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  1. Oneeechan-san, most of the replays get cut-off... probably due to latest patch. Would you have some current new patch ones to share? Im mostly a mediun driver as well and I enjoy watching your stuff. Thank you very much!
  2. I play most my games alone. Sometimes with a friend, but I agree that platooning has the benefits...
  3. I run Vents, Vert Stab & GLD.. Should I change my GLD for a Rammer?
  4. What equip would the community suggest for an E50???
  5. Hi there! Like the title says I have just unlocked the E50 but havent bought it yet. Im looking for any word of advice about this vehicle before doing any classical mistake there is to be made. Any info and feelings torward this tank (and the next one 'E50M') will be more than welcome. Cheers!
  6. Hi there ! Like the tittle says, just felt like introducing my self to the community. I've been invited to continue my learning process about the game through this forums. About me, not much to say... I dont have many battles nor special stats. Other than that I enjoy the game quite a lot. I like to play tactical way, Im not there for the kills. More like a team player. Even though this doesnt help me much in pubs, but still... Anyways, Ima try to catch up and learn as much as I can. Thx for doing this forum possible. Nomeck
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