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  1. Hello modding community. I am looking for a simple mod that can handle chat interaction in a very specific way and am willing to pay for its' creation. If you are a person with modding experience, please PM me for the details of what I am looking for. I am not looking for hacks or for you to create anything outside of the EULA, just something to fill a niche need I have. Thanks -Twix
  2. Yeah, you can go ahead and knock BUNNY off this list too; we're dead and we took the reincarnated PBKAC with us.
  3. http://www.wnefficiency.net/wnexpected/ When sorting by delta damage, we can see the tanks that were most affected by the change. First, we can see that the T-22 had its' expected massively raised by 359, probably in line with its' 9.14 performance. It'll be interesting to see weather this drops back down slightly with the recent nerf. The 260 finally had its' expected raised, and now stands nearly 300 above the IS-7 The Skoda T 50 and 50/51 both had their expected go up by around 200, which is well deserved; mayhaps WG will finally admit they (especially
  4. What up shitter, remember me? :serb: 

  5. If only I could have a match like this old one in my T34.
  6. I'm going to take a crack at LT-15 for the T-55a tonight, and find myself in need of platoon mates as Pibblecock is ded. Specifically, I'm looking for someone with high tier TD's or arty (TD's preferable) to blow the bejezus out of those whom my gaze falls upon.
  7. I actually have a fully legitimate 15.1k damage game... thing is, I lost that battle.
  8. If you're talking about SH-14, I had a 2.92k EXP match (with premium multiplayer) yesterday. As I remember, I was solo in a platoon match, but I don't remember exactly what I did... let's see if I can find the replay.
  9. SH-7 was challenging but not impossible... You just need to get the desert map solo In a platoon match with a bat or Leo as your first tank. "Return" three flags, then you just need to get a very easy 10k damage. Sh,9 was just a matter of e4 he spam The 5 airstrike mission was the hardest off the first 9 and involved a friendly 50b on the other side Sh-10 (and 12, but I'm not up to that) involves an autoloader in a platoon with platoonmates setting up his kills
  10. Has anyone actually gotten SH-14 yet? If so, does it count premium multiplier? I'm fast coming up on it, and despite my 18k top damage, I have not broken 3k EXP even with prem. Actually, my top EXP didn't even come from my top damage game, but a random solo in a platoon match.
  11. 10k is easy, it is literally my current AVERAGE damage per game. I've only manged a 15k game once though. It's not easy
  12. I've already had a 15k and another 14.9k game in steel hunt, you just have to NOT GET KILLS (weird, I know) Now, as for 15k in dom, I don't think that's actually possible.
  13. Ooh, salty. Is it 'cause mine is bigger than yours?
  14. Yes, that's right... I just got my average damage per game in rampage over 9k. I am actually wondering if there is anyone who has a higher aDPG, as I have not even seen a single person with even close to mine (including unicums) If you or someone you know has me beat, please... tell me. I need a new number to top.
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