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  1. The success was short-lived. Fuck EBRs and most of those who play them (present company excepted). On the AMX I went back to my 'full scout' build (LNES, optics, CVS) to make sure that at that start of every game I keep their EBR lit as long as possible while remaining unseen. When he dies, game on. The derpy gun is a small price to pay.
  2. I'm finally having some success with this tank by abandoning vision and camo builds in favor of a gun handling and agility build. Vents + VStab + Improved Rotation is the build that Quickybab recommended in a recent vid and the results are worth a try. However, it gets tough if you are the only light in an all tier 10 battle as you'll almost certainly be outscouted in the wrong situations. For example, dont try to run the 2 line on Prok or the 0 line on Pilsen unless you have a vision and camo build....
  3. I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt buff the brit mediums next, now they have addressed the urgent need to buff the 140 and the E50M. Playing the 7/1 right after 120 or so battles in the WZ120 (buffed, ha!) it feels very comfy, but it certainly isnt competitive with the best. Having some epic hulldown ridgefights, bouncing a lot of incoming, but the slow reload is a high prce to pay for the 268 pen. Crew skills (smooth ride, snap shot, BIA) help with the gun handling - and anyway they are waaay better than the 'buffed' WZ.
  4. Gryphon_


    I agree, I've just done the (8 module) grind, and the tank doesnt exist until you get the 122mm. I have no idea why they wanted us to grind 3 x 100mm guns on a chinese med before getting the 122mm, but there you go. As soon as you have it, you can actually pen and do huge dmg. The poor gun dep makes this the 'pit viper' of mediums... always go to the lowest ground, and shoot up. If ridges exist, peek around never over. Running vents / vert / rammer, which seems to be what the streamers do. Check out Straik's 2 hour stream with 'buffed' WZ on youtube. Note he spams HEAT 24/7 but he's
  5. I think a lot of these wtf changes are down to how they test (or rather don't test). The test server is a joke; all you have on there is everyone playing whatever they want as long as its a tier ten they probably don't own. It would be far more effective if the test server gave you access to only the tier and type of tanks that are the focus of the update - so for example this time your garage would have only the tier ten mediums, all with full skill crews (like sheriff / match accounts). Less experienced players might find they only have tier 8s, or tier 7s. Data gathered from a fe
  6. With the new equipment options available in, I mounted LNES, optics, vents, to bring the camo value up to snuff. With that build it scouts pretty well, but the gun is woeful. The only plus (on paper) that this tank has is 390 alpha and a 200mm turret, but it seems you frequently dont pen even well placed hits but the enemy always manages to snapshot and pen you (turret bounces are rare). Playing the WZ alongside the Sheridan and T100LT it comes a distant third. So what does the tank need? 1) Competitive camo values 2) Much better dispersion - current values are dou
  7. Interesting. As a result, I took a look at the MOE stats needed to 3 mark the t10 lights on wotgarage.net. The significance of this approach is that the MOE stats include the contributions of all players, whereas replay stats only include those replays uploaded. In order ('hardest' to 'easiest') in terms of combined damage needed to 3-mark: EBR: 5304 AMX13-105: 4898 Sheridan: 4770 WZ132-1: 4691 Manticore: 4609 Panzerwagon: 4495 T100LT: 4445 So, if the WZ is the worst t10 light, why is it mid pack in terms of the combined dmg needed to 3-mark i
  8. Comparing the base tanks, to avoid any errors due to crew, improved eqpt, paint, etc, from tanks.gg I see WZ starts with 15.96 and T100LT with 19.84. So, if the WZ uses LNES, its on 15.96 + 8 = 23.96 before the rest. I'm starting to think that LNES >> CVS, which might be a hypothesis that Overlord Prime might want to look at. Especially for the moving enemies case: Case 1: A straight add of +8% (LNES in primary slot) to own camo seems more advantageous than a factor of -12.5% (CVS) to moving enemies camo, unless the moving enemies have camo of 64% or more, which isnt possible.
  9. I think you are right. I see its advantages only as 246 pen, a HEAT prem round, and a turret that seems to bounce at least once per game. I'll stick with LNES (in primary slot) for now as, through in game messaging to discuss LT eqpt I've found that many players havent changed anything since 0.9. With LNES fitted, it has more camo than any non-LNES LT. Using +8% camo the total camo is in the low 40's with food, and that really helps.
  10. Been trying to 'fix' the WZ 132-1 (which I bought in a moment of madness when I realized I had the free xp). It has a derpy gun and is otherwise solid but unremarkable in any way. Ok, the turret might bounce a shot or two each match, but it excels at nothing. First I tried optics/rammer/vents and (with food) managed to roflstomp the 2 line on Prok, out-camoing everything in the roadside bushes during a slow advance, for a 9.5k spotting dmg game. So that works; it does well at spotting damage, but it all goes wrong when using the gun - easy to miss, many non pens, and often get spotted/dea
  11. This tank is a good home for the commander vision system (CVS) as it helps offset the somewhat poor view range.
  12. The new Modified Configuration equipment strengthens the engine and rack, but does nothing for the clip. I just sold it (again) to try the 13-90 with some scouty modules.
  13. Just played an all tier ten random in my Sheridan (!) and was top xp on my team, almost top dmg, and the Sher on other team also had top xp, almost top damage. You didnt use to see Sheridans do well... I was running CVS, optics, LNES, he was running CVS, optics, Vstab. That +6 to camo with LNES seems to improve the Sheridan a lot, as the camo was one of its weak points. Food for thought.
  14. The T100LT is the king of camo, but to use that advantage you have to work hard to position yourself no closer than a certain distance to likely enemy positions. For my crew + equipment I find that 300m is the right limit. I use the 'circles' file in xvm to draw a red circle on the minimap at 300m radius around the tank, then in game I take care to run that up to but not over enemy positions so you can spot them but 95% of the time they cant spot you. The extra spotting you get by mastering that will raise your winrate. Its an amazing active scout but - due to not class leading VR - its
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