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  1. I remember those videos myself, and couldn't help but facepalm repeatedly given how that was his prime focus. Controls were decent so long as you had a flight stick. There were honestly a ton of things which killed this game. Admittedly a lack of enthusiasm from streamers or youtubers contributed but not much. Competition from War Thunder was certainly a major factor as well. But in addition to that? Numerous changes they kept making while leading up to the release of the game played a part. For instance, changing the way the various aircraft of every nation- at all tie
  2. Eh... WT:GF is pretty good really. Has a few areas where it is much better than WoT but then some areas where it fails horribly in comparison. And oddly enough, despite the greatly increased "realism" factor in WT:GF... it's freakishly easy. And as for Armored Warfare? Unless they change things big time before release, its either going to fail, or basically end up as just an alternative for World of Tanks players which want to drive a ridiculously overrated Abrams tank instead of World War 2 and Vietnam era tanks. Because from what I've seen, its more or less just a straight up clone at th
  3. Kinda just summed up the entirety of WoWP in a nutshell right there.
  4. Gaijin has a vendetta against anybody who doesn't speak Russian... and plenty of them who do. They just don't give a fuck what the player base says. Hitler (in a parody video) said it best, Gaijin is run by Stalin.
  5. You would be absolutely correct. It is temporarily disabled.
  6. Funny thing is, they do all of that anyway. Not to mention make certain aircraft fly horribly unrealistically. The LaGG-3 comes to mind, especially the recent one they added with the 37mm cannon. Realistically the LaGG-3 was such a colossal piece of shit that it could barely keep itself in the air, much less handle a weapon like that. And not to mention things like the I-185, or the fact that you've got the Panther II in the game. Their double-standard goes well beyond just realism, unfortunately. If they were balancing the game based on realism, then the Russian aircraft wouldn't be t
  7. Didn't like the Meteor in War Thunder. Its undoubtedly going to be the lower end Meteor as well in WoWP. Game is still shit... nope. Not interested.
  8. Ahhhh... found one of my favorite old ones. Though its less about the screenshot itself (merely a results screen), but the battle itself. Disclaimer about the picture: Its a tournament game from way back in the beta, Air Raid 2 I believe, and it isn't meant to brag about the win here, or even trash talk the clan itself. The shaming is directed at Mr_R (MrRepublican at the time). In fact, the picture is just to show who all took part. I can't remember if its even the screenshot of that exact battle, but its from the same bracket. I believe The_Decoy and someone else were substitute
  9. Found 'em! Thought I had more though... Yeah, I got about the same kind of treatment there. Reminds me of something you'd hear an angry CoD player screaming. Just shortly after having killed him the first time, I sadly missed the first several lines of rage. And this was shortly after getting the opportunity to shoot the moron off my tail after he chased me all game trying to TK me. Unfortunately... time spent evading him let the enemy get the upper hand. His text is a bit faded by that point, so you'll need to read closely. And since the third one I found isn't even
  10. Wish I had my old screenshots of FreakyJason raging at me after I shot him down on the enemy team... then trying to teamkill me for 5 rounds straight.
  11. 10k battles in biplanes, seriously? Wow. Russians take seal clubbing to a whole new level apparently.
  12. I keep mine on for a couple of reasons. One, so I'll know what to expect from my team. Two, so I'll know which teammates I can rely on and which to treat as cannon fodder. Three, so I'll know which enemy players are likely to be the biggest threat so I can try and take them out of the game ASAP, avoid them if necessary, or point them out to my team as a high priority target. Four, so I'll know how hard I'll need to try and carry. If I load into a game, and I see a bunch of reds and oranges on my team, and a bunch of oranges, yellows, and a few greens or worse on the enemy team? That tells me I
  13. Katariana, same as on here.
  14. If a 5'2 woman with tiny hands like myself can handle a 1911, and carry it for several years... I'm sure you could manage with a little bit of practice. Granted, these days I don't carry one anymore. Love my Glock 20.
  15. Only in simulator mode, sadly. Every other mode shows exactly where you are at all times, if your crew can see a target, then you can see their name and location. If you're in arcade mode, you even get a shell drop indicator to tell you exactly where to aim. Simulator mode though... there are no names showing up or any sort of indicators like that. But due to the ridiculous ability for people to be able to turn off much of the foliage in graphics settings... concealment can be mitigated there too.
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