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  2. These positions (except D1, because of its severe uselessness) are where I go in TDs. At A3 you can cover the valley and some parts of the city if they peek out. At F4 you are pretty exposed, but you can cover most sides to prevent people from pushing in.
  3. Cause first class (let alone ACE TANKER) is impossible yo Defeat and draw respectively fml Got a better grip on this tank now that I got the top gun, 2100 WN and 3k damage (trying to repair my autism bad play from before I got the top gun)
  4. I'm doing that and all it results in is me getting no kills or damage
  5. How the fuck do I play this piece of shit I'm sitting at 2k dmg 1400 WN HELP
  6. I got the 15cm Don't have the money to shoot gold 24/7 with it Don't like the worse aim time, shell velocity, penetration, and accuracy.
  7. Are Yuros allowed in this thread? Saw Hubert a week and a half ago on Siegfried Line. Can't remember our tanks, but I think it was tier 10.
  8. I wish I could eat some rocky road right now

  9. How rude! I don't. I still have the 128mm and I don't plan to switch to the 150mm on any of the Waifuträger tanks. DEEEEE PEEEE EEEMMMMM, accuracy and pen > alpha on these tanks. Unless the WT PzIV has some critical flaw when using the 128mm I doubt I will unlock the 150mm at all.
  10. Nice 1100th post btw
  11. I wanna get myself a tier 10 med that's fun, fast, and you can just play it forever. My favorite tank was the WZ-132 with over 1,000 games played in it. I loved its camo (pre-8.6 anyway) rate of fire, and especially its speed and mobility, but I always felt its penetration and health was on the short end of the spectrum, considering the tanks it usually faces. I already have the T-62A and Object 140, and I'm close to the 121 but none of them tickle my fancy. Should I go for the E-50M, Leopard 1, or Batchat? Batchat appeals to me because of the ridiculous burst damage, high camo values, and
  12. I've found this to be the opposite in my 268 and T57. In my T57 I can move up and burst down some tanks that need to die, and pubbies usually rally up with me. This ends up with them having less teammates, my teammates being alive, and me getting 1.6k damage every minute or two. In my 268 I have to sit back, wait for targets to get spotted and be in my draw distance, then fire. Usually some other pubbie on my team is risking himself to get that spot for me, and he usually takes damage while doing it. Since I can't be anywhere near the frontlines, and TD positions are generally predicta
  13. So, the north spawn has to walk into arty fire, constant crossfire from either side of the map, can't get to the beach without getting spotted and shot at, often can't get back to defend their base in time, can't go hull down in the middle or west, and will get damaged by being shot under the rail cars, which negates effectively all usefulness their side has. Aka none. Why has this map been in rotation for so long? Moved here from your original thread. Please search/browse before posting a new topic. thanks - Dlur
  14. *Frequently sees use Batchat 25t T110E5 Object 268 T57 Heavy E-100 *Sometimes sees use Foch 155 IS-7 T110E4 T-62A/Object 140 *Usable but not common FV215b 183 AMX 50B Leopard 1 *Hipster/too situational 113 121 T110E3 JagdPanzer E-100 FV215b E-50M Object 263 *RARELY if EVER sees use Maus IS-4 FV4202 M48 Patton/M60 Batchats, E5s, and 268s are the bread and butter of clan wars.
  15. For the same reason you load gold on single shot tanks: why bounce when you can pen?
  16. Don't like cheese? Maybe you should try Burger King. The grills can't handle it.
  17. Unlike the T-54 ahead of it, you can't really play it like a brawler anymore. However, in exchange, you get MUCH better gun soft stats, rate of fire, penetration, shell velocity, accuracy, and aim time. All that combined makes the T-62A an excellent mid to long range sniper and a great wolfpack medium thanks to its DPM. As for winning in it, are you performing particularly bad with it, or do you just have a small sample size of games, resulting in something like 20 battles with 39% WR? If that is the case, platoon with people to normalize it a bit. If your stats (damage, kills per death
  18. AT 15A hid in a bush in our base, spotted me, damaged me, almost killed me, then ran away. I managed to catch up to him and kill him with 1 second left on the clock.
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