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  1. Our Plans Under Test: Decrease the total duration of the stun. Decrease the damage share caused by SPGs. Standard shells: HE shells that stun and cause a relatively small amount of damage. The damage values are taken from the live server. It does not consider the increased HP pool of vehicles on the Sandbox server. That means in terms of the percentage of the total HP pool, such shells will cause less damage. I'm not seeing how -- It's kind of alluded to in the and overview and summary (total stun duration should significantly decrease) but I think that is assuming that arty players will be going for damage more. Nothing specific about stun duration changes, as of yet, for standard shells.
  2. But remember that on the sandbox server all HPs are higher. So you are basically choosing between (if we assume HPs are normalized to the live server): a. Existing stun durations and lower damage b. Current damage output and no stun
  3. The Chrysler was called a bad precedent for the game becuase it forced gold spam; to defeat it and to do decently in it.
  4. IMHO a gimped T54E1 would have at least a unique spot in the available roles (US autoloader premium). What's the point of yet another US T8 heavy (T34, Patriot, Chrysler K, ... ?)
  5. I re-bought the SU-100 (with random crap crew) and found a really good American crew and recently put them in the Hellcat to close this one out. While I did get close with the Tier 6 IKEA and the SU in the end the Hellcat came through, knocking off in the last week: TD-14 (25% dmg + win) on Seigfried line (assault defense) TD-12 (5x HPs) on Mali For TD-12 it was a pure tier 6 MM and I ended up doing almost 7x HPs with 50% of team damage output. As much as it's been nerfed (and the lack of acceleration is completely unfun) the Hellcat is still solid due to the turret. And with food the gun handling is passable.
  6. Only took them a year to figure out they hadn't implemented the MM as per the specs. Given how significant to a player's enjoyment is tied to a fair MM I'm surprised (ok, not surprised) that they don't have a test harness to simulate queues as input into their MM system. They should be able to crank through thousands of matches and do some basic statistical analysis of top/middle/bottom tier spreads.
  7. IMHO prem vehicles are straight out due to higher exp requirements, I think you want find a tank that tons of people play but are just shit in; ie for NA you are looking at US tanks and for EU looking at German tanks? The line about gold is a good one; but unfortunately the Cromwell and Comet are out of scope. I'm guessing the Pershing / T32 might be good? Light tanks could be ok... just hope to RNG yourself a good map rotation. Though spotting is often a low xp reward for the risk.
  8. https://tanks.gg/compare/obj-279-e?t=obj-260 Tanks are in the same ballpark... tbd with the quad track mechanics though.
  9. Interestingly the min tiers have been boosted: Excaliber: tier 6 (which are grind missions) Chimera: tier 7 (one battle missions) Object 279: tier 8 (2-10 battle ranges) Going to be tough not bombing around in a Cromwell getting missions like: Receive the Mastery Badge I Class or higher within 3 battles out of 10. But at least MM is going to be fixed soon (tm).... right? Same... but very close. The question will be: 260 or 279?
  10. https://thedailybounce.net/2018/08/06/world-of-tanks-the-secon-front-missions/ Not sure if there's much value in the reward tanks but interesting how they are split by nation. Nice bonus for long-term players who have ground out most nations. Hopefully gameplay won't become even more degenerate.
  11. I think we all want nerfs to gold rounds in some way but it's tough to come up with something that is fair when you are tier - 2 you are deep trouble due to the way DPM and HPs scale. Nerfing damage probably should be accompanied by overmatch (see: WoWs) or scaled (less damage unless you are shooting at higher tiers).
  12. I don't think that is huge. I'm pretty sure that most people that are running mods uses the one that changes the default from gold to credits AND they probably have a ton of tickets from where people accidentally drain their gold from having the default incorrectly set.
  13. Agreed, usually in mmorpgs when a new batch of super elite quests and missions get introduced the last batch gets smashed to smithereens. I'm guessing something announced in January once the HD player bump dies down. On the bright side I have a load of 260 commendations so I can start looking to skip dumb missions like the anti-3 SPG ones that, with the lack of arty, are pretty much logically impossible to do.
  14. I woudn't say for ages... it has had several rounds of buffs over the years. The 30P may be overrated but I've had enough troll bounces off of the gun mantle to appreciate it.
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