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  1. the good part is though: when you turn the rocket booster on, you cant turn if off AND you have like no reverse speed. So idiots using it at the wrong momebt get themself killed rly easy (or they push teammates out of cover with their turborcharged heavy tank...) Also you only have 4 charges, if u use them early game, u get shafted in the end (because without rocket, they seem slow) yet ``keeping the rocket for late game`` is also stupid, if your a baddie who never lives till the end anyway... The main problem with these is the idiotic alpha dmg, the rest can be balanced i guess
  2. Class specific would be nice, but too complex for average noobs i guess, so untill them Im just permabanning Empires border and sand river** and if we ever get a 3e slot, its 100% that shitty snow map with sunken ships. ** Sand River was garbage when it was added as Sandy River, or whatever it was named, they reworked it 2x (or 3x?) and its still shit, best arty map of the game makes it worst map for anything else...
  3. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/recon-mission-2022-results/ After two weeks of intense battles on six map candidates, the Recon Mission event is over. We appreciate your solid input into shaping the future of World of Tanks. Over 205,019 players in Europe tested out the proposed map prototypes, and 172,547 of them found time to complete the questionnaires. In total, more than 4,784,850 Recon Mission battles were played in Europe. And we’re happy to report that everything went smoothly: we received valuable feedback, gathered loads of battle statistics, and can now officially
  4. the 50% winratio thing is the main problem, hehe i understand why they do it, but having a group of +57% players also test it, in a smaller, more basic format, would greatly improve the results Stuff like chieftain is for joe avg not better as a T110E5 or IS7, because they will push, stay too far back, or in front, wont hull down, or go hull down at the wrong place, making it ``balanced``, put a good player in it and well...
  5. Is the patriot better as M-III-Y? (on paper the M-3 seems better, quit a bit more dpm, a little better gun handling and a lot better gold round, not much luck with mm so far, but it seems a decent tank ps: im on t8 atm, the t7 was simply not good, but t7 heavys are almost always weak imo
  6. kurwa, 4 days banned for blocking and i dont even know who i blocked (if i had kicked someone down in the river on erlenberg, i would atleast think: worth it)

    unfair plane!

  7. Whats also interesting is that GLD is 10% aim time, while IAU is only 5%, while aiming gears is 5% / 3%, so if u want to improve aim time, ur better of with an IAU and field mod aim time, as with GLD and field mod accuracy, this seems an small oversight, WG made either IAU too weak, or aim time penalty to small (from field mod) TL:DR: the field more is now 50% of GLD and 60% of IAU
  8. Only if u can still dump clip full speed without extra aiming, with autoloader being able to dump clip in minimum time is imo essential (autoreloaders excluded perhaps) so dunno if kranv with worse aim time can still do it, but otherwise its not worth it (i still have GLD on amx 50B, and that one has better a tad better gun handling (but faster intra clip))
  9. ah, well, was expected it wouldnt work on ``zoom out`` Here you also go into playstyle territory, imo padding removal (more top speed on super heavys) is 100% worth it, yet some streamers / guides say its not worth it (which i rly cant understand) But your right in that most will follow good player (how many choose optics over vents, pure because garbad said so? lats years (partially due to Kolni i guess?) vents became rly popular, but optics beiing ``default on meds`` was for years the opinion by many (and a silly one imo...) Current overrated equipment is IRM, on ce
  10. There is however 1 important thing people always forget about aim time and what it is (not the math definition, but the ``in-game`` definition) Aim time = The property of your gun, that tries to reduce your bloom to zero. In other words, everytime you change your speed / turn and you gain bloom, your crosshair becomes bigger, till it reaches its maximum size (for that movement speed) and the moment you lower speed / stop turning, your bloom will reduce to the new maximum value for that speed, the time needed to go from 80% bloom to 50% bloom is depending on aim time, so when your dri
  11. Grille, and other tanks with insane bloom, have bad accuracy due too 2 things: Terrible bloom (hue hue) Server lag Long ago (2010-2012??), you could turn on server recticle, aka the real place you are aiming, you could see that there is a delay between where u think u aim and where u are really aiming, this same delay is also there when you zoom in, on a tank with very high bloom, en fast aim time, this difference is a very big. while on tanks with low bloom and slow aim time, like ruskie heavies, this difference is minimal. Hence why russian heavys can snipe better as
  12. Parallax Adjustment vs. Aiming Gears Lapping Is for me most interesting, what i suspected, that base accuracy is more important, seems to be true. Only thing thats not really adressed i think, is vents vs the others, v-stab seems better as vents, i suspect IAU and GLD are also better (pure for gun handling) but is that true?
  13. Not sure, rammer and stab by default, but 3e? optics is not needed i think, so turbo, for some more speed? or just vents? i need to drive it first i guess
  14. Bump, because of discounts (all tier 10 tanks 15%) i can buy some more tanks, got a leopard, but in doubt about the following: I hate rear turret tanks, i hated IS-M, i hated 705 even more, buuuuut, im still tempted to buy 705a, mainly because it looks awesome (and high alpha sometimes just works, because herp derp) And while the tank doesnt look good, i just got a VK-VII few weeks ago, and its suprising decent / fun to play, which got me thinking, what about this one? I also sorta enjoy type 5 heavy (with 140mm) and 705a should be quite a bit better... Will also get an UDE
  15. yeah, this tank seems rly shit, Caliban is a 50/50 tank, 1 game its good, 1 game its hate, but this one... i might get some more boxes, but i rly hope i dont get this one, hehe
  16. So far i like it a lot (way more as the 430v2 i now also play again). The 3x360 is enough to punish morons pushing you, and the high pen / good acc make it reliable on distance, only reason its imo no OP is the shitty dpm, this keeps it fair ps: my main problem is, i sometimes shoot to fast (say 0.1 sec before reload, that way i screw my dpm big time, with the heavys it doesnt matter much)
  17. How does it compare to bisonte? because that seems its closest match (bistonte also have s turret, 3x360 and autoreloader (the improved one actually))
  18. 200 million credits, niiiiiice

    This weekend discount on consumables, so i guess i can buy some spare, hehe

  19. Yeah, this tank is gonna be disgusting.... 950 alpha dmg, and 3,5 intra clip, this is pure aids (and 180 pen is enough for most lame ass shit shots...)
  20. kurwa, i buy shotgun tank (703) and week later prog for sale, FU WG

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    2. Fulcrous


      Unlucky. All of mine were perm.

    3. hazzgar


      How many prems u need? I'm fairly happy with just the Borat, Skoda T9 but no really trust us it's a t8 and LT432 for OP prems (i also have some meh and trash ones too)

    4. WhatTheSkara



      @Fulcrouswe're on EU, no freebies for us :(

  21. Sturmtiger in wot console, i think WG`s masterplan is to nerf he (done) so they can put The Legend itself in wot, the mighty STURMTIGER

    100€ for tier 10, 100% buy ;D

    1. Expendable_Lad


      It definitely fits with the high derp, low-skill approach - and I would totally love to play it. I think the basic premise is it appeals to pubbies because it offers marginally higher chances of having a big game.  Say in a T-43 a poor player is almost always going to get worked. But a poor player in a KV-2 can still have a big game in ways they never could in the T-43, meaning they are willing to suffer 0 damage losses much more in the KV-2 because they COULD have that amazing game, then consistently have 300 damage T-43 games. Keeps mediocre (and lower) players coming back. Good for WoT, good for the farmers, good for the pubbies. 

  22. its a 112 with a bit less armour more or less (100 vs 90 side armour, quite a bit less lfp armour, less turret face armour) It does get more armour on the sides (and better shape) so when you angle 30 deg left, your still russian bias strong Gun and mobility wise its better though, but also normal mm... All in all a decent balanced tank i guess
  23. 50 sec reload for 4x360 is also pure ghetto, Char futur has 40 sec with 4x 390 (and alrdy has poor dpm / long reload) This cobra will be total garbage... I rly hope they are placeholder stats for a new tank line, or for an event, but given we get the YOLO tanks for end of year new tech tree, this brit crap tanks could still and as prems...
  24. Russian dude who plays with hes feet pwning again, :serb:


  25. All 3 new maps are terrible, the snow map can perhaps be fixed, but the island is like a bigger airfield, with even more shitty camp spots (and it also has an airfield, hurr durr) while the desert map is just a hull down shitfest, with huge open death zones, so like a bigger sand river And given that both sand river and airfield are among the worst fucking maps of the game, GG The worst map of the previous 3, Wolga, is 2x better as any of these 3 shit maps... ps: so im sure the russian peasants will love it, and wg will put them in the game
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