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    Fenxis reacted to hazzgar in Premium VK 75.01 (K) (What is PowerCreep?)   
    Can you phrase your posts so they don't seem like they are randomly generated by a bad machine learning algorithm that imitates forum shitstorms?
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    Fenxis reacted to _Steve in Help me pick my next grind   
    My question is why wouldn't you start at tier 6 and use the free XP to skip stock grinds instead
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    Fenxis reacted to 8_Hussars in Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List   
    Unfortunately, I would still recommend the SU-100, as just 6 average damage pens are required to finish the mission.  Both the SU-100Y and St. Emil need 7 average damage pens however I think survivability is better in the SU-100.  The armour (and gun) can be trollish, just be liberal with the premium and you can kind of selectively be a 2nd line assault tank bully at tier and below.   

    I have done the T6 and T7 comparisons below so if you over-perform in one of these TDs and can land the required shots, give that TD a try.  (I suspect HP scales up faster than alpha so I don't expect the higher tiers to be easier but there may be one hiding there...)

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    Fenxis reacted to Errants in Personal Missions 2.0   
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    Fenxis reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in Careful it might be learning - WG goes back on pref tanks changes   
    If WG actually listened to its playerbase, they would have removed template MM within 9-12 months max of introduction after realising that nothing they were going to do was going to fix it. 
    If WG actually listened to its playerbase, they would have found that general player consensus about OP and broken tanks are correct 90% of the time and that they don't need to wait 12 months to nerf a tank they introduced OP.
    If WG actually listened to its playerbase, the playerbase would not have dropped as steeply as it has over the past 12 months. 
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    Fenxis reacted to Crossfader in Careful it might be learning - WG goes back on pref tanks changes   
    WoT aint fun no more but watching WG flop around like a fish out of water sure is entertaining
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    Fenxis got a reaction from zbran in Is there still hope for the old pref tier 8's yet!?   
    I don't think that is huge. I'm pretty sure that most people that are running mods uses the one that changes the default from gold to credits AND they probably have a ton of tickets from where people accidentally drain their gold from having the default incorrectly set.
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    Fenxis reacted to nabucodonsor in Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran   
    So practically the best way to play this tank is just to move like a crab ans showing your side
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    Fenxis reacted to Assassin7 in Activision Patents Bad Matchmaking to Push Microtransactions   
    it wasn't even unfair. it was a system to make you top tier if you were losing a lot and bottom tier if you were winning a lot. it wasn't even rigging, it was indented to try and make it more fun for players on the face of it.
    and its pretty obvious to see its not in the game. tier placement is still random
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    Fenxis reacted to Assassin7 in Activision Patents Bad Matchmaking to Push Microtransactions   
    Well, on the plus side this means WG cant put it in WoT, and its instead going to be going into CoD which anyone with half a brain and older than like 13 doesnt give a damn about anyway. 
    But fucking hell...
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    Fenxis reacted to monjardin in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    Down this road lies the T67... Maybe @Kuroialty has some pointers to share with you guys?
    PS - Full disclosure: I three marked the T67 because why the hell not?
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    Fenxis reacted to Sinthetik in WZ-132-1 Hate Thread   
    Well way to ruin my dreams haha. It was the only T10 LT I was considering as it's sexy af and I thought it was actually good. I unlocked the 132A and have been skeptical though...glad I didn't buy it. Still sad though. I will keep my 132 and pretend I'm doing 260 missions.
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    Fenxis reacted to SchnitzelTruck in How to increase your WN8 (mindset)   
    How to raise wn8. Play a light tank, fire 3 times. You are now purple 
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    Fenxis got a reaction from Tanager in And now Jingles is gone   
    When I look at this I see an apology and then then they gloss over the rest of the issues that were raised (like where the game is going, and the behaviour of certain WG staff) and put it on the CCs and apparently it's the guidelines that were at fault.
    But apparently they will have a statement ready on P2W at the end of the GFs so maybe there will be something to that -- or maybe they are waiting for everything to blow over.
    Latest from Jingles:

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    Fenxis reacted to garryallen in Chrysler K GF   
    I think it was foch in his obj 252u review who said it might not be worth buying because wg are just going to release even moar opie crud
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    Fenxis reacted to OperatorError in Chrysler K GF   
    Fuckoff WarGaming.

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    Fenxis reacted to hall0 in Weeb Tanks   
    plz let this be some sort of event like the 8bit mode
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    Fenxis reacted to KaiKai in Which in-game premium should one buy when trading in?   
    bloom values are horrible for FCM, kills all the fun
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    Fenxis reacted to Madner Kami in Conway Toleration Thread   
    Clarification: Bloom-modificators are tied to the suspension (for hull traverse and hull-movement) or the turret (turret traverse, d'uh). Thus I percieve these hidden stats as part of the chassis, not the gun itself.
    Besides that, the Conway has actually pretty damn good turret-traverse bloom. Where it completely falls apart is any sort of hull-movement and this the entire crux of the vehicle. You have no armor, you have no camo, you have no positional flexibility (very limited gun-depression and elevation), so you are automatically forced to move a whole lot more than your tank's properties actually make sense and, thanks to the lack of positional flexibility, often overexpose yourself.
    The funny thing is, that the brits have three vehicles on tier 9, that try to do the exact same thing, namely Conqueror, Tortoise and Conway. All three fit the exact same gun (and it is a good gun, even for a TD, as what it lacks in alpha, it offers in accuracy, shell velocity and sheer brutal DPM). Tortoise has top DPM and armor to make the gun work and while lacking a turret, it has positional flexibility as the gun has a wide arc and darn good gun-depression. Conqueror has decent enough armor, decent mobility and some positional flexibility, so gets the least DPM, but still is no slouch in that regard and it also sports the, by far, best soft stats. Now the Conway is stuck with the mobility-trope and sacrifcies the armor of the Tortoise, but retains the brutal DPM. Wierdly though, it has less armor than the Conqueror, but is just barely more mobile than the Conq for some reason (red flag #1; a problem the entire Centurion-lineup was fighting with and the Conway inherited it from there). Although the Conway gets the fully-traversable turret, it still has way less positional flexibility than either Conq or Tortoise (red flag #2). And to add insult to injury, it also has the worst soft stats out of the three, so it's increased mobility (compared to the Tortoise, which has just slightly better soft stats), really screws it over badly (red flag #3).
    As it stands, the Tortoise does the brutal DPM-submission way better, as it can aford to keep the gun singing even and especially outside of camo-cover and when it comes to the flanking DPMer role, the Conqueror is basically just as fast and is able to stand the ground much better still, not to even talk about snapshooting, at the cost of about 900 DPM, a trade any sane mind would take instantly. Fixing the Conway means lowering the soft-stats to be somewhere between Tortoise and Conq, as well as making it more mobile than the Conq and giving it more positional flexibility, as increasing the armor isn't something that would make the vehicle stand out between it's peers. Adressing just any one of these factors, leads to an underwhelming tank.
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    Fenxis reacted to leggasiini in French superheavy line confirmed?   
    Something very interesting i found out today:
    I was bored this morning. I was surfing on NA forums, and ended up going into main website. When i checked media section, the tech trees pics were updated to contain T10 lights, only me to notice something weird on french tech tree:

    Better picture:

    Obviously i was VERY confused. When i checked the page again about half hour later, it was gone. For some reason they reverted EVERY updated tech tree image back to the ones they were before updates, kinda lazy way but they wanted to make sure that no other shit got left there, i guess. Now, looking at this, it looks like they accidently put in a picture that not only contains new LTs but also full French superheavy line up to tier 10.
    I was really, really unsure if this was true, even if it was on official site. So i ended up contacting my friend, who also plays WoT and knows how to datamine things. I went in and visited him and i asked him to datamine SB and test servers. Nothing was from found from test, and there wasnt anything weird on SB either, until we noticed something weird along folder where is all modules:
    https://pastebin.com/4Tnej3Tb (copypasted here)
    Those seem to be data for modules of the tier 10 vehicle. Nothing else was found, the tank itself wasnt in the game data, so those must be leftovers that accidently left there.
    So what it looks like is that WG is actually planning to introduce French superheavy line at some point. Given that there is already data about tier 10 existing, i expect them to reveal some of them soon. 
    @User do you know anything about this?
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    Fenxis reacted to CraBeatOff in Is something wrong with the new Match Maker ?   
    I find bottom tier games to be quite carryable now, especially at tier 6 where most 6s can do work on 7s.
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    Fenxis reacted to tajj7 in Post patch thoughts   
    I'm not, I'm assessing the fact you took no damage and that stun has a pretty much negligible impact generally.
    Should stun go through solid objects? No, WG should fix that.
    But it's still just stun and stun is largely meaningless hence why I don't get the hysteria or why people are using odd little examples like this as a rod to beat it with. It's mountains out of molehills IMO. It's like getting pissed about ghost shells, annoying? yes, should get fixed? yes, but hardly a major issue. 
    I played loads of games on Sandbox, didn't get annoyed by arty once, stun really didn't impact me at all, if you just play normally than 9 times out of 10 you can wait out the stun and get on with your game. 
    I played 6 games last night and stopped playing because I got hit for over 800 by arty 3 times in those 6 games and one of those games had zero arty.
    It's just a massive difference and I can't wait for this arty to come to EU so I can finally play my game without getting obliterated from across the map.  
    15s of having my tank a bit slower and aim less, big whoop, who cares when I'm losing half my HP currently.
    I watched some guy post a vid on the NA forums whining about the stun. He sat in the same spot in a 3 arty game, barely moved and was trying to trade whilst outnumbered 4 to 1 on a corner. Yet it was the arty that was the problem even though he played stupidly, got hit like 7 times but arty and it was STILL the enemy tanks that took most of his HP. He was taking double digit hits from tier 6 & 7 arties in a tier 8 tank and still moaning. 
    Generally IMO people are massively over reacting and over exaggerating about the stun and splash. 
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    Fenxis reacted to Rexxie in Charioteer - does it need a buff?   
    [tangent]It's not that the chariot needs buffs, it's that everything else needs nerfs. Everything that wasn't absurd a few years ago is now mediocre at best, and the chariot is no exception. They can keep buffing tanks all they want, but all it's doing is feeding the cycle that continually makes their game less enjoyable.[/tangent]
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    Fenxis reacted to _Jayc_ in obj 140 or t62a as first unlock from t54?   
    There's only a million threads created on this topic...
    140 for clan wars
    62a for pubs
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    Fenxis reacted to SchnitzelTruck in WZ-111 5A STRIKES BACK!!!!!!   
    Sorry Leggasiini, I need time before I can trust you again. It's not you, its me.
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