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  1. This is basically a rant about what you believe your time is worth. Or maybe even an epiphany about the finality of it all. Bottom-line, if you are placing this amount of effort into reasoning what your time is worth and believe it is better suited doing other things, fine. Go, and good luck to you. But don't believe for a minute that success in an internet game dictates abilities in life. I suck at this game in comparison to yourself, but what I do in reality is a whole other measure of what my time and abilities are worth.
  2. I don't upload often, it is in my dossier though: http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/sgtguppie-na-a4f7d82ef2fea6082ac462f83947a646/steppes-germany-e-75-60267467846694597
  3. Um, why? And before you say "Pubs getting in the way" he shot me...at the beginning of battle...without anyone spotted....and I was going to the opposite side of the map.........
  4. Does anyone know the average for draws across server? Mine is 1.8%, which leads me to believe that 48%, by your logic, would be average.
  5. Question: 1. How should I interact in battle with purples on my team? Specifically, should I fill a support role (2nd line), forward role (1st line) or avoid? I ask because lately I find that I am a hiderance in battle to the purples than a help and get bashed regularly ingame for blocked shots, blocked movements, etc. Best example is Campinovka, north spawn. I am in T-54 in a battle tier 11. I ping southwest corner and type a request for support. 2 Havok Batchats imediately copy me. I rush to my spot and find I am blocking and scrapping the batchats. Very small safe area to ru
  6. I tried to reason with them. 4 heavily armored TDs is impossible to attack from the front without arty support. I know that, and I suck at this game.
  7. Um, question: Are Unicorns still supporting BIA?
  8. In all fairness to those on the losing side, the RNG Gods smiled upon me. And I was being a bad in arty!
  9. This! If you look at my stats I bought a Mutant 6 and the Lowe. I hate those tanks. I hated grinding credits in those tanks. Worst purchases in game I have ever made. Enjoy the tank 1st, make the credits 2nd. It will make the game a whole lot better for you.
  10. Um, so yeah. I find myself alone. Been following the same small group of guys/gals since open Beta. Now most have quit the game, or moved on to the best clans in the game. A few are still in the clans I was in. During the process of following them, I burned some bridges with different clans (Sorry Forge/Anvil, Kitties and ACES!). Bottomline, I am not great, I am not good material for FC or DC, but I strive to improve and would like to find a new home. This will be the first time where I do not beg for others to follow into the clan, or ride the coat tails of others. Ok, onto wha
  11. Old enough to be some unicum's father it would appear.
  12. Thanks! Wasn't sure if going over the berm on the left of those rocks I was hidding behind would have been safe or not to support him. Figured if I kept the TD and IP distracted from the hard East push it would seal the deal on a win.
  13. My wife just recently reminded me how long I have played this game, Jan '11. Started in open Beta and liked playing because "pew-pew-pew!" Then the release and CW started. Found myself hard grinding tanks and trying to figure out CWs. About the 1 year mark I realized I was not playing a game, but grinding for tanks and was not having any fun. Took a break, came back and only grind 1 or 2 tanks at a time and play all other tanks for fun...outside of CWs. Still do that to this day and am having a blast! One note, fastest way to want to quit this game is leadership roles in CWs. Never aga
  14. Will the originator of a question thread be notified of any denied submissions?
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