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  1. I unlocked the 113 years ago... with the branch splitting I haven't wanted to grind a new crew (esp without any Chinese crew trainers). They probably should have done the same thing with the 113 as the Foch 155 ,etc. Now... with female crew being handed out all of the time, directives, crew books, etc I don't think it as a huge issue as it used to be.
  2. IIRC Skill thinks that you need to spam gold in it and has been doing a lot better since he's done so (not unexpected I guess but the improvement has been better than most tanks) Meanwhile apparently Orzanel thinks it's trash tier and would sell it -- but he's the king of spamming gold and snapshotting all over the place. I could see him not liking it. Personally I think the armour isn't very good and you can butter it with T8 gold -- the only thing that scares me with it is the alpha. I guess one advantage over Patriot/Rene/Emil1951 is that it's less map/spawn dependent so it's a more consistent tank.
  3. Which is why I qualified that he thinks is ok "Now". Not you are wrong he thinks it's ok nub.
  4. I hope it's just for some special game mode lulz. Or some sort of mode that will test out if it's balanced(1) in the current meta before they unleash a 50K un-nerfable beast. (1) Narrator: it wasn't
  5. There's a few maps that funnel tanks into nice clusters; Airfield, Studzianki, Abbey, Himmelsdorf, Westfield (maybe), etc. Picking off single targets (except for kills) I don't feel like it's worth it.
  6. For what it's worth I did this solo (w/o honours) with the T9 American SPG on Airfield. Pounded the clustered heavies for a long time, so first aid was down when my team finally pushed -> got the stunned assisted here. Also had an insane total stun duration. Also TDs have pretty static camping spots so got some decent damage in and, most importantly, was able to rattle off a couple of kills at the end against TDs + SPGs.
  7. While you might not be able to add premium vehicles to the slots you can add reward tanks ie: Super Hellcat and T28HTC will be getting 150% crew training for the next while.
  8. I think it's more the inclusion of the T2 Wheelie Boy and T3 Sexton -- those have terrible gold values even compared to the T5s.
  9. I was pretty obvious in the "Classic" WoT sandbox test -- the driving was all uphill, in January, stuck in molasses (well compared to current speeds)
  10. I found with 25 boxes it got me to Tier 9 Festive level and ~4% credit bonus. It will definitely harder to get that credit income going. I did notice that in the 6 festive slots that (while prem tanks are excluded) reward tanks can be used; very nice for crew grinding US TD crews. OK good to hear. I was just thinking in terms of "value" I would have preferred the other 3 T8 prems and/or the E4/140 skins.
  11. 25 Lunar Boxes Tanks: SU-130, Bret Panther, Firefly, AM39 Skins: 430U, E100, JPE100, AMX Credits: 1.5m? Gold: 9700 (only extra was from Sexton dupe?) Prem: 9d Fairly underwhelming (even w/ the T8 prem) as I already have equivalents: Skorp G and SU-122-44 -> SU-130 Panther -> Ravioli Firefly -> Cromwell B But... I got my "money's worth" just on the gold alone. And I'm really liking the 430U skin.
  12. E-100 and JPE-100 have enough AA (w/ the new skins) they are ready for the WoT and WoWP integration.
  13. Ya, with a 4s shell reload having a clip reload up at 36s seems crazy; with not so great burst ability I would put the clip at 25s. But maybe the other stats balance it out.
  14. 2.5. Ravioli is still a half decent budget option (shell velocity vs clown cars) I thought the 4-1 was supposed to be a reward tank? -- next season of Frontlines? I like the idea of splitting batchat line one+ tier lower for this tank would make sense but not sure how the 4-1 and BC25tAP and it would co-exist in a tree.
  15. With that kind of aimtime / reload I think this tank would be much more useful as a autoreloader
  16. Our Plans Under Test: Decrease the total duration of the stun. Decrease the damage share caused by SPGs. Standard shells: HE shells that stun and cause a relatively small amount of damage. The damage values are taken from the live server. It does not consider the increased HP pool of vehicles on the Sandbox server. That means in terms of the percentage of the total HP pool, such shells will cause less damage. I'm not seeing how -- It's kind of alluded to in the and overview and summary (total stun duration should significantly decrease) but I think that is assuming that arty players will be going for damage more. Nothing specific about stun duration changes, as of yet, for standard shells.
  17. But remember that on the sandbox server all HPs are higher. So you are basically choosing between (if we assume HPs are normalized to the live server): a. Existing stun durations and lower damage b. Current damage output and no stun
  18. The Chrysler was called a bad precedent for the game becuase it forced gold spam; to defeat it and to do decently in it.
  19. IMHO a gimped T54E1 would have at least a unique spot in the available roles (US autoloader premium). What's the point of yet another US T8 heavy (T34, Patriot, Chrysler K, ... ?)
  20. I re-bought the SU-100 (with random crap crew) and found a really good American crew and recently put them in the Hellcat to close this one out. While I did get close with the Tier 6 IKEA and the SU in the end the Hellcat came through, knocking off in the last week: TD-14 (25% dmg + win) on Seigfried line (assault defense) TD-12 (5x HPs) on Mali For TD-12 it was a pure tier 6 MM and I ended up doing almost 7x HPs with 50% of team damage output. As much as it's been nerfed (and the lack of acceleration is completely unfun) the Hellcat is still solid due to the turret. And with food the gun handling is passable.
  21. Only took them a year to figure out they hadn't implemented the MM as per the specs. Given how significant to a player's enjoyment is tied to a fair MM I'm surprised (ok, not surprised) that they don't have a test harness to simulate queues as input into their MM system. They should be able to crank through thousands of matches and do some basic statistical analysis of top/middle/bottom tier spreads.
  22. IMHO prem vehicles are straight out due to higher exp requirements, I think you want find a tank that tons of people play but are just shit in; ie for NA you are looking at US tanks and for EU looking at German tanks? The line about gold is a good one; but unfortunately the Cromwell and Comet are out of scope. I'm guessing the Pershing / T32 might be good? Light tanks could be ok... just hope to RNG yourself a good map rotation. Though spotting is often a low xp reward for the risk.
  23. https://tanks.gg/compare/obj-279-e?t=obj-260 Tanks are in the same ballpark... tbd with the quad track mechanics though.
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