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  1. 68€ for 360 days prem, the china t8 prem td and a pudel, amazing deal, buuut, do i wanna give wg money, hmmm (and im 100% gonna hate that td also)

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    2. ZXrage


      the WZ-120 TD is busted in all tiers

    3. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen why do you think you're going to hate it? It's 122-44 but a tier higher. The gun missess a lot but it has amazeballs DPM and good prem pen. The tank also has broken camo (stationary it's better than all lights in the game if I remember right). It also has armor that will give trouble to 80% of t7 tanks and most t8 meds without prem. 

      My DPG in the Wz120 is higher than my Renegade DPG and Renegade is a fast heavium that's a damage farmer. 

    4. arthurwellsley


      I agree with GehakteMolen  when I saw the deal for one year premium at that price I was tempted. I already own the Pudel so I am not sure what I get in lieu. I assume gold?

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