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  1. Original article by @Intumesce Gold ammo and its family of gold-related items have been a topic of debate since the early days of World of Tanks, and both sides have had some fair points. In today's article I'll briefly debunk some of the gold/p2w arguments. Keep in mind I am pro-gold, but will try to be as objective as possible. 1: Gold ammo is better than regular ammo Obviously not true. First and foremost there are the blatant drawbacks of HEAT which worsens penetration versus spaced armor, no normalization, and much worse shell velocity on most guns that use it. While it does come with the advantages of a much better ricochet angle (85 versus 70 that AP/APCR have) it doesn't guarantee a penetration if you still don't have enough base penetration to go through armor at high angles that would cause a ricochets for AP/APCR anyway. APCR can mostly be considered an upgrade to AP, as it has a higher shell velocity and better penetration, however they suffer from worse penetration dropoff over ranges and have worse normalization. (Un)fortunately, they become less and less common at higher tiers and get replaced by HEAT. For the sake of the argument, APCR can be considered an upgrade to AP, but HEAT is a situational upgrade and neither of them are easily affordable in lower tiers, which brings me to my next point. AP: lowest penetration loss over distance, best normalization between AP/APCR/HEAT APCR: higher shell velocity compared to AP, worse penetration loss over distance compared to AP, worse normalization than AP HEAT: zero normalization, poor shell velocity in general, poor against spaced armor, better ricochet angle than AP/APCR 2: Gold spammers get better stats Yes and no. While with some gold ammo, you'll pen targets more than before, it won't help your individual player skill. If you're an average player, you won't become a unicum with a gold spam. Gold ammo's effectiveness is limited by the player, a bad player who autoaims tanks with gold ammo won't become better at the game just because he gets more penetration. Shooting exclusively gold for extended periods is both incredibly expensive and stupid. Only a few given tanks need their gold ammo as a way of dealing damage. Most tanks have gold ammo for the times they don't want to risk a bounce such as versus a dangerous target on low health, a tough but otherwise penetrable target, etc. etc. Dedicated "gold spammers" will run out of credits fast, so gold spam is not viable in the long run and in the short run is not very effective either. 3. People shooting gold have fake/padded stats This one is purely subjective. Some people think gold maximizes their skill, others think bad players use it as a crutch. Some think gold spam on any tank is bad, some consider it acceptable on a few, others don't care at all which tanks someone shoots straight Au out of. Personally, I believe people who fire gold have the edge over those who don't. They aren't afraid of using every advantage the game has to offer them, they cast aside the shackles of what's "fair" or not. To those who will attempt to exaggerate what I just said, I'll say it for you: yes, I think gold spammers are better than those who aren't. If you don't shoot gold because you think it's unfair or don't need to, that's great, but don't bring your crusade against "goldspammers" onto others, your words fall on deaf ears. 4. Gold ammo is unfair A frequent argument against gold ammo I've read is that it's unfair to tanks that rely on armor. This I will agree with, because it's true. Some tanks have an armor threshold that's bypassed with gold, and in some cases those tanks are considered bad because of it. However, this goes both ways. Tanks that have otherwise unbearably bad penetration can finally get some shots off thanks to gold ammo. Gold ammo also helps compensate for the RNG in this game, to a degree. With accuracy being semi-random as well as damage and penetration being +/-25%, it's understandable that one would want the odds more in their favor. Every single penetration could have been a bounce or miss because RNG decided otherwise, so even a slight increase in penetrations or hits should be warmly welcomed by any player with common sense. 5. Too much gold is being shot/gold ammo for gold only was better Gold ammo's name doesn't come from the HEAT shell's icon in the garage, it comes from the times when gold ammo could only be bought with gold. Back then, it was an obvious pay to win feature. Only the wealthy, or the active clan wars participants (mostly good players) could afford to shoot gold ammo, and it was much less affordable to actually spam it. Even worse is that back then, gold ammo itself was much better. They had better penetration, HEAT didn't lose any penetration to spaced armor, and they even had better normalization. I hear the claim "although it was definitely pay to win to use gold, it was still better to have 1/100 shells be gold than to allow everyone to shoot it freely" a couple of times already, and it's getting a little old. As part of WarGaming's design philosophy, "free to win," they will not return gold ammo back to the way it used to be. (People ask for it constantly, it's been confirmed over and over, it's not happening.) According to WarGaming reports, only 10-15% of all shots are fired are gold ammo. This is only around 1/10 shots, which is nowhere close to "too much" gold ammo in my opinion. However, WarGaming doesn't list their sources for this or say if there are any tier restrictions (autocannons can fire a lot more or a lot less individual "shots" of gold than the 10-15% average) so I don't believe they're a credible source. Nonetheless, I don't notice an absurd amount of gold being fired at me, and I don't shoot a lot of it either. This should cover the section on gold ammo, so I'll delve into the less commonly discussed "pay to win" features that are or were in the game. 1. Gold for crew (re-)training There is an advantage in training or retraining your crew for gold. If you get a new tank and get a crewmember for 100% with gold, you can start training their skills immediately. With retraining, you don't lose any percentage on crew skills or their basic training when swapping to a new tank. They are a nice bonus if you can afford them, but they don't provide an advantage over other players. You can reach the same amount of training or crew skills with or without gold. All it is is a jump start for impatient/minmaxing players. 2. Gold consumables Until just a few patches back (8.6, I think?) gold consumables could only be bought for gold, as their name implies. However with the change of that, food for all nations, automatic fire extinguishers, better fuel, and superior med- and repair kits were available to everyone, although at a high price of 20,000 credits a piece. While the fuel didn't get much attention from everyone as it doesn't provide a huge bonus, the kits, automatic extinguishers and food cannot be overlooked. 10% faster repair speed and you can repair any amount of modules at once? 15% more survivability and you can revive your whole crew? 10% less chance of fire and puts out fires almost immediately? 10% better crew skills? That's twice the bonus that vents provide, and it doesn't even take up an equipment slot! If people weren't so busy raving about gold ammo all the time, this could have been blown out of the water quickly. The med and repair kit both provide passive bonuses, meaning you didn't even have to use them to experience their secondary effect. The 10% crew skill increase is very nice to have, but if you wanted to use it for anything other than novelty moments you'd need a hefty wallet to afford 20 gold per match. Same with the med kits, repair kits, and auto extinguishers, except they didn't have to be used every match. Their supreme usefulness but high price meant that even of the few that purchased gold, even fewer could afford these luxuries on a frequent basis. Ultimately, WarGaming's decision to make these consumables purchasable by credits was a good move and was well received by the playerbase. A great step in the right direction to avoid pay to win. 3. Premium tanks Almost everyone who has seen a Type 59 in action and doesn't have one, wants one. But the Type 59 isn't an isolated case of a premium tank that's great. I've heard a lot of people's opinions on the SU-122-44, E 25, IS-6, and in some cases even other tanks that aren't as good as the aforementioned. Most often they claim they're too good for a premium, and almost everyone seems to think premiums should be worse than a normal tank in their tier. True, you can argue that all of those tanks are good, but I only think two of them are on par with or superior to tanks of their class and tier. The Type 59 has the armor of a supbar heavy tank while maintaining the camouflage and mobility of a medium. Only the firepower is a bit worse than what you'd expect of a medium at this tier, but it's more than compensated for by the premium matchmaking. IS-6 is a similar case, it's about on par with a heavy tank in its tier, with the only notable drawback for being a premium is the poor penetration, which is again compensated for by its premium matchmaking. The SU-122-44 and E 25 are good, but have extreme drawbacks like no turret, low health, poor accuracy/aim time for the SU, and bad penetration/alpha for the E 25. Premium tanks, for the most part, are relatively balanced. Only the IS-6 and Type 59 stand out in my opinion. The Type 59, in fact, was so popular at one point that the matchmaker was oversaturated with them and as a result they pulled it from the store. The IS-6 is very good for a premium tank, but it's not on the same scale or effectiveness as the Type 59, at least not in my opinion. Some premium tanks could be considered pay to win, but that's stretching it a bit in my opinion. Again, it is pretty subjective, so feel free to agree or disagree. 5. Premium accounts Premium accounts don't provide a direct advantage to a player over another in a battle. However, some have argued that because of the 50% experience increase, players can get through stock grinds faster or get good modules sooner. Others say that the 50% credit boost means you can shoot more gold ammo as your match earnings compensate for it. The latter has a hint of truth to it, but the difference between gold spam on a premium account and a regular account isn't big; if you shoot it nonstop you will run out of credits sooner or later, and just firing a gold shell or two per match won't have a huge impact on your earnings, with or without premium. Premium accounts aren't pay to win, they are just a convenience for players who sink in a lot (or a little, depending on how often they can/want to play) of time into the game so they get the best experience out of it. 6. Garage slots/permanent camouflage These are just two brief topics, so I'll cover them at once. Garage slots can only be bought with gold, but are relatively inexpensive, especially during sales. As WarGaming hosts events or gives away gold semi-often, you don't need a credit card to get more room for your tanks. Plus, at least once a year with their new years and/or Christmas specials, WarGaming gives out a free tank which you can sell for a free slot. Combine the free slot(s) and the competitions, free gold, etc. and you have plenty of ways to get more garage slots, if that's the one thing limiting you from selling an old tank or getting a new one. Permanent camouflage is a microscopic advantage compared to renewable ones for credits. With camouflage that lasts 30 days which is easily affordable, I don't think anyone can argue it's pay to win. It's meant only for those few tanks you're planning on keeping forever so you won't have to renew your camouflage each month and spend more credits than you'd like. And that about covers most "pay to win" parts of the game. I know people will agree or disagree with me on some, most, or all of my points I just made (specifically about gold ammo) and I know the system isn't perfect. But having an option for everyone to use most of the games otherwise exclusive features is much better than the wealthy single digit of players who are the few that can. Discuss this on WoTLabs
  2. Intumesce

    Damage Farming

    Original article by @Intumesce Dealing damage is one of the core factors of World of Tanks. Teams that rush caps aside, battles are won by dealing more damage than the enemy team. Dealing damage is not only beneficial for your stats, but for your team in the battle as well! In this guide I'm gonna teach you what can make the difference between a greenie and a purple. Tank Selection The first thing you need to deal damage is a capable damage dealer. You don't need to be driving a tank destroyer, an autoloader, or an autoloading TD to deal damage. Most of the time, all you need is something with at least good firepower, not necessarily the best, and some mobility. The firepower is of course the most important part. Firepower is an ambiguous term, so let's describe what it is. Aim time – Good aim time means you can quickly get your gun on target and deal damage shortly after aiming. Accuracy – The better your accuracy is, the more likely your shot is to go on target and start the most important part of damage dealing: hitting the target. Penetration – Higher penetration equals higher chance to deal damage, as ricochets deny you damage even if you hit. Alpha – The higher alpha you have, the more damage you can do in a single shot if the enemy decides to go into cover. Rate of fire – The better your rate of fire, the more often you can fire, meaning missing a shot or killing a low health target isn't so bad. In addition, you usually have good DPM if you have a good rate of fire. So, let's rank these from the most to least important to have if you want to farm damage, starting from the most important. Alpha. If a single shot does a lot of damage, not only does it mean you have to expose yourself less in the end, it means the enemy will be scared of attacking you in the first place. A lot of fights in this game are peekaboos where you only get one shot at the enemy before he goes into cover. Accuracy. Being able to hit reliably means you won't lose any damage just in the transition of firing your shell. Hitting more often = more damage! Rate of fire. While being able to fire often is good, if you can't hit heavily you'll just end up tickling the enemies with your shots. Quality > quantity. Penetration. Yes, I definitely agree penetrating your target is the most important thing after hitting, but almost every tank packs gold ammo! Even more so, lots of tanks have weak spots you can penetrate just with AP/APCR (in the case of tier 10 meds) ammo. Aim time. Being able to aim fast is nice, but generally you will either be totally surprised by an enemy's appearance, or you will be totally expecting it. In the former case, a snapshot is sufficient while in the latter you should already be fully aimed in anyway. Besides, if your aim time is really bad, you can use anything from crew skills to equipment to help shorten it. Tank Destroyers So, does this mean that the Waffenträger auf E-100 is the best damage dealer in the game, since it has all of the above? Yes. The Waffenträger, however, is a one-trick pony. Sure, its gun is game breaking, but you can only do so much in it. The Waffenträger is slow, huge, has no armor, it has the least camo out of any tank in the game, and has a painfully long reload. This means you rely on your team to spot for you, protect you, and you can't secure any damage on your own. Going back to my guide, I mentioned how important alpha and accuracy is. So should we all be playing tank destroyers? Not at all. Tank destroyers might have the highest alpha and some of the highest accuracy, but they are very limited by their playstyle. Generally, tank destroyers are required to camp in the back of a map and wait for targets to be spotted so they can be fire at them. Most of them lack gun depression due to not having a turret, most of them lack flexibility due to... well, not having a turret, and often they sacrifice either mobility or armor to get their gun and camouflage. So tank destroyers are the best damage dealers, but they aren't the prime pick for damage dealing, what gives? Tank destroyers might have solid guns and camouflage, but one thing they need to be able to do is get to the damage. Now what does getting to damage mean? It's the complete opposite of the tank destroyer playstyle. Tank destroyers sit behind the team, wait for spots, and deal damage, right? Well, tank destroyers aren't dealing damage as much as they are stealing it. The point of their high alpha, high penetration guns is to take a powerful hit at the enemy, effectively telling them “buzz off, or I'll hit you again!” and act as a team's form of last defense. See where I'm getting with this? Tank destroyers are, playstyle wise, relatively immobile. They are forced to select areas of the map where players usually only get to once the first line of defense, be it heavies or mediums, has been destroyed. So the goal is to get out there and deal the damage yourself. Since tank destroyers are defensive more than offensive, what's our first class to look at? Heavies, of course. Heavies Usually, heavy tanks carry heavy firepower, only a bit below that of tank destroyers. They usually pack heavy armor as well, which allows them to take hits. Their mobility is lacking, however, and camouflage is a joke. Heavies are meant to give and take hits. You can easily get to the enemy, give him a shot, then either bounce his or take it without too much concern. You came to the damage and took it yourself! You were in fist-to-fist combat with another tank and stole his health, you didn't need someone to spot for you and hope the enemy is in your line of sight. However, heavies lack something crucial. First of all, they generally are slow. This means when things go south on a flank, they are often forced to commit. Meaning once a flank falls, the heavy falls. There's no running away from your fate if you're too slow. Secondly, they are incredibly susceptible to vision control. I'm assuming if you're reading this guide, you're a player that at least understands the basic of vision control and how important it is. Due to heavies' low camouflage and slow speed, they can easily take damage when they're not in a ready position to take and return it. Lastly, due to both of the above, they are map dependent. On city maps they roam free and side scrape every corner while hull down on every hill. On open maps, however, they get spotted, punctured by high-velocity shells, and can rarely if ever return the shot. So heavies are a nope, and tank destroyers are an even bigger nope. Out of the last 3 tank classes, what is the best for reliable damage farming? Mediums A medium tank could be a lot of things, and they vary greatly between nations. From the all-rounders with good gun depression of the USA, to the high rate of fire, high camouflage USSR mediums. What nation has the most desirable traits is up to you, as near the endgame there are few truly bad mediums. Mediums might not have the most potent guns or heavy armor, but they have unmatched flexibility and an insane amount of potential. While they are also somewhat map dependent like heavies, they are able to work with their class-specific traits much better on an unfavorable map than a heavy tank is. So, we've picked the best tank class for general use, now how do we actually start farming damage? Farming damage isn't entirely a skill, it's also a mindset. To farm damage effectively, you cannot be a martyr. You're gonna lose games while farming damage because you're trying to maximize your individual performance, not the team's. With that warning out of the way, here's the secrets to higher damage per games: Positioning One of the most important things when trying to deal damage is where you are and where the enemy is. If you're stuck near your base and the match isn't going terribly for your team, you're most likely far away from the enemy team and your own teammates are sucking up precious damage from you. Ideally, you want to be in a position with at least 2 of the following: Escape route – The ability to run away once things go south and your flank is compromised Hard cover – Cover that the enemy can't shoot through or over to damage you Access to at least 2 common lanes on the map where the enemy is or will be – Ability to cover multiple flanks from one position Soft cover – Cover that is either destructible of provides camouflage bonuses While the more you have, the better, having a line of sight on 2 lanes is definitely the most important. Having a shot on the enemy without something blocking you is the first part of damage dealing. And if you can see two lanes, that's two places where damage can be coming up and your gun will be in battle twice as much as someone who's just on one lane! Let's look at an example: Prokhorovka If you've played this map at least a few times, you'll know tank destroyers go to the west side and sit on their respective ends of the 2 line. If you're a heavy tank you might have found yourself with the dilemma of where to go on this map. Some sit with the tank destroyers, some go to the east and try to prevent the other side from conquering the hill. Seems straightforward, right? You go one line and defend or attack it and hope the other side does its job. But what's the best position to go on this map with damage dealing in mind? Here I've marked the best and worst routes to go to. Let's start with the infamous tank destroyer camping position to the west. We can of course see there's tons of bushes to hide in, but what qualities does this position have and not have? An escape route - NO Hard cover - NO Access to at least 2 common lanes on the map where the enemy is or will be - NO Soft cover - YES It only has 1 out of 4 ideal damage farming qualities! Sure, the bushes will give you great camouflage... but so will they do the enemy. And if you want to start moving to the enemy, you're walking into a death trap as you'll be spotted and there won't be any cover for you to use. There's no way to escape either, the routes back to your base are open with no cover of any kind. Once the enemy pushes in, you're screwed. That's one flank covered, let's look at the east flank. The hill is an important spot on this map that is fiercely combated. Generally, whoever conquers the hill wins the match as they have a straight access route to the enemy's base as well as side shots on the tank destroyers on the west flank. So what qualities does this flank have? An escape route - NO Hard cover - NO Access to at least 2 common lanes on the map where the enemy is or will be - YES Soft cover - YES There's bushes to sit in and avoid being spotted for both sides. However since the distance between the combatants is short, firing often gets you spotted anyway. You can see one other flank as well, even if only partially. To your left there's the middle where hull down tanks and mediums often duke it out to try to support their respective side of the hill. However, there's no hard cover, and anything that can see you will shoot you up here. And there's no real escape route. You can go back down the hill and run away, but you have to be way ahead of the enemy so they don't spot you. If you lost the hill and run away, you're gonna die trying to go up the hill that leads to your base. So lastly, there's the middle flank, which I marked green. Would that mean it's the best spot on the map? If you guessed it, you'd be right. The middle of the map is great for supporting the hill and having easy access to every flank by just moving one or two squares to the left or right. Mid's got some great qualities, let's see which: An escape route - YES Hard cover - YES Access to at least 2 common lanes on the map where the enemy is or will be - YES Soft cover - YES The middle of the hill has pretty much everything you need. Most tanks without good gun depression need to crest over the hill if they want to shoot you, and they expose themselves a lot if they decide to do so. There's bushes on both sides which means you won't be spotted right away while trying to get shots on the east flank. Plus, if things go south, you can run along your side of the rail carts to avoid being shot at by the enemy, especially from the south spawn. Let's run through another example: Cliff A more symmetrical map where it doesn't seem like one side really has an advantage over the other. Again you can vaguely see 3 lanes on the map in 3 different sections, all intended for different tanks to fight in. While the map itself looks very different from Prokhorovka, the concept is mostly the same. The west flank is a direct route to the enemy's base, and provided you can get a push going here can turn the game massively in your favor. It's very exposed, though. Looks can deceive, and to some players this might look like a good spot to go. Why is it not? An escape route - NO Hard cover- YES Access to at least 2 common lanes on the map where the enemy is or will be - NO Soft cover - YES This doesn't look too bad on paper. No escape route, but there is soft and hard cover. However, what kills this line really hard is the fact that nothing happens over here. Often 1 or 2 tank destroyers go down here and do nothing the whole match as neither side wants to push and nobody wants to go down there. The 1-2 line, just like Prokhorovka, is a death trap for active play like damage dealing. The orange line to the east is a step up, since tanks actually go there. You have probably often seen heavies go there to brawl as it seems like a prime peekaboo spot. It does have some good things, but it's not prime. An escape route - YES Hard cover - YES Access to at least 2 common lanes on the map where the enemy is or will be - NO Soft cover - YES There's soft cover and hard cover, so it might seem like a great spot at first. However, there's no real distance between you and the enemy: when you spot him, he's most likely gonna spot you. It's practically impossible to snipe here as the mountain cuts you off near the middle and the cliffs at the edge of the map have both an odd shape and are placed so you cannot be out of sight of the enemy. You're also pretty isolated over there, you can't see more than what's ahead of you and you need a good start to run away from enemies if they decide to push. So again, we end up with the middle. But this time the middle is the best spot to go for a different reason: An escape route -YES Hard cover - YES Access to at least 2 common lanes on the map where the enemy is or will be - YES Soft cover - YES This time it's for complete dominance of the match. If you can conquer the middle (and it WILL be contested, trust me) you are given the rears of both the west and the east flank as a reward. Delicious damage! Bushes give you soft cover, rocks and the hill give you hard cover, and once you win the mid you win the map. You can go to the east or west flank and shoot at heavies or tank destroyers in the rear, respectively. Now, I'm not going to list every position in the game and where is the best to go, as that would result in a very long article and one patch might make a whole section useless. Let's instead head on to the second part of damage dealing. Efficiency No, I'm not talking about the easy-to-farm statistics rating, I'm talking about your battle performance! Efficiency is about doing the most damage you can without going down. Being shot at is what kills you, so what's the priority list for surviving? Camo > speed/size > armor > hitpoints Camouflage prevents you being spotted to begin with, making it practically impossible for the enemy to damage you. When you get spotted, being un-hit-able is another step forward as it will help you get into cover better or faster, plus the enemy missing you is just as good. Armor is sort of the last resort to avoid taking damage. Because of how common high penetration guns and gold ammunition is, you shouldn't really rely on your armor unless it's extremely good. Hitpoints are where you pay the price for being hit. Obviously high alpha guns and artillery hurt the most, so being out of the line of sight of those should be your number 1 priority when you get spotted. A lot of peoples' damage farming ends at this point.. They take too much damage and die. That's it, you can't deal any more damage in the match even if someone were to take your wreck and push it over another tank, that would just be an environmental death. You need to be efficient both at dealing damage and taking it to farm damage properly. Hitpoints are a thing you need to conserve, and you can spend them on opportunities. Of course, not every shot of damage you deal needs to cost you health. Not being spotted means the enemy most likely can't return your shot at all, and thus you've saved your health. If you got spotted but avoided being hit or the enemy bounced off of your armor, it's the same deal. As long as you're not taking damage for each shot you fire, you're already doing good. This doesn't mean you should be waiting for the enemy to come to you. Remember, you have to come to the damage, not the other way around. If you're gonna lose a lot of health to deal a lot of damage, so be it. If it's got a higher reward than risk, it's worth it. Another part of efficiency is kind of an oxymoron. You don't have to be efficient with your shots. The more you fire, the more potential damage you're dealing. Snapshots for example are a risk worth taking a lot of the time. The only shots you really miss are the ones you never took. Well, I'm sure some great basketball player said that, anyway. One thing you'll notice about a lot of purples is that the sheer volume of shots they fire results in them dealing more damage. Being more into a fight as well as taking risks means you have more opportunities to earn damage. There are more lessons to damage farming like a pro, but there's too much to have in one article. This covers most of it, so I hope you learned a thing or two from this! RBS: Okeano made a thread about where to go on every map, similar to the diagrams above and useful for finding damage farming areas. Worth checking out. Discuss this on WoTLabs
  3. Intumesce

    Equipment Guide

    Original article by @Intumesce In this guide I will go over the most useful equipment pieces, which tanks use them best, and which tier they're the most useful in. I'll rank the pieces' usefulness on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Medium / Heavy / Artillery Gun Rammer - 10/10 Starting off with THE most important equipment piece, and one that is obligatory on any tank that can mount it. All tanks, save for autoloader-type tanks (with some exceptions) can mount this equipment piece. It's a 10% decrease to your reload time and a 10% increase to your damage per minute. I cannot stress how important this is for any tank type to use. Mount it no matter what your tank's rate of fire is. Improved Ventilation Class 1 / 2 / 3 - 6/10 This is one equipment piece that's much more useful in lower tiers, which I'll get to later. The description of this item is deceiving, and makes you think you do everything 5% better. It doesn't. It makes your crew 5% better, which in turn makes everything on your tank 2.5% better. Often you can find a more suitable equipment piece to replace this, be it a Gun Laying Drive or Coated Optics, it's generally not a very important piece to have. Autoloaders can benefit from vents, since they cannot mount gun rammers. Vertical Stabilizer Mk. 1 / 2 - 8/10 The Vertical Stabilizer (also known as vert stab or just vstab) improves your dispersion by 20% at all times. Dispersion is how big your starting reticule size is, and the smaller the dispersion value, the better. Any tank type that can mount them (tank destroyers or self-propelled guns cannot) benefit from the increase, whether they have bad aim time or bad dispersion, or good aim time and good dispersion, or anything there in-between. Camouflage Net - 5/10 Primarily intended for tank destroyers and light tanks, it's very dependent on if you have a fully rotating turret or not in the case of tank destroyers. Light tanks, when active scouting, will make this piece useless. When passive scouting, they will rarely need any more camo than they already have. Tank destroyers can benefit from the camo the most, but casemate tank destroyers will have to move their hull around a lot, thus resetting the 3 second timer for it to activate. Turreted tanks that don't need to turn their hull, however, can significantly benefit from this piece! Binocular Telescope - 6/10 Binocular telescope (binocs for short) acts similar to the camo net. It takes 3 seconds after being stationary to activate, after which point your view range increases by 25%. Tank destroyers that need to move a lot will struggle to make use of it, and could make better use of coated optics sometimes. Light tanks can need the extra view range when passive scouting, though. Likewise, campy mediums might also find a use of it thanks to their good base view range and they will be stationary most of the time anyway. Toolbox - 2/10 This is one of the many nearly useless equipment pieces on this list. Rarely will you need the 25% decreased track repair time thanks to the repair skill, plus anyone with a brain carries a repair kit to instantly repair your broken track if it's urgent. Almost any piece on this list is more useful than the toolbox. Light / Medium / Heavy / Superheavy Spall Liner - 2/10 for the first 3 types, 4/10 for Super-heavy Now I know what you're thinking. Heavies are prone to getting hit by arty, and reducing the damage you take from them is one the first steps to survival, am I right? Yes and no. While spall liner increases your armor versus non-penetrating HE shells and increases your crew's survivability, there's one better way of avoiding arty damage: not getting hit at all by being arty aware and looking for cover. The first 3 types are pretty much useless as they don't give a big enough bonus, but superheavy spall liner can be considered for a few huge, slow, well armored beasts (think T95, Maus, GW E 100.) Cyclone Filter - 3/10 Again, this equipment piece is pretty useless because it requires you to be taking damage for it to have any effect. While increasing your engine durability is nice, especially since this equipment piece is nation-specific to the Soviets, it sounds useful for those times when you take engine damage. However if your engine really is that important, just have a repair kit ready. Fill Tanks with CO2 - 2/10 Another piece that requires you to take damage to work, this one is only remotely useful for Soviet mediums and German tanks from time to time. It decreases your fuel tank hitpoints by 50%. Yeah. Just bring a manual/automatic fire extinguisher and train firefighting if you get lit on fire too often. There's also a crew skill that increases your fuel tank hitpoints by 25%. Wet Ammo Rack - 4/10 Probably the more useful piece among the current row of useless equipment choices, the Wet Ammo Rack (WAR for short) increases your ammo rack's durability by 50%. That is to say, your ammo rack gets 50% more hitpoints. While a couple of tanks are prone to frequent ammo rack damage (FCM 50t, Centurion I, STB-1, just to name a few,) you will rarely have your ammo rack damaged twice in a battle if you already used a repair kit. In most cases you can just train Safe Stowage on your loader, which increases ammo rack health by 12.5% and doesn't require an equipment slot. Coated Optics - 7/10 Very often the third equipment pick for tier 8 and above medium tanks, it increases your view range by 10%. It might not sound like a lot, but unlike binocs, it's always active! And considering the view range bar when this piece starts being useful (380m) it can bring your view range up to almost 420m on its own, which is a huge advantage when fighting low-camo tanks such as heavies. Enhanced Gun Laying Drive - 8/10 This one is a must on tanks with long aim times, most notably self-propelled guns, some heavies, and tank destroyers. It decreases aim time by 10%. It can turn a 3.4s aim time into a 2.9s aim time. Often you won't need this piece unless you have 2.7s aim time or better. In low tiers, where vertical stabilizers are not often available, this often acts as a replacement for it. Additional Grousers - 1/10 Probably the single worst equipment piece in the game, even worse than the toolbox, this is a nation-specific equipment piece that is only available for a few tanks even within the nation! It decreases your terrain resistance by 9.1% on soft terrain and by 4.8% on average terrain. This doesn't affect hard ground at all. It doesn't make your top speed higher, it barely helps your acceleration, and there's a crew skill that does a similar job. It might have been useful on light tanks, but no tanks past tier 6 can use it as far as I know. Enhanced Suspension - 1/10 or 5/10 It increases your track's hitpoints by 30% and increases your load limit. The hitpoint increase is very insignificant, but to increase your load weight while grinding a stock tank in order to equip a module that would be too heavy with the stock tracks, it's really useful. When not helping you put on a heavy module, however, it's got little to no purpose at all. Tier Priorities Now I've covered all the equipment in the game. I ranked optics, vertical stabilizers, gun laying drives, and rammers really high. Most tank builds by good players always incorporate 2 of these on any given tank. But some of these pieces are not available for your tank because of its class or nation, or the tier where it's in it just isn't good in. In this part I'll go through which tiers benefit most from each equipment piece. However, I will exclude the Gun Rammer from each tier, as it's the one piece I expect you to put on any tank no matter what. Tier 1-3 In this tier, you're often fighting inexperienced players who understand little about the game. The most efficient way of dominating this tier is with vision. However everyone is driving either light tanks or medium tanks, so you need to buff up your camo and view range to avoid close combat with multiple tanks. Priorities: Coated Optics, Binocular Telescope, Gun Laying Drive Tier 4-6 Now tank classes spread out a lot more. You'll be fighting more heavy tanks and medium tanks, and unless you're in tier 4 light tanks become significantly fewer in each match. While view range games are still viable at this tier, some tanks become open-topped which buffs their view range significantly and others just get good base values for no real reason while others get terrible view range. Think of the T40 and KV-1, respectively. Focus on maximizing your tank's performance, view range often comes second. Priorities: Improved Ventilation, Gun Laying Drive, Coated Optics, Camo Net Tier 7 Often known as the tier of the heavies, this tier is terrible for mediums and tank destroyers are generally weak. Most tanks get a significant view range buff compared to their tier 5 or 6 tanks ahead of their line, but often you can't play with view range unless you're a tank destroyer or bespectacled heavy. Last to note, the Americans start to get Vertical Stabilizers at tier 6 in the case of the M4A3E8 Sherman, and tier 7 for the T29. Put this piece on these tanks! Priorities: Improved Ventilation, Gun Laying Drive, Coated Optics Tier 8-9 Finally we start heading into tank destroyer territory. At these tiers, you get punished very badly if you make a mistake. High-alpha heavies, tank destroyers, self-propelled guns, autoloaders, and mediums with lowerful damage per minute and penetration. You'll probably want to focus on survival at this tier or learn the hard way that active play is not welcome in these tiers. Unless you have a platoon. Priorities: Vertical Stabilizer, Coated Optics, Improved Ventilation Tier 10 And this is where the metagame embodies itself in its final form. You'll want to aim fast, reload fast, stay hidden, and run away fast in this tier. Staying alive and dealing more damage is the goal of this tier, and you should have your equipment mounted accordingly. Priorities: Vertical Stabilizer, Improved Ventilation, Binocular Telescope Class-Specific Picks Lastly, for the hell of it, I'll list the priorities you should have on each specific tank class. This is a general guide, and some tanks will stand out as a certain piece being an odd pick on them. Maybe your medium is really slow, your heavy is really fast, or your tank destroyer has a turret. But in most cases, the following picks are correct for the tank class as a whole. Lights: Binocular Telescope, Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer Mediums: Coated Optics, Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer Heavies: Gun Laying Drive, Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer Tank Destroyers: Gun Laying Drive, Gun Rammer, Binocular Telescope Self-Propelled Guns: Gun Laying Drive, Gun Rammer, Improved Ventilation or Camo Net Discuss this on WoTLabs
  4. Original article by @Intumesce Crew skills are an important part of the game. They can do anything between extending your view range, to letting you know you're spotted. I'm gonna go through all the crew skills in the game and rank them from best to worst. I'll also tell you which tanks benefit most from which skills. My ranking is based on their usefulness, and I'll be ranking them on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most useful. Let's start off with the 4 crew skills available for every crew member. Firefighting - usefulness: 3 Firefighting does two things: makes you take less damage from each burn tick and shortens the duration you're burning. Sadly, firefighting doesn't have much use as a skill. Catching fire is rare, unless you're driving a German heavy. Reducing the damage you take from fire sounds neat, but you can just bring a manual or automatic fire extinguisher instead of wasting a skill slot. Repairs - usefulness: 4 or 7 Repairs is still useful for most tank types. Tank destroyers need the repair time so they don't get flanked, mediums need it to pull into cover without getting shot again, etc. Usually it's a priority skill on heavies as they have very long track repair times. For mediums, it's more of a second or third skill. Camouflage - usefulness: 9 or 2 Camouflage is essential to mediums, lights, and tank destroyers. These tanks rely on not being seen as a fundamental part of their gameplay. While any tank class benefits from not being spotted, self-propelled guns will often not be in spotting range and heavy tanks will usually be brawling in obvious locations and thus practically be spotted all the time anyway. For a medium or light, however, their job is to be flexible and invisible. And for that, they need this skill. Brothers in Arms - usefulness: 7 Brothers in Arms, or BiA, is a general skill that does the exact same thing as the Improved Ventilation equipment piece. However, it takes up multiple skillslots (1 for each crewmember, ALL have to have the perk at 100%) instead of an equipment slot. It's a priority skill on heavies and self-propelled guns. The former needs to squeeze as much as possible out of their tank, the latter just needs to aim and reload faster. So that was all the skills available for every crew member. Next up is the crew-specific skills. Commander Sixth Sense - usefulness: 10 One of the most crucial (and dare I say, gamebreaking) skills in the game. Sixth Sense lets you know, with a 3 second delay, when you are spotted. Not only can you find out if you're spotted or not with this skill, you can kind of reverse-engineer it to find out if there is an enemy within spotting range of you or not. This is a must have on every tank, regardless of class, and is a priority skill for all classes save for self-propelled guns. Mentor - usefulness: 4 Personally, I consider this a waste of a skill. It increases the crew XP your crew (minus the commander himself) earns, but only by a slight bit; by up to 10%. While I see the practical application of it on a crew you're gonna train for a long time, you could just fill it up with an actual skill. Recon - usefulness: 7 This skill increases your view range by 2%. Its other useful side is it helps your view range when your optics are destroyed, but that is relatively useless as they repair automatically after some time. This skill has priority on tanks that rely on camouflage or are scouts. Any boost to the view range helps. Though generally because the commander has so many useful skills, this isn't a skill you usually pick until your 3rd or 4th skill unless you're one of the aforementioned tank classes. Jack of All Trades - usefulness: 5 This skill lets the commander jump in for a dead crewmember. So say if your loader dies, and your skill is trained at 100%, you will have the commander working as a 50% (stock crew) loader. But if your radioman dies, the commander will now split his efficiency between the 2 and act as a 25% radio operator and a 25% loader. While it's better than having a 0% crewman when they die, it's also better to have a medkit when they die, to bring them back up to 100%. This skill does have use on tanks where the crew dies a lot, though. Eagle Eye - usefulness: 2 This skill sucks mainly because of conditions required for it to work. After 4 seconds, if the enemy tank was spotted by your own crew, you can see which models are damaged if you're aiming at them. So yeah... not gonna be useful unless you know the enemy has a damaged ammo rack, which is a once in a blue moon event if they don't repair it. There are much better skills to use than this. Gunner Snap Shot - usefulness: 8 For each 1% of this skill, you benefit from 0.075% less dispersion bloom for a max bonus of 7.5%. Any tank can benefit from gun bloom, no matter how small the bonus is or how good the base stat is. This is a priority skills on self-propelled guns, heavies, and just about any tank with bad dispersion. Armorer - usefunless: 3 Your gun getting damaged is a rare event, unless you're an American heavy. Rarely will you need something to fix your damaged gun if you have already used your repair kit on something. Though after a while, you run out of useful gunner skills, and this should probably be your first pick over one of his perks. Deadeye - usefulness: 4 Contrary to what you might think, this skill actually works better with high-caliber guns rather than smaller calibers. Since 3% is a very small chance for an entire perk, this is not a very useful skill to have unless you have nothing better to put on and you have a 100% skill ready. This is a viable 4th or 5th skill, however. Designated Target - usefulness: 6 This keeps a target you're aiming at lit for 2 seconds longer. Useful on tanks that fire a lot or a little. This perk has some priority on light tanks and tank destroyers. Anything else won't benefit from it much. Driver Off-Road Driving - usefulness: 7 For every 1% of this skill, your terrain resistance decreases by 0.1% for a max bonus of 10% decreased terrain resistance. This skill helps a lot on tanks with bad terrain resistance values such as the E-50M, IS-7, or 113. It will effectively make them accelerate faster and keep their top speed more easily. Mostly a priority skill on heavies thanks to their poor terrain resitance values Clutch Breaking - usefulness: 6 Increases your traverse speed by 0.05% for every 1% of the skill. Max bonus of 5%. Best used on tanks with high traverse speeds, but also helps compensate on slow-turning tanks. Priority skill on tank destroyers and self-propelled guns due to their limited gun arc and some priority on heavy tanks to make them more agile. Mediums and light tanks get the biggest bonus but paradoxically benefit the least from this skill. Controlled Impact - usefulness: 2 One of the less useful driver skills, Controlled Impact relies on your opponent being stationary and your tank moving to have any effect. In other words, the most powerful rams where you and the enemy both hit each other head-on will be unaffected by this skill. The 15% increase of damage to them and 15% decrease to you is neat to have, but there are a grand total of 4 tanks I can think of where this skill is relevant. And on none of my crews do I have this skill trained. Smooth Ride - usefulness: 6 Decreases your dispersion while your tank is moving. Doesn't affect stationary turning, however, so tank destroyers and self-propelled guns get no benefit from this skill while moving in place. Sort of a priority skill on high tier medium tanks, but also useful for heavy tanks. Preventative Maintenance - usefulness: 4 Why this couldn't be a skill instead of a perk, I dunno, but it's not really that useful to begin with. It increases your fuel tanks' hitpoints by 25%, but it has no effect on transmission (engine) fires. So German tinderboxes can go choke on a flame. Loader Safe Stowage - usefulness: 7 Increases your ammo rack's hitpoints by 12.5%. Not a huge bonus, but it will make a noticable difference on tanks with exposed ammo racks, and will often prevent you from being one-shot-ammoracked by tanks with huge caliber rounds. While it's not a must, I do recommend using it on every tank you can spare a skill slot for. Priority skill on specific tanks with poor ammo racks (Soviet mediums and heavies, for one.) Intuition - usefulness: 3 This skill means every time you switch ammo there's a 17% chance it will instantly switch to the shell you're reloading to. It's too much of a gamble. If you're switching ammo, you should do it in a safe location instead of betting on a 17% chance to work in your favor. It being a perk doesn't help its case any more. Adrenaline Rush - usefulness: 4 When you're at less than 10% health, you reload 9% faster. This in theory sounds useful, but you have to be within a very specific amount of health for it to start mattering, and might lead to your death if you become overconfident in the skill. It's a neat bonus to have when you're about to die, but I wouldn't use it as anything short of my 4th or 5th skill. Radio Operator Situational Awareness - usefulness: 7 Sadly the only useful radio operator skill, this increases your view range by 0.03% for every 1% of the skill for a max bonus of 3%. Priority skill on light tanks and medium tanks. Relaying / Signal Boosting / Call For Vengeance - usefulness: 1 or 6 Rather than making a subsection for each of these skills, I will describe them all at once. 2 of these become irrelevant at tier 6 when everyone gets so powerful radios that radio range is no longer a thing you actually have to keep in mind. As such this skill is only useful in tier 1-5 when tanks have weak radios and these skills are sort of useful. Call For Vengeance has very little use since it relies on you dying to have any effect. And again, it's a perk rather than a skill. Basically, if you have a tier 8 heavy tank and you're forced to pick between these skills or firefighting or camouflage, get one of the latter. Radio Operator skills, save for Situational Awareness, are completely and utterly useless. That about does it describing the useful skills and perks for each crewmember. Now let's go over how an average crew skill loadout should look for each tank class. Keep in mind these are not specialized, and what works for one tank might be radically different for another. This is just to get the general idea. Lights Commander: Sixth Sense, Camouflage, Recon Gunner: Camouflage, Snap Shot, Repair Driver: Camouflage, Off-Road Driving, Repair Loader: Safe Stowage, Camouflage, Repair Radio Operator: Camouflage, Situational Awareness, Repair Mediums Commander: Sixth Sense, Camouflage, Repair Gunner: Camouflage, Snap Shot, Repair Driver: Camouflage, Clutch Breaking, Off-Road Driving Loader: Safe Stowage, Camouflage, Repair Radio Operator: Camouflage, Situational Awareness, Repair Heavies Commander: Sixth Sense, Repair, Jack of All Trades Gunner: Snap Shot, Repair, Armorer Driver: Off-Road Driving, Repair, Clutch Breaking Loader: Safe Stowage, Adrenaline Rush, Repair Radio Operator: Repair, Situational Awareness, Firefighting Tank Destroyers Commander: Sixth Sense, Camouflage, Repair Gunner: Camouflage, Designated Target, Repair Driver: Camouflage, Clutch Breaking, Off-Road Driving Loader: Safe Stowage, Camouflage, Repair Radio Operator: Camouflage, Situational Awareness, Repair Self-Propelled Guns Commander: Brothers in Arms, Sixth Sense, Camouflage Gunner: Brothers in Arms, Snap Shot, Camouflage Driver: Brothers in Arms, Smooth Ride, Clutch Breaking Loader: Brothers in Arms, Intuition, Camouflage Radio Operator: Brothers in Arms, Camouflage, Situational Awareness Discuss this on WoTLabs
  5. Hit = / = unangled hit. With arty especially you can't seriously expect AP to go through just cause you hit someone.
  6. The MBT-70 is more effective at winning games because it's an MBT, but the VFM 5 is a better tank overall (except at winning) but it requires a lot of good retrofits and crew skills to fix the horrible base accuracy, aim time, and long reload time. The MBT-70 pretty much always has shit DPM, accuracy, and aim time. The VFM can mitigate most (if not all) of those problems while being effectively autocannon immune. I have both and I like the VFM much more than the MBT-70.
  7. Posting my observations from the 0.14 test server: There are preview models for the SPHINX, Leopard 2A7+, and XM1A3. The tier 10 for the British MBT line is called the "Challenger 2b" and has no preview model. The PL-01 is in fact the tier 10 for the LT tree. M8 now has smoke grenades. There's a new tier 7 premium that costs 99,999 gold, the M1134 ATGM Stryker. There's a new "Insignias" tab on the service tab. According to Diedel, some LTs and TDs had their penetration buffed. No other buffs that are immediately obvious to me. Previews images of tier 10s and more here: http://imgur.com/a/pIIsc Judging by the lack of roof panels on the XM1A3, I'm assuming that tier 10s still need to unlock modules.
  8. That statement can mean 1 of 2 things: 1. Battles aren't balanced by skill, they're balanced by winrate, so by extension Spunky is saying that winrate is not affected by skill and is purely random. 2. Winrate takes skill, and battles are balanced by a player's winrate, so the matchmaker is skill balanced and punishes good players. Why can't Obsidian drop the pretense already and either admit they demand good players carry shit ones or drop any influence a player's stats has on the matchmaker?
  9. 29/2/2016 Developer Q&A [Source] Features in development Q: Are there any plans to let us fight bots in training rooms? A: Yes. We plan on making a special map specifically for training purposes where you'll be able to test drive new vehicles and such. It will be based off of the Petrovskoye-Alabino ruins. Q: When will you fix the "pixel hunting" problem with MBTs? A: We are aware of this problem and you'll see the first changes in 0.14. Q: Will there be an option to make the pipelines on Pipelines destructible? [Int: yes that's a confusing sentence, but how would you translate it?] A: It's not that easy. They're an important part of the map for both teams, so making it destructible could backfire. Though we will consider other alternatives. Equipment and ammunition Q: Will we ever see smoke grenades on the M8? A: Yes, the M8 will get smoke grenades in 0.14. Q: What changes to the T-80 are planned? A: A lot of changes are planned, but one we can mention is that the T-80 will be able to use Kontakt ERA. General issues Q: Will there be an option to paint your vehicle black? A: We do not have any plans for that. Q: Will you be adding a clock to the hangar? A: We've discussed this and decided not to implement it. Training rooms Q: Will you give us the option of deciding which side of the map to spawn on before the battle launches? A: Good idea, we'll consider it. Q: Does training room appears in the so-called commander's chamber? [Int: sorry, I have no idea what this means.] A: Yes, we plan to implement this feature in an upcoming updates. Roughly in May. Q: Can you let spectators be able to see the post-match results? A: Yes, this feature is planned. Q: Will you implement fog of war as an option for training room battles? A: We'll consider it, but it's doubtful we will implement it. It doesn't go with the style of our game. Q: Will you fix the lag, crashes, and server desynchs that frequently occur in training rooms? A: This is a complex issue that we can't fix in a single update. We'll do what we can.
  10. Intumesce

    One Life

    So a single person using an aimbot can cause hundreds of dollars + thousands of hours spent to disappear in mere minutes? This game would make EA blush all the way to their ankles.
  11. Because when your mother eats so much she's bound to have a kitchen knife on her at all times, thus she is armed.
  12. - 88 Thisbe (asteroid), estimated weight of over 1019 (that's 10 quintillion) kilograms - Literally no weaponry What the fuck?
  13. "Know" anything? It just seems like a reskinned BMP-1P passed off as an exclusive vehicle. At best it's a clue Polish vehicles are coming soon, at worst it's just a quick way to make an "exclusive" tank for an event.
  14. Where did Rita's blog go? blogspot tells me it's been deleted.

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      its gone for me as well, maybe she quit or maybe someone hacked it idk.

  15. 11/2/2016 0.13 Patchnotes [Source] [Source] (Int: because there's a lot of unimportant changes and bugfixes that nobody really cares about, as there is with every update, I'll only be translating the changes that have any relevance at all.) Greetings, friends! Today you will need to update the game client to version 0.13. It is a 3.25GB big update and some of its features are as follows: New dealer: Chang Feng. Comes with new Chinese vehicles, from tier 3 to 8. New PvP map, Coastal Threat. Changes to the PvE reward system. A new matchmaking system. Slight changes to the retrofit system. Full patch notes (Int: the important parts, that is.) Maps All players in a platoon (Int: as in, 3 players in a 3-man platoon, etc.) will now spawn close to each other Optimized the lighting and vegetation on several maps to allow for better performance Pipelines: Added cover for the northern team so it is easier to fire from F0/G0. Changed C6/C7 so that allows players cannot spot here as easily. Added cover for the southern team when they drive to the refinery at the start of the match. Reduced the amount of bushes in H8/H9 squares for better balance. Crew and modules Shots passing through several modules will now deal less damage to each module Increased rate of repair (Int: not sure if this means repair speed is slower or faster) to 6 seconds (tracks) and 7 seconds (engine) Destroying external fuel tanks now only has a 35% chance of causing a fire When fuel tanks are destroyed the tank's track traverse speed is reduced by 5% Destroyed fuel tanks now increase the chance for an engine fire by 15% Slightly reduced module damage caused by fire; less modules will take damage if a fire occurs Error corrections Fixed a bug where it was possible to move turrets of non-ammo racked destroyed vehicles Fixed a bug where it was possible to take damage from driving under the turret of a destroyed vehicle Fixed a bug where PvE bots could shoot through walls and obstacles UI changes There is now an option for separate ammo loadouts both for PvP and PvE Clicking the vehicle tab once will now bring up the service tab Fixed a display bug which listed Ventilation as having a 0% effect; now displays its proper 2% effect Fixed a bug where long usernames would be displayed in 2 lines Vehicle changes BMP-1P: HE damage increased by 10% Reload time reduced by 10% ATGM reload time reduced by 20% Aim time reduced from 2.8 seconds to 2.6 seconds BMP-2: Autocannon reload time reduced from 7.5 seconds to 6.5 seconds ATGM reload time reduced from 16 to 14.29 seconds BMP-3: 100mm HE damage increased from 314 to 329 Autocannon AP and HE damage increased (Int: top round alpha damage increased from 72 to 78 and so on for other rounds) ATGM alpha damage increased from 656 to 686 Autocannon reload time reduced from 7.5 seconds to 6.5 seconds 100mm HE cannon accuracy increased from 0.136 to 0.125 Autocannon accuracy increased from 0.1466 to 0.125 BMP-3M: 100mm HE damage increased from 378 to 401 Autocannon AP and HE damage increased (Int: top round alpha damage increased from 92 to 95 and so on for other rounds) ATGM alpha damage increased from 755 to 789 Autocannon reload time reduced from 7.5 seconds to 6.5 seconds 100mm HE cannon accuracy increased from 0.129 to 0.12 Autocannon accuracy increased from 0.139 to 0.12 ATGM reload time reduced from 11.76 seconds to 11.11 seconds LAV-300: Camouflage increased from 0.25 to 0.28 Aim time reduced from 3.3 seconds to 3.0 Accuracy increased from 0.0136 to 0.012 HP increased from 1,095 to 1,205 LAV-600: Camouflage increased from 0.25 to 0.28 Aim time reduced from 3.0 seconds to 2.7 seconds Accuracy increased from 0.099 to 0.09 HP increased from 1,660 to 1,830 M8 Thunderbolt: Reload time reduced from 7.62 seconds to 6.62 seconds Penetration increased (Int: top round penetration increased from 602 to 654 and so on for other rounds) Aim time reduced from 3.0 seconds to 2.8 seconds Miscellaneous changes Added a new camouflage. Reduced the effective side armor of MBTs at tier 2-6 by 20% and 40% at tier 7-9. The actual thickness remains the same but the modifiers of each tank's armor has changed. Artillery retrofits and commanders can now be unlocked on other vehicles from each dealer.
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