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  1. On the other hand 1176 base XP is only a 2nd class. Still mega arty bait... is the tier 10 any better?
  2. The flat top of these (at least the t9) makes for painful arty bait. Taking so much damage.
  3. I unlocked the 113 years ago... with the branch splitting I haven't wanted to grind a new crew (esp without any Chinese crew trainers). They probably should have done the same thing with the 113 as the Foch 155 ,etc. Now... with female crew being handed out all of the time, directives, crew books, etc I don't think it as a huge issue as it used to be.
  4. IIRC Skill thinks that you need to spam gold in it and has been doing a lot better since he's done so (not unexpected I guess but the improvement has been better than most tanks) Meanwhile apparently Orzanel thinks it's trash tier and would sell it -- but he's the king of spamming gold and snapshotting all over the place. I could see him not liking it. Personally I think the armour isn't very good and you can butter it with T8 gold -- the only thing that scares me with it is the alpha. I guess one advantage over Patriot/Rene/Emil1951 is that it's less map/spawn dependent so it's a mor
  5. Which is why I qualified that he thinks is ok "Now". Not you are wrong he thinks it's ok nub.
  6. I hope it's just for some special game mode lulz. Or some sort of mode that will test out if it's balanced(1) in the current meta before they unleash a 50K un-nerfable beast. (1) Narrator: it wasn't
  7. There's a few maps that funnel tanks into nice clusters; Airfield, Studzianki, Abbey, Himmelsdorf, Westfield (maybe), etc. Picking off single targets (except for kills) I don't feel like it's worth it.
  8. For what it's worth I did this solo (w/o honours) with the T9 American SPG on Airfield. Pounded the clustered heavies for a long time, so first aid was down when my team finally pushed -> got the stunned assisted here. Also had an insane total stun duration. Also TDs have pretty static camping spots so got some decent damage in and, most importantly, was able to rattle off a couple of kills at the end against TDs + SPGs.
  9. While you might not be able to add premium vehicles to the slots you can add reward tanks ie: Super Hellcat and T28HTC will be getting 150% crew training for the next while.
  10. I think it's more the inclusion of the T2 Wheelie Boy and T3 Sexton -- those have terrible gold values even compared to the T5s.
  11. I was pretty obvious in the "Classic" WoT sandbox test -- the driving was all uphill, in January, stuck in molasses (well compared to current speeds)
  12. I found with 25 boxes it got me to Tier 9 Festive level and ~4% credit bonus. It will definitely harder to get that credit income going. I did notice that in the 6 festive slots that (while prem tanks are excluded) reward tanks can be used; very nice for crew grinding US TD crews. OK good to hear. I was just thinking in terms of "value" I would have preferred the other 3 T8 prems and/or the E4/140 skins.
  13. 25 Lunar Boxes Tanks: SU-130, Bret Panther, Firefly, AM39 Skins: 430U, E100, JPE100, AMX Credits: 1.5m? Gold: 9700 (only extra was from Sexton dupe?) Prem: 9d Fairly underwhelming (even w/ the T8 prem) as I already have equivalents: Skorp G and SU-122-44 -> SU-130 Panther -> Ravioli Firefly -> Cromwell B But... I got my "money's worth" just on the gold alone. And I'm really liking the 430U skin.
  14. E-100 and JPE-100 have enough AA (w/ the new skins) they are ready for the WoT and WoWP integration.
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