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  1. I've been playing the AMx13-105 and T100LT for months and decided to give the Manti a go. Unfortunately I haven't played any of the Brit LT line as the reviews are so shite, but then I noticed that these 'fragment' things have been piling up so gave them a try. to my joy, I was able to build complete fragments for the entire line then use free exp for the few modules needed. So basically I went straight to Manti without passing go (or GSOR, LMwhatever, etc). I like this tank. Aside from the ridic camo and good agility I find the gun actually works - which is rare for any T10 light. O
  2. Its still up on NA through Tuesday until 2300 PDT.
  3. I highly recommend using Field Mods to allow two completely different playstyles on the French lights and mediums. First, sr360s stealth build (CVS/optics/exhaust) is awesome for maps where vision is king (prok, mur, red, etc.) For all other maps, running a gunfighter build (vents/vertstab/improved accuracy) is amazing as it fixes the awful gun handling and allows tanks like the Batchat and 13-105 to do lots of damage, even at distance. For teal players like me, making tanks like the Batchat able to deliver clip damage with dispersion of just 0.32 or better is an eye opener.

    1. hazzgar


      People underestimate how much of a difference being able to reduce bad gun stats on tanks matters. Kran really works for me with 0.3 acc and I will upgrade the bounty aiming to put it at 0.29

    2. Snoregasm2


      As I unlock more field mods on my tier 10s, i'm going to lean into this more, particularly on tanks which don't have purple equipment already.

      Mostly, i've only unlocked all field mods on my most played tier 8s from Frontlines, and i've not really taken advantage of the potential variation in set-ups.

      Have either of you two been purchasing the trade-off upgrades? I've not seen one yet that I genuinely want, although there is one on the VZ-55 i'm close to, which allows you to trade hitpoints for gun stats which I might purchase (given you get extra hitpoints anyway for getting to level 6 in the field mods).

  4. Now don't you go posting the one where I was spotted by Noobs and then got one shotted by a FV4005, will you?
  5. I think you've opened the door to my next phase of WOT play. I like playing the AMX13-105 but the gun lets me down 50% of the time I pull the trigger. Today, I put 2 rounds into the back of a 907 at 200m and neither penned. I lose every brawl as at least one round doesnt pen. I can back these statements up with multiple replays from any day I play. The spotting is great with the stealth build, but the damage sucks. On the other hand, the Bat is a better damage dealer but without the exhaust the lower camo makes it noticeably easier to get spotted (and die). So I will field mod it for stea
  6. Now we have Field Mods, this tank is one of the major beneficiaries. Now it's possible to run 2 builds: 'Stealth' build (CVS/optics/LNES) - for maps that have lots of bushes and vision is king 'Streetfighter' build (vents/improved accuracy/vertstab) - for Himmelsdorf and those like it where running build 1 would get you into trouble. (EDIT: after more testing I prefer IA to IRM in this build - cant beat lower dispersion) You can also run 2 builds of ammo and consumables, making it easy to run food and carry more gold ammo if the lineup looks challenging.
  7. It's really neat being able to swap out the 'stealth build' for a 'streetfighter build' when you get a city map in a light. So Field Mods is a change I approve of!
  8. Played a few hundred battles with this build and I get a stellar result in about 1 in 20 battles. The much more usual result is lots of spots but team fails to hit or even shoot at what is spotted. I'm enjoying the SR360 youtube vids but I'm now sure having the unicum platoon is key to more frequent success. I'm looking forward to Field Mods in 1.14 so I can just turn on the stealth when the map is worth it. I have played so many Himmelsdorfs and Pearl Rivers lately it makes me weep.
  9. Field Modifications is going live in 1.14, which hits EU/RU on 14th August and NA soon after. EDIT: ASIA: August 9 NA: August 10 EU: August 11 RU: August 11
  10. This tank is a prime candidate for bond vertstab. I tried to play it with the full stealth build but lost every fight with any other light who got close, so on went the vstab instead of CVS. I still think it needs -27.5 rather than -20% so I'm saving up 5000 bonds to fix that. I found an old Ilya Red video on the 13-105 and its still relevant today:
  11. I've been running these builds for over a week now and after 144 battles I'm at 61% winrate, which is about 10% above my recent 1000 winrate. MOEs rising. Highly recommend that 300m minimap circle I mentioned in the above post, it really helps keep the tank at the optimum range from the bad guys.
  12. As this build allows you to push the limits of view vs camo, sometimes in the open, if you use xvm try adding this line to the minimapCircles.xc file in your config. { "enabled": "{{my-vtype-key=LT?true|false}}", "distance": 300, "scale": 1, "thickness": 0.7, "alpha": 60, "color": "0xFF0000" }, This draws a red circle at 300m radius on the minimap if you are playing a LT. The significance of 300m is that 500m of view range will break 45% camo at 298m, so its a good tool to use to figure out what the other team is rocking. I find having that circle makes it far easier to fine tune how fa
  13. Nice game. I've just found and upgraded some bounty optics for the 13-105 so I'll alter playstyle to do more on the move spotting.
  14. Hmm well a bush is +25% and LNES +6%. But it seems to be working nicely - here is a fair example of how the binos open up the map. Also shows how I had to pause twice to let binos come up to try find the 4005. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5960488
  15. Ok then - as I dont have any improved eqpt, I realized that as there is no rng in vision/camo calcs, I would always lose the spotting game against someone who has that eqpt. Then I saw a video (below) where a guy used binos instead of optics, so I'm now running CVS/LNES/Binos. Now I can outspot anyone as soon as I'm bushed up. My first session with that build was 7/10 wins, 1300 dpg, 1600 assisted, 3.7 spots/game. I'll try this a little longer...
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