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  1. I remember those videos myself, and couldn't help but facepalm repeatedly given how that was his prime focus. Controls were decent so long as you had a flight stick. There were honestly a ton of things which killed this game. Admittedly a lack of enthusiasm from streamers or youtubers contributed but not much. Competition from War Thunder was certainly a major factor as well. But in addition to that? Numerous changes they kept making while leading up to the release of the game played a part. For instance, changing the way the various aircraft of every nation- at all tiers- performed and giving them all some kind of nation-based performance gimmick. Or adding extreme shell dispersion, which in some cases resulted in machine gun rounds literally exiting the barrel at a 45 degree angle, or crap like that. There were some other things as well but it's been so long since that I can't remember them all. Seal-clubbing was a problem too but, it was also an unavoidable symptom of the fact that there just weren't many people playing the high tiers, meaning most of the more skilled players were forced to hang around tier 4-6, where you could actually get a match. And as for why you beat us way back then, specifically in the release tournament? I'll put my ego aside for a moment and just say that's very simple; You guys put in the work to get better, and we didn't. You guys were playing together day after day after day, you had good communication, good group cohesion, and a ton of practice. Us on the other hand? We had none of those things. Only a few of us were actively playing WoWP on a regular basis by that time, and when it came time for the release tournament, we were largely a disjointed, overconfident mess, and after winning everything in beta leading up to that, we thought Dracs would be a pushover... and they weren't. Basically, it was the 2016 election and we were Hillary.
  2. Eh... WT:GF is pretty good really. Has a few areas where it is much better than WoT but then some areas where it fails horribly in comparison. And oddly enough, despite the greatly increased "realism" factor in WT:GF... it's freakishly easy. And as for Armored Warfare? Unless they change things big time before release, its either going to fail, or basically end up as just an alternative for World of Tanks players which want to drive a ridiculously overrated Abrams tank instead of World War 2 and Vietnam era tanks. Because from what I've seen, its more or less just a straight up clone at the moment gameplay wise.
  3. Kinda just summed up the entirety of WoWP in a nutshell right there.
  4. Gaijin has a vendetta against anybody who doesn't speak Russian... and plenty of them who do. They just don't give a fuck what the player base says. Hitler (in a parody video) said it best, Gaijin is run by Stalin.
  5. You would be absolutely correct. It is temporarily disabled.
  6. Katariana


    Funny thing is, they do all of that anyway. Not to mention make certain aircraft fly horribly unrealistically. The LaGG-3 comes to mind, especially the recent one they added with the 37mm cannon. Realistically the LaGG-3 was such a colossal piece of shit that it could barely keep itself in the air, much less handle a weapon like that. And not to mention things like the I-185, or the fact that you've got the Panther II in the game. Their double-standard goes well beyond just realism, unfortunately. If they were balancing the game based on realism, then the Russian aircraft wouldn't be the UFOs they are, US aircraft wouldn't catch fire so easily, and would be a bit more durable (P-47 comes to mind), the Bf-109F and beyond wouldn't have a larger turning radius than a B-17... I could go on for quite awhile with this.
  7. Didn't like the Meteor in War Thunder. Its undoubtedly going to be the lower end Meteor as well in WoWP. Game is still shit... nope. Not interested.
  8. Ahhhh... found one of my favorite old ones. Though its less about the screenshot itself (merely a results screen), but the battle itself. Disclaimer about the picture: Its a tournament game from way back in the beta, Air Raid 2 I believe, and it isn't meant to brag about the win here, or even trash talk the clan itself. The shaming is directed at Mr_R (MrRepublican at the time). In fact, the picture is just to show who all took part. I can't remember if its even the screenshot of that exact battle, but its from the same bracket. I believe The_Decoy and someone else were substitutes and might have flown in this instead of one of the other people. I believe this was our third or fourth, maybe fifth game into the semi-final bracket against Dracarys' "Team Ignis" or "Glacies" or something. We had bested them in I think all but one of the previous rounds, which both sides had used the same tactics, climbing to as high an altitude as possible and engaging each other from there. The last round however was very... different. We searched for them at high altitude, but we never did spot them, until of course we got above their base. We were all pretty shocked by what we saw. Rather than having come up to altitude and engage us properly as they should, we witnessed them all just two-hundred or so feet off of the ground, hugging their base AA. We didn't dive on them immediately, but as soon as they spotted us, circling above them ominously like hawks? They all started SPINNING. That made it pretty clear to me that it was Mr_R who had given the orders to make use of that "strategy", he had (very unsuccessfully I might add), attempted to use that very tactic against me in a random battle just the day before. After we just watched them from above, having a nice chuckle for at least another minute, we dove on them, and, quite predictably slaughtered them rather quickly. Now I know there were some very good players on that team, so I have to ask... honestly... Why in the hell did one of the more intelligent, highly skilled people on that team (Laserguided, Phrap, I'm talking to you here in particular!) not call Mr_R out, and slap the shit out of him for even thinking of such a god awful plan? Come on, you knew better than that, why would you follow such an order?! Contrary to what Mr_R and Anakin Skywalker claim, spinning is NOT a good trick! Even Jar Jar Binks gave better advice than that!
  9. Found 'em! Thought I had more though... Yeah, I got about the same kind of treatment there. Reminds me of something you'd hear an angry CoD player screaming. Just shortly after having killed him the first time, I sadly missed the first several lines of rage. And this was shortly after getting the opportunity to shoot the moron off my tail after he chased me all game trying to TK me. Unfortunately... time spent evading him let the enemy get the upper hand. His text is a bit faded by that point, so you'll need to read closely. And since the third one I found isn't even worth posting, here's OpheliaAlexiou! Our last hope after three of us were (quite embarrassingly) bombed by the IL-2 after struggling to delay the supremacy win. Still not sure how the bomb killed me at the altitude I was at, but w/e, not the point. She was screwing around, flying away from the IL-2 instead of finishing off what little health it had left. I yelled at her to stop messing around, and to finish him off instead of the nothing she'd done all game. And how does she respond instead? Well... If I'd remembered this screenshot a few months back when she was being a retard on the forums... I wouldn't have been quite so gentle. And I should also probably dig up some of my other screenshots of the flamers I'd get back when I played, as well as during beta. Not to mention the hackusations... maybe even a few good old fashioned "Shamefur Disprays" if I can find any pictures of them.
  10. Wish I had my old screenshots of FreakyJason raging at me after I shot him down on the enemy team... then trying to teamkill me for 5 rounds straight.
  11. 10k battles in biplanes, seriously? Wow. Russians take seal clubbing to a whole new level apparently.
  12. I keep mine on for a couple of reasons. One, so I'll know what to expect from my team. Two, so I'll know which teammates I can rely on and which to treat as cannon fodder. Three, so I'll know which enemy players are likely to be the biggest threat so I can try and take them out of the game ASAP, avoid them if necessary, or point them out to my team as a high priority target. Four, so I'll know how hard I'll need to try and carry. If I load into a game, and I see a bunch of reds and oranges on my team, and a bunch of oranges, yellows, and a few greens or worse on the enemy team? That tells me I really need to get serious. Lastly, its incredibly satisfying to win a game when you're given a horribly low chance at victory.
  13. Katariana, same as on here.
  14. If a 5'2 woman with tiny hands like myself can handle a 1911, and carry it for several years... I'm sure you could manage with a little bit of practice. Granted, these days I don't carry one anymore. Love my Glock 20.
  15. Only in simulator mode, sadly. Every other mode shows exactly where you are at all times, if your crew can see a target, then you can see their name and location. If you're in arcade mode, you even get a shell drop indicator to tell you exactly where to aim. Simulator mode though... there are no names showing up or any sort of indicators like that. But due to the ridiculous ability for people to be able to turn off much of the foliage in graphics settings... concealment can be mitigated there too.
  16. True, which is why you just have to avoid getting hit. Which is easy enough to do with some situational awareness if you're flying against fighters. Of course, if you're against any sort of B-17 or better... either attack them head on, or from directly above, or you're fucked. Heavy bombers are broken as hell right now, only reliable way to really deal with them is with either 30mm gunpod equipped German aircraft, or one of those ridiculous Russian derp guns.
  17. This is true, but unlike in tanks, it can be countered or mitigated. Train your pilot's vitality stat up to 100, or even 50, and it rarely ever happens. Can't do anything like that for ammo racks though... and the tanks in WT seem to get ammo racked no matter where you get hit at.
  18. Ehhh.... going to have to disagree with you on that one. The mouse aim mode in Arcade battles for War Thunder feels a lot like an FPS to me. Except its even easier, and there tends to be almost zero skill necessary to shoot somebody down if you're in certain aircraft. For instance, this here is the result of me flying my tier 3 British.
  19. Lets be realistic here, minus their money grubbing, lack of effective joystick controls, and their rather blatant Russian bias, they are overwhelmingly superior to Wargaming as far as flight games go. One of the only things WG has managed to do better has been joystick controls. ...The same can't be said about them as far as tanks go. Wargaming is still ahead there for the time being. Its fucking annoying when almost every time you take a hit in WT:GF, your ammo rack blows.
  20. Open beta while selling gold, premium accounts, premium planes/tonks, even premium packs on steam, and not doing any wipes? The "open beta" tag is really more for show than anything else, also its a get out of jail free card of sorts. "WTF Gaijin why you break your game with 1.37?" "...We're in open beta!"
  21. War Thunder Ground Forces is already out. Its pretty good, enough competition to push WG to improve WoT, but nowhere near good enough to "kill" it, or even take a large portion of WoT's player base. WG seems to have largely abandoned actually trying to compete with WT as far as WoWP goes, however. They had their shot to gain some ground when Gaijin released their disastrous 1.37 update, but they squandered that opportunity and instead did absolutely nothing.
  22. The very fact that this thread and argument is still going simply boggles the mind... the game is dead, folks. Accept it. Bandet you suck at tonks. Get skills yellow nub.
  23. Yeah... but that could have been fun at least. Flame wars are great entertainment. And FYI Bandet, I'm not an asshole. I'm an angry, mean bitch. There's a difference! Get it right next time.
  24. Been playing a lot of that myself, and yes... SB is definitely the way to play it. Really depends on which tier you're playing. At lower tiers, such as 3 and below, you don't see quite as much bomber spam, and the kind you do isn't all that terrible since the worst you'll see are medium bombers which are fairly easy to take down. But the moment you go into a tier 4 game? There's tons of it, most of which being B-17s, which are ridiculously difficult to kill unless you're either flying Germans with 30mms, or a Yak-9T/K. And since you spawn so far below them... it can be quite a chore climbing up to intercept them, which also unfortunately tends to put you directly behind them, letting their gunners set you on fire before you're even in firing range. And unfortunately, the new 262 is still largely only going to show up in tier 5 matches, so it won't be doing much to help against heavy bomber spam in tier 4, which is where it is most cancerous to the game.
  25. I gave up on the idea of it succeeding a long time ago. Wargaming had their chance and they blew it, big time. They didn't even try to compete with War Thunder, and when Gaijin released that near game-killing disaster 1.37 patch, they really had a chance to take advantage of it, but squandered that opportunity. At this point I don't even care, I'm done with WoWP. It exists only for me to get free gold for WoT on. Otherwise, fuck that game.
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