 tokens and berlin only maps 12k exp was easy, not gonna bother with the vents (just the shiny tank)
  3. There is still a big difference between bending reality to make tanks fit for the tier they sit (Maus comes to mind), adding ``what-if-tanks`` to complete a line (E50m) adding a whole line of questionable tanks, for marketing purpose (polish, chinese, japan heavys) who, in case of polish and japan atleast add something different and unique) Or making a fake tank, for the sake of a fake tank, why pick lorraine hull and put turret, instead of amx-120 hull? its a copy paste, and 1 is sort of real, and the other is not only fake, but also makes no sense (a lorraine with bigger turret and much more armour, yet 50 tons, with wheels on tracks?) This is just stupid, even the WTF-E100 is more real, the gun was real and they hull was real, so putting the gun on the hull and weld some sheet metal thing around for rain is more real as this lorraine 50t... Some things are just more fake as others, and this really pushes the line, and to make it 10x worse for no reason also, the lorraine hull with more armour offers nothing an Amx-120 hull also wouldnt offer...
  4. Bump This thing blows, the gun is actually good (better dpm as IS6, with more pen and better gun handling) but: Poor gold ammo, which is bad because; Your slow, so always fight head on, which is bad because; Your armour does poor against high pen / gold ammo / people with luck / people who know what to do Rear turret is also arty bait and your turret is not very strong, all in all, this tank is awkward and simply not good. Its ment for head on slugfests, yet there you get wrecked by any tier 9 heavy while many t8 are head on a serious problem also (Lowe, Liberte, Chrystler, O-ho, VK-P, many big tds)
  5. Well, he used to be a forumwarrior, so i guess some things never change ^^
  6. i cant wait to flame, insult and provoko rage Yesterday i saw in team chat the turks got the blame for corona, so its gonna be a intense weekend!
  7. General chat is back, naice, lets see if i can still use chat at the end of the week (if u know what i mean :serb:)

  8. The first phase was the best ofc, tier X tds and gold ammo ruined tier 10 for good. Winter 2011 till summer 2011 was high point of wot, tier ix meds ruled, t5 scouts made life for arty miserable, and tier x heavys where more like tier 9.5, which was balance wise a good decision (not on purpose, but accidental) OP stuff like T110E4 and 268 ruined the game, and wg balanc needing half a year to fix (whats new) ment that tier x was crap (also T62a was the ghetto peasant tier x medium, this did change over time.... EDIT: oh, and general chat is back, nice, now i can rage to the enemy again, and try to call out arty change (u kill yours, we kill ours!)
  9. too much autoloaders / ruskies pancake turrets / fast tanks with good soft stats now, for my taste
  10. I dont know actually, the clan he founded, IDEAL, still exists, but he is no member of it, Paris_Hilton is still diplomat (i just saw) (s)he should know it. You just lurk here once in a while? of you even have wot up-to-date on your pc?
  11. Yeah, BBV has always been a *special admin*, no idea why that place was moderated so strict, most people didnt care much (atleast, thats the idea always had) Once all the entertaining people got banned (Hami, Body, Xen, Pady, some other guy from PTS) it became quite and boring...
  12. I type now the same, and only find the old link (that doesnt work) funny how that works ^^ (perhaps its further down the line)
  13. Given that this forum section is dead anyway, here is an old wall of text from clan chat, 2013, where we discus clanwars (i found some old logs from clanchat) You can call this a ``unique behind the scene`s view`` of the original NO-CW clan (this whole no cw wasnt gimmick or pretending, it was real) (backstory) Body_count treatens to leave because we screwed up our landing on Great Britain (global map). We had 5 people capable of putting chips, 2 forgot, 2 were not online and 1 wasnt sure who should do it (this last beiing the clanleader himself, Tabs) (Morgotz, Deceiver, Trakais and me beiing deputy) at the end, 5 others comment and it ends with Siema nvm (could also be i was CL here myself and Tabs was deputy, we swapped roles at some point) -------------------- Tabs (24-3-2013 13:52:43) ... Tabs (24-3-2013 13:52:47) I'm insulted Body_Count (24-3-2013 13:53:02) well, you'll get over it in time Tabs (24-3-2013 13:53:07) I'm leaving! Tabs (24-3-2013 13:53:09) Ha! Tabs (24-3-2013 13:53:12) suck on it! Tabs (24-3-2013 13:53:13) Body_Count (24-3-2013 13:53:21) screw you, I'm leaving first! Tabs (24-3-2013 13:53:25) No meee! Body_Count (24-3-2013 13:53:35) no me, double tht Body_Count (24-3-2013 13:53:37) that Tabs (24-3-2013 13:53:55) .l. Tabs (24-3-2013 13:54:01) I'll rejoin first! Tabs (24-3-2013 13:54:02) lol Body_Count (24-3-2013 13:54:10) you know I love you, but you're fucking terrible at what you do Tabs (24-3-2013 13:54:25) Excuse me Tabs (24-3-2013 13:54:40) but my communication skills with other clans is excellent Tabs (24-3-2013 13:54:48) I got tier 2s to fight us Tabs (24-3-2013 13:54:54) who can say that for himself? Body_Count (24-3-2013 13:54:55) o:D Tabs (24-3-2013 13:55:25) and I always protect our members! Tabs (24-3-2013 13:55:43) by presenting a real life scenario that could be roughly applied to the WOT universe Tabs (24-3-2013 13:56:01) and proving my point as to why it is okay to flame the shit out of someone. Tabs (24-3-2013 13:56:21) when did you do any of these things!? Tabs (24-3-2013 13:56:22) ha! Body_Count (24-3-2013 13:57:35) what about 3/4 of the time you didn't even know we're on cw map? Body_Count (24-3-2013 13:58:07) I was a fucking recruit and I was still more up to date on shit in here! And I was in a state of mind: I don't give a fuck about anything Tabs (24-3-2013 13:58:33) hey Tabs (24-3-2013 13:58:37) I knew we were on CW Tabs (24-3-2013 13:58:40) I just didn't know where Tabs (24-3-2013 13:58:43) !!! Body_Count (24-3-2013 13:59:37) The point is: This is my baby! I'm fucking emotionally attached to it. And it looks sort of like a baby with one leg that is falling a sleep every time it moved 1 meter and shits all over the floor cause of diarea Tabs (24-3-2013 14:00:09) diarrhea! Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:00:20) yeah... that HubertGruber (24-3-2013 14:02:09) 322 is not a clan!!! Tabs (24-3-2013 14:02:24) Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:02:25) well it seems it certanly is not! Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:02:55) no fucking FC can help us if whole freaking leadership isn't doing a damn thing Tabs (24-3-2013 14:04:46) you Tabs (24-3-2013 14:04:48) oncesaid Tabs (24-3-2013 14:04:53) that I am perfect for the job Tabs (24-3-2013 14:04:56) because I am too lazy! Tabs (24-3-2013 14:05:03) why the sudden change of heart!? Tabs (24-3-2013 14:05:05) pff! Tabs (24-3-2013 14:05:05) Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:07:24) for commander yeah... I presumed we'll not get into cw's and do shit. But yesterday we did. Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:08:11) and if we actually do some shit and if I play fucking 6 battles and we look like retards after that cause we can't put even fucking chips on landing zone, I do have a fucking problem with that Tabs (24-3-2013 14:08:13) grr Tabs (24-3-2013 14:08:32) you knooow Tabs (24-3-2013 14:08:38) we dont have people to play CW? Tabs (24-3-2013 14:08:39) xD Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:08:51) so how the fuck did we land yesterday? Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:08:58) I mean 2 days back Tabs (24-3-2013 14:09:07) one landing sure Tabs (24-3-2013 14:09:16) but as soon as we have 2 battles at the same time? Tabs (24-3-2013 14:09:17) yeaaah Tabs (24-3-2013 14:09:18) forget it Tabs (24-3-2013 14:09:20) Tabs (24-3-2013 14:09:31) you'll never gather 30 people Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:09:49) and of course we don't have fucking people for cw's if no one isn't getting payed jack shit and we're landing on some zones and then attacking 1k gold province and we have 3 provinces worth: 240, 480 and 480 gold around Tabs (24-3-2013 14:10:29) so Tabs (24-3-2013 14:10:32) you're idea is to Tabs (24-3-2013 14:10:39) erm IGL (24-3-2013 14:10:42) siemapozzmoinmoin! Tabs (24-3-2013 14:10:45) pay everyone Tabs (24-3-2013 14:10:49) a few hundred Tabs (24-3-2013 14:10:51) gold Tabs (24-3-2013 14:10:54) to gather people Tabs (24-3-2013 14:10:59) BEFORE actually gathering them? Tabs (24-3-2013 14:11:00) Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:11:08) no Tabs (24-3-2013 14:11:18) we can't just pay everyone 300 gold if we only have one landing xD Tabs (24-3-2013 14:11:25) people won't comeeee Tabs (24-3-2013 14:11:26) Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:12:02) at least if we attack something usefull we will have some gold to pay them. If we attack some landing where there ain't jack shit around, we will not be abel to pay will we? Tabs (24-3-2013 14:12:40) Tabs (24-3-2013 14:12:44) well good luck! Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:12:56) and it's not just that, when I arranged for tesla to land on iceland and we should land on britain and after you guys removed me, did anyone notify tesla we're not landing on britain? no Tabs (24-3-2013 14:13:15) lol Tabs (24-3-2013 14:13:28) they should have noticed it Tabs (24-3-2013 14:13:29) xD GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:13:49) my task was: dont do stuff regarding cw, which i did :p Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:13:52) well I did after 3 days, when I saw no one will do it, but that's a fucking example how people that should be giving a fuck about shit like that, don't give a fuck about it GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:13:59) (im good at doing nothing) GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:14:25) but we can make liveit Deputy i think Tabs (24-3-2013 14:14:28) I do give a fuck! Tabs (24-3-2013 14:14:30) GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:14:54) he can move chips and suchs himself then IGL (24-3-2013 14:15:10) wanna do that again? GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:15:30) FC cant move chips, and we forgot that :p GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:15:36) live wanted to, but he couldnt :p GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:15:46) deciever has rl stuff, so is not much online GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:15:53) motgotz has exams Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:16:01) Well, I want my mistake fixed also! Every single time when I think the deputies we have, that were my mistake are still deputies it still makes me fucking grumpy GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:16:06) so trakais, tabs and i are the only 1 who can do it i think GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:16:29) and me and tabs are lazy :p Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:16:41) you get the point IGL (24-3-2013 14:16:56) say relaxed, sounds better than lazy GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:16:56) is there a limit on amount of deputys? GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:17:01) coz else i just make him deputy Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:17:08) no there's not GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:17:09) (and i blame tabs if there is rage ;D ) TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:17:18) rofl TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:17:32) we all can blame tabs TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:17:35) ez GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:17:43) neah, live cant fuck up much i think, yeah our cw, but i dont care much about that Valmont (24-3-2013 14:17:46) FUCKING WEEKEND KURRRWA GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:17:51) POZZZZ Draz_H (24-3-2013 14:17:55) KUUURWA!!!! Draz_H (24-3-2013 14:17:58) SIEMA Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:17:59) basicly I feel like I'm fucking stuck in same fucking inneficient clan as I did before I kicked you all out Draz_H (24-3-2013 14:18:00) polaci! GehakteMolen (24-3-2013 14:18:01) im making live deputy , and im getting drink Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:18:21) and I basicly kicked you all out couse it was working out like some 2nd grade clan Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:18:42) I was 2 days out of the game on britain, we lost every single territory then TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:19:06) we are lucking cw activity badly Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:19:11) when I gave instructions how to handle phmc, we ended in fucking war TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:19:31) but as clan recruitment says: no cw, no ts and so on Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:20:14) so fine, I thought when you got all kciked out, I'll give tabs commander position, he's lazy, we'll not do shit anymore, at least we'll be good at not doing shit Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:20:34) which was working well I give you credits on that tabs Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:20:41) see, I'm not completely rude and stuff Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:20:57) but now we're at same inneficient fucking horse shit as we were few months back TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:21:00) you won't to be rude, but you have to IGL (24-3-2013 14:21:26) well then stop this cw crap, simple IGL (24-3-2013 14:21:45) if ppl want gold, go for esl IGL (24-3-2013 14:21:57) smaller teams, less problems Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:22:05) I had nothing to do with that cw... TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:22:23) in my opinion, cw is easy gold with less time you spend for it IGL (24-3-2013 14:22:49) esl go4wot is like 3 games for 750gold/player IGL (24-3-2013 14:22:56) cant get easier than that TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:23:40) one week 750 gold/player TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:23:54) in cw you can do much more gold/player a week vilden (24-3-2013 14:24:11) yeah thats right TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:24:31) look @ pts, fking lazy morons TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:24:58) they were sitting on 10k gold daily for ages and noone was playing cw for real from them TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:25:26) what is the problem to spend time for diplomacy-taking some good provinces and sit there like noobs IGL (24-3-2013 14:25:46) pts... what did they do? defend 1 fucking province, rest got backed up by all those om-cocksuckers Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:25:56) anyway, send me invite back when you organise this shit to some way. Cause I have no intention of having anything to do with 322, untill it looks like a fucking discrace. Irony is: for some highest eff clan on eu server our organisation and decision making is efficiently rock bottom Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:26:32) so fix this shit into top notch on both or fuck it all and just disband again this fucking half assed fail attempt of a clan IGL (24-3-2013 14:26:50) we are not a clan Body_Count (24-3-2013 14:27:51) anyway, I think I'mgoing out. I'll join sgt_diablo probably, he left sort of because of same reason. BB, have fun, gl TM_RAGE (24-3-2013 14:28:41) rage mode --------------------- Thats how we discussed serious clan stuff in 322, what i also really like, is that the clan slogan is still after all these years: Sisi kucheza kwa furaha! (never censored or edited by WG, and rightfully so!) Also for the sake of, some old official forum topics, they made me smile: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/231935-322-internal-poll-please-vote/ http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/231865-random-clan-is-celebrating-birthday/page__st__20#topmost http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/226033-322-goes-full-retard/#topmost Round table used to be full with these, untill too many people got banned, topics keep getting closed, and in the end the entire forum part got scraped, a real shame though
  14. YES, How you found it? I searches for ages lol Ah, this was the contest https://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/contests/battletech_the_winner/ https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fworldoftanks.ru%2Fru%2Fnews%2Fcontests%2Fbattletech_the_winner%2F&sandbox=1
  15. Ok, the irony is strong Its the video, which can no longer be viewed, anyone knows how i can pull that like to the wayback machine? (i can edit the topics, but cant copy / open the link)
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