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  1. Basically, accuracy on the move (both from the retrofit and the driver skill) slow down the increase of dispersion when moving rather than reducing it. If it takes 1 second to get your max dispersion on the move without any retrofits or skills, putting on both might increase that to 1.4 seconds, but the net result is the same. You'll have the same maximum dispersion when moving for long enough but OTM accuracy just makes it happen slightly slower.
  2. I have no idea what this "absurd DPM" you're talking about is or how the CRAB clubs with it. I'll repeat myself: if NA CRABs get into a lot of matches where they're top tier or the match isn't full or there's a bunch of 7s or 8s then any tier 9 AFV would be OP. Does the Warrior club with this same kind of DPM? Will the Draco club even harder thanks to its superior penetration and DPM next patch? Doesn't any tier 9 MBT club infinitely better than even the most DPM shitting AFV does?
  3. Uhh, what? Is the CRAB OP, or is the matchmaker shit and makes it face vehicles which get stomped by it? In the latter case, any tier 9 AFV would be OP in that case. The next patch is about to make the CRAB probably the weakest tier 9 AFV. The Terminator 2 will become a bit more prominent and the Draco might just become good. The CRAB will still handle like a drunk horse, its scouting abilities will still be useless, its lack of missiles will still be painful.
  4. The BMD-4 is not overpowered, every other AFV is just shit by comparison. No, I'm not joking. The BMP-3M is just a gimped BMD-4 in every aspect, the least they can do is buff its HP and firepower. It should only have a little bit less penetration and damage than the CRAB's 30mm.
  5. I wasn't saying the BMP-3M should be smaller, I was just correcting shwedor because for the extra size the BMP-3M gets it gets a firepower sidegrade AT BEST.
  6. Considering the BMP-3M only has slightly more penetration and damage (and less damage with its missile) than the BMD-4 it should be pretty obvious its firepower is pretty shit.
  7. Just get a team of people who want to help balance the game. Not people who think they know how to balance, people who want to balance the game. A group of 200-300 super testers who run tests for Obsidian might help them get their head out of their ass. Slap NDA's all over the place if you have to, just do something to involve players who actually want the game to be playable for all classes, not for a select few who got their game balance degree from the Discovery channel.
  8. With the upcoming buff of this thing I'm considering getting it. The increase in penetration and salvo size seems to make it a monster in PvE and gimped but somewhat viable-ish in PvP, at least more so than the CRAB. I've seen some gameplay videos of it and it seems like it can still penetrate the sides of MBTs with some aim, and I've recently discovered that aiming at the track area of MBTs gives you a far higher chance of penetrating than just aiming flat at their sides. Seriously though, how does the average PvP match turn out for the Draco? What maps are the worst for it and what
  9. Update. They rolled back most, if not all retrofit changes and slightly gave back a few percents to commanders.
  10. To be fair, it doesn't have the penetration (or gold ammo, cough cough) to autoaim/effectively make front armor redundant. Though with that much burst damage and with the penetration buff it can yolo any tier 9 MBT and shoot their sides and kill them from full health before they even get their second (or third) shot off.
  11. From the Russian PTS patchnotes: Shots in salvo increased from 8 to 12 Total ammunition capacity increased from 160 to 240 Stock AP round penetration increased from 291 to 331 Top AP round penetration increased from 304 to 348 With 3 alpha retrofits at Mk. 3 with the top gun the Draco has 5,160 burst damage with AP.
  12. Those are some super nice watches. The kickstarter page looks great, I see no real flaws. Although personally I have no use of a watch (I'm at my computer >70% of the time anyway) I can only wish you luck with your project. It's ridiculous how all watches these days cost so much simply because they're a novelty item.
  13. "Winrate is all luck based" has no meaning in AW. Winrate is all spawn based.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its also very easily influenced/paddable compared to WoT right now due to all the obscene exploits/unbalanced tanks and maps.

    2. Intumesce


      Hence the "winrate is spawn based" part.
      All other things considered, your team's spawn probably has the biggest influence over a win and a loss at this point.

  14. Will it affect crew skill buffs? Of course it will. But considering there's no alpha boosting commander, I don't think much will change as far as commander picks go.
  15. A reddit post recently showcased that maximum accuracy (dispersion at its worst) seems to actually affect aim time in a pretty remarkable fashion. The video linked in the thread shows the following: Smooth Ride and Enhanced Shell Materials do basically nothing even though they "work" Augmented Breech Lock and Chrome Barrel Lining affect both minimum and maximum accuracy, which results in better overall aim time as well Shoot From The Hip provides a (seemingly) bigger boost to aim time than Quick Draw does Gyroscopic Stabilizer and Magnetic Actuator pale in comparison to
  16. I probably just got lucky, but personally I had no issues with the Chieftain. Basically, play like you have no hull armor, because you pretty much don't. Go hull down somewhere and hope for the best. Just don't show your hull no matter what.
  17. According to The Armored Patrol, there is an official offer on the RU server (link) where if you play Armored Warfare and unlock a normal tier 6 tank (premiums don't count) you can get 2,500 gold on your WoT account for free. This offer is only available to the RU server though.
  18. If I'm thinking of the same Stingray as the one in AW, it's not particularly good. The top speed leaves much to be desired.
  19. If they introduce tier 10 light tanks which aren't total garbage then I have a good reason to ditch AW until they fix the game.
  20. These questions were more about how the game was back in its beta/just released period, not how it currently is. But thanks for your answer.
  21. Most of you have probably heard of or played Armored Warfare, and with the extremely bleak state the game is in right now I wanted to ask people who have been playing WoT for a long time how much the game has grown over the years. I've played it since EA3 and seen it only get worse, but I can give Obsidian the benefit of the doubt and hope AW is just in its "growth pain" phase where they have a lot of work to figure out how to balance the game. Since I didn't play WoT until circa early 2012, I'm not exactly a "veteran" per se. Most of these questions assume you've been playing for years, hop
  22. I spent a tier 9 token on a non-MBT. I have never regretted a decision so hard.

    1. UnusualMedic


      Of all the people to do this I though you would have been the last. I'm half-way trough my first one (Centuro 120) and I almost wanted to take the CRAB.

    2. Intumesce


      You have to be clinically insane to buy a tier 9 non-MBT. I have 2 tier 9 MBTs and they get REALLY boring but it actually wins games. Non-MBTs literally make your team worse at high tier.

    3. Cunicularius
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