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  1. Yeah, i sorta like frontline (not all the time, but due to seasons, its fine) I dont like this SH shit, im not even bothering with it (dont care how op the t9 rewards are, that SH is so shit, fuck it..)
  2. WTF-E100 ``comeback``, nice...


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    2. Assassin7


      If its anything other than the haloween event im uninstalling the second the patch that includes it comes out

    3. Folterknecht
    4. GehakteMolen


      unfair plane!

  3. T69 and chinese 122 (T-34-3, IS-2 (the t7!!), 110) used to have 300 pen on t8 ;D And ISU had 286 AP for 8 years, till WG fucked it up... Edit: the bs armour and gun depression is a far bigger problem, chinese tanks have big gun, and no gun depression, thats the balance factor, this thing needs 3 deg gun dep and serious armour nerf (and a dpm buff) to make it ``inline`` with the rest (T-34-3 should have more dpm, this should have more gun comfort, better pen, and shitty dpm, as balance, giving it double the armour and gun depression is just stupid...)
  4. played it a few games now, its totally shit, and despite buff still far worse as it ever was (it was better during shitty ``vision meta`` as it is nowadays...), too big, too slow, slow aim, slow reload, everything is slow the game is 100% zipping around spamming gold shells while camping in bush, so everything an E100 cant do (or maus for that matter) And E100 suks dik in hull down fights, which 90% of the heavy bralws nowadays are, so again, an E100 suks dik there
  5. there is the KV-85, a KV, with a 122 on t6 :p https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:R106_KV85 Except it seems to be atricous (perhaps woth food, bia, GLD and rotation its playable, but i doutb )
  6. only did 2-3 games IS6, but still felt like noob stomper, that actually WORKS (unlike like 90% of the tanks i played last months) And yeah, hardening seems rly powerfull, on t8 tanks with <1550 morale, its a must even i think (with 1500, u die from 5x320, 4x400 or 3x500, with 1650, you dont, thats a massive difference), i put it on KT, IS3 and 53TP.
  7. So, looking at the votes, Obj 277, STB, and to a lesser extend WZ-111-5 and 60TP stick out as buy. The not buy is more varied, but Foch-B seems crap, Amx-M4-54 even worse, VK VII also got a lot of negrep (more as badger or ST-II even...) hmm
  8. Yeah, have an Fv 183, but didnt play it since the nerf (with 275 HESH, it was good, now, i doubt xD )
  9. Simple, i got a bunch of tier 10 tanks, some i sold (and i dont want back) others i have, and now i want some new, but which? So, a poll the first is what to buy, the second what not to buy. Everything not listed i either have, or dont want for sure EDIT: im leaning towards Pz.Kpfw. VII, 60TP and STB, i had STB in the past and hated its derpy gun, and thus sold, but with its rebalance, it once again looks tempting (i sorta like type 61, and STB seems upgrade on it, so) For the not buy: Kranvagn looks interesting, but shit, FV 4005, big and paper, so no i guess anx m4 54, could be fun, but seems weak, so also not
  10. Technically im the slow-slug expert
  11. So, what for the box tanks (got a box tank mission left, so doing some VK-P / VK-B, Maus(chen) VK-P, the gun handling is not that good, so i pref to keep vents (for now) VK-B, gun handling is ok, but not good enough without stab, so im thinking of dropping vents for turbo (it goes 30km, but hardly reaches it, and reverse speed is also poor, with turbo it should move overall better) Mausschen, gun handling is rly good, so im thinking of dropping V-stab for IRM, the slow-ass turning is a big con, and vents for hardening? (gonna make my mission harder though ) Maus, same as mauschen i guess? IH / Rammer / IRM? (on last 3 tanks i have a 3 skill crew with bia)
  12. the ``real crosshair`` always lags behind the visual crosshair, so when you make a fast turn, aim 0.1 of a sec, it may seem like you alrdy started zooming, while in reality, your crosshair is still off centre (and not zoomed) If you aim half a sec before shooting (so 500 ping compensation more or less) you can shoot much more accurate Snap shotting is for ppl with 20 ping and serial luckers, no sane person should rely on it... (my positioning and map play might suk nowadays, but my aim / leading is still super unicum, if i dont hit 3/3 with my skoda mid range on a moving target, im alrdy mad)
  13. Pz.Kpfw. VII, is ghetto, or not? (slow gun, box, seems like its as crap as it was when introduced, or...??)

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    2. lavawing


      7501 is the only tank of this sort to work and it only works because of massive alpha and because people at tier 8 don't have perfect gun handling.

      PZ VII is a good tier 9.

    3. GehakteMolen


      yeah, i mean the budget one, gun would be fine, if it had either mega pen, or sufficient dpm, it now as neither, and the platform also doesnt seem *that good*

      Better not waste credits on this one then, hehe

    4. Tman450


      It's a worse VKK. it actually has worse armor too, and the gun is much worse.

  14. Well, prenerf VKB was a bit silly, top tier and no arty ment GG, you could either push your flank, or defend it till the bitter end, because 9/10 tier 8 tanks couldnt penetrate it (with gold...) On one hand i want its big and ugly brother, on the other hand, i rly dont want...
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