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  1. I highly recommend using Field Mods to allow two completely different playstyles on the French lights and mediums. First, sr360s stealth build (CVS/optics/exhaust) is awesome for maps where vision is king (prok, mur, red, etc.) For all other maps, running a gunfighter build (vents/vertstab/improved accuracy) is amazing as it fixes the awful gun handling and allows tanks like the Batchat and 13-105 to do lots of damage, even at distance. For teal players like me, making tanks like the Batchat able to deliver clip damage with dispersion of just 0.32 or better is an eye opener.

    1. hazzgar


      People underestimate how much of a difference being able to reduce bad gun stats on tanks matters. Kran really works for me with 0.3 acc and I will upgrade the bounty aiming to put it at 0.29

    2. Snoregasm2


      As I unlock more field mods on my tier 10s, i'm going to lean into this more, particularly on tanks which don't have purple equipment already.

      Mostly, i've only unlocked all field mods on my most played tier 8s from Frontlines, and i've not really taken advantage of the potential variation in set-ups.

      Have either of you two been purchasing the trade-off upgrades? I've not seen one yet that I genuinely want, although there is one on the VZ-55 i'm close to, which allows you to trade hitpoints for gun stats which I might purchase (given you get extra hitpoints anyway for getting to level 6 in the field mods).

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