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    Fenxis reacted to Bavor in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    The short version of my opinion is that I went into the sandbox server expecting Wargaming to completely screw everything up and expecting that it will take 2+ years for them to fix it if the changes go through.  Wargaming did not let me down.
    About the ammo changes:
    In reality the problem is not the ammunition.  The problem is many corridor maps that forces tanks to fight frontal with limited or no flanking opportunities and a lack of frontal weakspots that can be reliably hit with fully aimed shots on stationary tanks at any distance further away than ~50 meters.  Instead of fixing the cause of the problem, Wargaming is focused on fixing the symptom of the problem. Taking HESH penetration away from the UK tanks removes some skill from the game in my opinion.  Knowing when you can use HESH and do more damage than the standard ammo is a skilled decision.  Also, removing HESH penetration takes away a unique aspect of gameplay in the UK tech tree vehicles. Reducing the damage of gold/special/premium APCR ammo compared to the HP pool of tanks is a buff to wheeled light vehicles.  Its much easier to hsi them at 300+ meters with APCR and now players will need more penetrating hits to destroy them. Removing HE and HESH pen is a buff to wheels light vehicles.  Now I can't time my shot properly at closer range to have a higher likelihood of penetrating and doing significant damage. I don't think the ammo changes will reduce the gold/special/premium fired by many players because they will still choose more reliable damage over the possibility of higher damage. About the tech tree changes:
    Wargaming is removing many low tier tanks that had different or unique aspect to their gameplay that were funa s a new player. I have no idea why tier 10's are being removed.  The 113 isn't bad and was worth the grind.  It just has been power creeped.  Now it seems like a worse(slower less armor worse gun handling) 430U.   Wargaming is screwing up the game because they don't even know how to play the game and never listen to above average skill players.  I bet if Wargaming asked the top 5% of players what they would change in the game, the answers would be different than the proposed changes.
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    Fenxis reacted to Balthazars in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    This seems pretty typical of WG when it comes to major balance changes. At some level, there is some sensible and smart stuff, but they tend to overreach and try to do too much at one go, so it ends up being a bit of a steaming mess.
    Simplifying the tech trees is a good idea, and removing a lot of the low-tier clutter (which let's be honest, most players don't play) is a decent enough idea. I'm 50-50 on the branch-swapping points, in some cases it meant you could avoid certain tanks you didn't like but it does make the grinds more straightforward. Not too big a fan of removing tier 8 tanks and above, but I understand why they're doing it to simplify the branches. Also not a fan of removing historical/real tanks while leaving some of the made-up ridiculousness in the tech trees just for the sake of 'line consistency'. But on balance seems okay.
    Then you get the HP changes, and that is a real problem. They want to nerf gold rounds without actually nerfing them, so they 'buff' HP instead while keeping gold round damage the same. Okay, sure. I get it, and in of itself, not stupid. But just straight out flat increasing HP is stupid if they don't make other adjustments for the reasons @Jesse_the_Scout has articulated.
    HE changes are dumb, personally I think the current mechanics are fine if they are balanced around things like the Blackdog, T49 and HESH on the Cent tanks, as opposed to the Type 4/5d and HESH on the Deathstar. There are many tanks with perfectly fine HE mechanics that are going to have fun gimmicks removed, but then you have the KV2 untouched "for the memes". What's the point?
    This is a big risk for WG, the changes here have the potential to fundamentally change how the game plays, which might turn off a lot of players as opposed to bring in new ones. The main reason that's happening is because they're trying to do too much at once. Again.
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    Fenxis reacted to sohojacques in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    Just imagine failing to address any of the core issues with your game while you’re essentially rebuilding it....
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    Fenxis reacted to Tarski in Low-tier tech tree pruning and other balance patch discussion   
    Yeah, I was okay with the pruning when I thought it would amount to combining some of the low tier tanks that are variants of the same tank. Removing 92 tanks, including tier 8, 9, and 10 tanks, is moving backward. One of the most popular things WG ever does is add new tech tree branches to the game, and this undoes that. My first reaction is "too much change and some of it is bad." We'll see how this develops. 
    If memory serves, you were required to have the vehicle in the garage the last couple times this happened. 
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    Fenxis reacted to FavreFan4ever in WoT 2.0, new ammo settings, Tank's HP and old wn8?   
    Who else isn't thrilled about these proposed changes? Seems like WG is changing a lot of variables at the same time and that's never a recipe for success, specifically the hp changes. I'm also not a huge fan of WoWS's crew skill style- although I admit WoT could use a redesign of current skills.
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    Fenxis reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in IS-3-II/ST-II (Super Test)   
    @kariverson the tanks.gg model for the VK72 has been incorrect for along while now, you have to roll back to like update 1.0 to get the correct model 
    also the model for the 703 is obviously incorrect/incomplete. this is a more correct model: https://armor.wotinspector.com/?targetVehicleId=44289,63746,56323,56836&mode=xray.textures&platform=pc
    i Also find it very amusing that anyone would think the 703 is anything but broken in anyway, shows that all these years of powercreep has gotten to peoples heads. 
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    Fenxis got a reaction from sohojacques in Holiday Ops Vehicles Pro-tip   
    While you might not be able to add premium vehicles to the slots you can add reward tanks ie: Super Hellcat and T28HTC will be getting 150% crew training for the next while.

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    Fenxis reacted to echo9835 in Supertest: bat-chatillon 12t mle 54   
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    Fenxis reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Another arty rebalance incoming   
    They've realized arty has always been a mistake and want to remove it, but can't because too many crusty old fucks who play this game would whine about it under the pretense of "something something participation trophy" without catching so much as a hint of the irony. So instead they're just slowly nerfing it to death. They're using the boiling frog effect of gradual change to avoid a backlash. This also avoids a ton of headaches a hard removal would create, such as how to compensate players for all the XP they sunk into the lines, or how to fix all the grind missions which require playing artillery.
    The sandbox is actually shaping up to be a massive, positive change for the game, because they figured out people are garbage at making judgments with numbers. So they're using a bunch of numerical shell games like inflating hit points and AP damage to confuse the 300-400 brain cells the average WoT player has to make badly overdue changes which would otherwise create a massive bitch-fit.
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    Fenxis reacted to Ezz in Another arty rebalance incoming   
    The only time i cared about stunning people was for missions, and even then it was somewhat broken due to the fact people could just med kit them away which made the stun damage ones a shit fight.
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    Fenxis reacted to hazzgar in Premium VK 75.01 (K) (What is PowerCreep?)   
    Can you phrase your posts so they don't seem like they are randomly generated by a bad machine learning algorithm that imitates forum shitstorms?
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    Fenxis reacted to _Steve in Help me pick my next grind   
    My question is why wouldn't you start at tier 6 and use the free XP to skip stock grinds instead
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    Fenxis reacted to 8_Hussars in Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List   
    Unfortunately, I would still recommend the SU-100, as just 6 average damage pens are required to finish the mission.  Both the SU-100Y and St. Emil need 7 average damage pens however I think survivability is better in the SU-100.  The armour (and gun) can be trollish, just be liberal with the premium and you can kind of selectively be a 2nd line assault tank bully at tier and below.   

    I have done the T6 and T7 comparisons below so if you over-perform in one of these TDs and can land the required shots, give that TD a try.  (I suspect HP scales up faster than alpha so I don't expect the higher tiers to be easier but there may be one hiding there...)

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    Fenxis reacted to Errants in Personal Missions 2.0   
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    Fenxis reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in Careful it might be learning - WG goes back on pref tanks changes   
    If WG actually listened to its playerbase, they would have removed template MM within 9-12 months max of introduction after realising that nothing they were going to do was going to fix it. 
    If WG actually listened to its playerbase, they would have found that general player consensus about OP and broken tanks are correct 90% of the time and that they don't need to wait 12 months to nerf a tank they introduced OP.
    If WG actually listened to its playerbase, the playerbase would not have dropped as steeply as it has over the past 12 months. 
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    Fenxis reacted to Crossfader in Careful it might be learning - WG goes back on pref tanks changes   
    WoT aint fun no more but watching WG flop around like a fish out of water sure is entertaining
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    Fenxis got a reaction from zbran in Is there still hope for the old pref tier 8's yet!?   
    I don't think that is huge. I'm pretty sure that most people that are running mods uses the one that changes the default from gold to credits AND they probably have a ton of tickets from where people accidentally drain their gold from having the default incorrectly set.
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    Fenxis reacted to nabucodonsor in Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran   
    So practically the best way to play this tank is just to move like a crab ans showing your side
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    Fenxis reacted to Assassin7 in Activision Patents Bad Matchmaking to Push Microtransactions   
    it wasn't even unfair. it was a system to make you top tier if you were losing a lot and bottom tier if you were winning a lot. it wasn't even rigging, it was indented to try and make it more fun for players on the face of it.
    and its pretty obvious to see its not in the game. tier placement is still random
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    Fenxis reacted to Assassin7 in Activision Patents Bad Matchmaking to Push Microtransactions   
    Well, on the plus side this means WG cant put it in WoT, and its instead going to be going into CoD which anyone with half a brain and older than like 13 doesnt give a damn about anyway. 
    But fucking hell...
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    Fenxis reacted to monjardin in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    Down this road lies the T67... Maybe @Kuroialty has some pointers to share with you guys?
    PS - Full disclosure: I three marked the T67 because why the hell not?
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    Fenxis reacted to Sinthetik in WZ-132-1 Hate Thread   
    Well way to ruin my dreams haha. It was the only T10 LT I was considering as it's sexy af and I thought it was actually good. I unlocked the 132A and have been skeptical though...glad I didn't buy it. Still sad though. I will keep my 132 and pretend I'm doing 260 missions.
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    Fenxis reacted to SchnitzelTruck in How to increase your WN8 (mindset)   
    How to raise wn8. Play a light tank, fire 3 times. You are now purple 
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    Fenxis got a reaction from Tanager in And now Jingles is gone   
    When I look at this I see an apology and then then they gloss over the rest of the issues that were raised (like where the game is going, and the behaviour of certain WG staff) and put it on the CCs and apparently it's the guidelines that were at fault.
    But apparently they will have a statement ready on P2W at the end of the GFs so maybe there will be something to that -- or maybe they are waiting for everything to blow over.
    Latest from Jingles:

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    Fenxis reacted to garryallen in Chrysler K GF   
    I think it was foch in his obj 252u review who said it might not be worth buying because wg are just going to release even moar opie crud
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