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  1. Sturmtiger in wot console, i think WG`s masterplan is to nerf he (done) so they can put The Legend itself in wot, the mighty STURMTIGER

    100€ for tier 10, 100% buy ;D

    1. Expendable_Lad


      It definitely fits with the high derp, low-skill approach - and I would totally love to play it. I think the basic premise is it appeals to pubbies because it offers marginally higher chances of having a big game.  Say in a T-43 a poor player is almost always going to get worked. But a poor player in a KV-2 can still have a big game in ways they never could in the T-43, meaning they are willing to suffer 0 damage losses much more in the KV-2 because they COULD have that amazing game, then consistently have 300 damage T-43 games. Keeps mediocre (and lower) players coming back. Good for WoT, good for the farmers, good for the pubbies. 

  2. its a 112 with a bit less armour more or less (100 vs 90 side armour, quite a bit less lfp armour, less turret face armour) It does get more armour on the sides (and better shape) so when you angle 30 deg left, your still russian bias strong Gun and mobility wise its better though, but also normal mm... All in all a decent balanced tank i guess
  3. 50 sec reload for 4x360 is also pure ghetto, Char futur has 40 sec with 4x 390 (and alrdy has poor dpm / long reload) This cobra will be total garbage... I rly hope they are placeholder stats for a new tank line, or for an event, but given we get the YOLO tanks for end of year new tech tree, this brit crap tanks could still and as prems...
  4. Russian dude who plays with hes feet pwning again, :serb:


  5. All 3 new maps are terrible, the snow map can perhaps be fixed, but the island is like a bigger airfield, with even more shitty camp spots (and it also has an airfield, hurr durr) while the desert map is just a hull down shitfest, with huge open death zones, so like a bigger sand river And given that both sand river and airfield are among the worst fucking maps of the game, GG The worst map of the previous 3, Wolga, is 2x better as any of these 3 shit maps... ps: so im sure the russian peasants will love it, and wg will put them in the game
  6. yeah, gonna try the new maps this weekend, too bad next week is also frontlines...
  7. I got 8 tokens, so could skip 8 missions (or rather, 1 nation (US / UK) and skip 5 missions, the final mission, 3x 1e class in 20 games is not that hard, if you use the right tanks, i got 3 ace with TVP TVU so i finished it with honors (which wasnt actually needed) also Panther II, O-HO and a whole bunch of other sad loser tanks are good for getting 1e class (for a teal player it might be harder) Imo skipping 3 lines and finising 1 line 100% is way harder as just doing everything, especially if you have a big garage / most tanks, some missions are just annoying of time consuming (res
  8. The mission where u need 5 medals in 10 games? imo its 100% mission for a fast loading autoloader, you can then shoot 3 different tanks at the start and are alrdy halfway, all you need then is luck with winning (progetto 46, skoda t50, perhaps new tier 9 or 10 skoda heavy also works) Imo with light tanks it just wont work (with arty, getting confederate is easy, use the t9 brit, it has a spam gun, hardest part is remembering which tank you shot but other medals not so much)
  9. On EU server today is also recon i think (or did it end 10:00 this morning, rly annoying, because it looks like its also monday, O WAIT IT ISNT) edit: on EU the mode is still there, dunno if anyone streams though
  10. Yeah, crossing middle and hugging that rock seems way to powerfull, BUT there are no lights / tds covering that at start yet, once ppl figure that out, it might be a bit different ps: also hardly anyone seems to do it, not once i got rushed there, while i did that map lik 10 times in 2 days ps ps: and volga really seems bad map, will be mega campfest where pushing is super risky, unless u have a good scout, so fun fun fun....
  11. after playing them a bit: 1: Volga, like all winter maps, bad, the city is grindlock camp fest, middle is an open shooting range and the hill is mweah, bad map 2: Foothills, this is a good map, soem small balance changes and would easy be one of the better maps of the game 3: Place of power, okish for heavys, bad for tds, and really good for meds and light, decent map and better as half the maps we have atm
  12. bump I got a STB, 60TP and will buy 277 (if ever at discount) the tier 10 swe med im in doubt about, Cs-63 i certainly wont buy (the rest of the line is also trash) same i 100% wont get a kranv, no crew for it also) i also got an Fv4005, and fuuuk, i dont like it, i also gto an Strv 103b, i disliked the the t9 quite a lot, but the t10 is fine (faster, working gun and a bit more amour so u wont insta die)
  13. This 60tp is more my style, unless its "new tank luck"

    1. Balthazars


      I always thought it would be the kind of tank that would suit you, as it's a brick heavy but without completely sacrificing all mobility or firepower for usable armour. I think I remember recommending it to you in your thread when you came back to the game.

  14. in the end i swapped back to the single shot gun, the dpm is just too bad, 22 sec rld and 0.38 acc with still only 2x 320, its just shit https://tanks.gg/compare/tnh-1051000?t=tnh-1051000_3111190 I ran it try hard with food, bia purple vent / stab and vent directive, and it was still just not good, so i put the single shot gun and dumped the expensive equip (and worked better) Only way to fix this is by giving it 2x 360 and better accuracy i think, or a massive dpm buff (2k minimum, so 17 sec rld for a clip)
  15. i will see if i play it a bit this weekend, last time i sorta liked the airshipyard The ``medium side`` was quite big with a lot of ways of going forward, not an open shooting zone like 90% of the current maps Outpost easy the worst of the 3, so ofc wg is gonna put that one in...
  16. i played 5 games, still total fuck, so not even gonna bother, even if 279 or chieftain would be reward i would 100% not even try ranked brings forth the worst wot has to offer (minus the arty) and 10 vs 10 even more so (stupid camp, stupid lemmingtrains, if 1 flank fails, u lost etc) If i could choose between ranked and steel hunter as worsy possible game mode, it would be very hard ps: why not make 8 bit, Karl or serbs balls of steel a game mode with ranked, that would be fun, and also no gold ammo, hull down bs tanks and other shit 8-nit: And serb
  17. No, more that even if it would only have the single shot gun, its not a bad tank at all, its a Wz-111-5 with more gun depression and better ufp armour. With the autoloader its way better as any of the other single shot tanks, im 100% sure this is gonna be nerfed and it wont take 3 patches either (all the really op shit always get nerfed in 1 patch**, only rusky tanks sometimes dodge the nerfhammer a bit). **: Famous examples include: T110E4 and M48, took only 1 patch, Lorraine and Foch took only 1 patch, T69 was nerfed in 1 patch, and so where a bunch others. That said, 183 (the
  18. Also, what equipment do you use? Cant use rammer, so V-stab, vents and? i put GLD first to maximum the chance of 2x500 in 2 sec (not have big gun yet) but turbo might also be useful here (especially if u combine with mobility slot (or fire power slot for better v-stab, but also not sure there)
  19. Based on forum and some streamers 277 = wz 111-5 more or less (and both beiing good tanks), VZ beiing mostly the same (better armour as Wz-111 prob) its roughly equal to a good normal tx heavy. The extra gun depression is a serious advantage, especially when compared to 277 with its 5,5 Gold ammo might be mweah, but 300 is the new norm it seems, and works mostly fine, except against maus / 279 / e3, then its kinda crappy
  20. Well, thats so silly, but thats hardly true: https://tanks.gg/compare/vz-55?l=0000000&t=obj-277~wz-111-5a~is-7 Your gun is better as any of the other 3, your armour is the samish, so is speed, but u get more gun depression... So even single shot, the t10 is worth it 100% imo
  21. keep using the single shot gun, untill you have the top turret, stock turret with 2 shot gun is awefull (almost 30 second reload or so...)
  22. im not sure if i want it, depends on much discount i can get (and i sorta dont wanna reward wg for putting t9 prem in either...)
  23. You can see the exp though, its ofc tiny, but its there:
  24. field mods are mostly good for lights i think, for meds / heavys, its not that drastic, tds also benefit quite a bit, but tds are in general kinda shitty, so thats ok :p
  25. I like this tank more as the t8 though, the t8 truly has no strength to leverage, this one has atleast pen / alpha dmg
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