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  1. I'm glad it's gone cause I sure didn't enjoy being smacked by a fort at 12+km away in Missouri for 4k-7k dmg every 4-5 seconds while trying to disable the fort. Forts in co-op sounds like a bit of a nightmare given how bad most players in high tier ships typically are in co-op.
  2. I've been loving it so far, it's good to play when WoWS become rage-inducing. As someone who's never played 4X games before, it's decent to start off with, and there is certainly some things that are lacking in the current state of the game.
  3. Only advantage 203 with IFHE is the ability to pen the 38mm decks on high tier USBBs, but otherwise it's useless on 203mm guns.
  4. "Working as intended" Not very fun when most IJN save for Yamato and all of the US BBs can get their decks penned by HEAP. I'd love to take Missouri out, but this new skill basically means, play German BBs or GTFO.
  5. Belfast is stupidly OP when played right, it's become my go-to ship with making enemies lives miserable and showing how balanced fires are. Cause, smoke, hydro, and radar along with the concealment module on a tier 7 cruiser is balanced. Having one of them is a major annoyance to the reds, having 2 or more means they can chain-smoke, hydro, etc to spread the wealth pain of HE and fires around. If you have the general idea of how to play RNCLs and smoke-camping in a cruiser, then Belfast is worth it.
  6. Drag coefficient, velocity and other factors that WG may take into account which our formula doesn't.
  7. Ok, so I got everything updated and here's the code that I modified from Reddit. The program used is Matlab, but the code can be translated to other languages. Also, here's an up to date pen and velocity chart for Yamato and Smith respectively:
  8. Terminal velocity normally applies to objects in free-fall with the forces of gravity and buoyancy balanced against each other with drag force being accounted as well. But I'd have to do some research if it'd actually apply or be significant with respect to ballistics. Technically it could, but instead of just moving in the Y direction, the shell is moving along an X,Y vector, and gravity only applies to the Y part of the vector. While drag is applied in the X,Y directions. Also, I got things fixed with the graphs readability and the 2nd pen model. Will post it here in a few hours.
  9. I've been summoned. I'll post the code up later once I work some things out with the 2nd pen model, and fix things up to look better on @Flametz laptop.
  10. I am very happy to see this in the game, now if WG would give more info on shell pen based on range in port it'd be great.
  11. Do as Tedster said, or ask one of the WoWS WGEU admins for more info about ST applications. Stop being lazy then.
  12. I got both Chally 1 and Wiesel 1 WOLF. The Chally is easy mode for damage and carrying, but I love the Wiesel 1 for lulz. Only other tank I've considered is the Merkava, but I'm not sure if part of it's LFP can be penned still, and it's sides are way too weak for my taste. I can't offer any advice on TD premiums since I don't have any, and generally like AFV's more. The other option is as Endless said is to battle-harden tanks like the Chally.
  13. Going bow-on in a DD to a BB is a double-edged sword. If he has good aim and RNG is in his favor, he can place 3+ good shots through your bow which will over-pen, but go through the entire length of the ship which gives the AP shells more than enough time to fuse and detonate. Often hitting DD's in the side with AP almost always results in over-pens, but if the DD is angled, BB AP will over-match then fuse, which results in 33% of max damage per shell hit. I've nailed lots of DD's this way, and every-time I play a DD, I'm basically playing Russian roulette hoping the BB has shitty aim.
  14. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/80610-056-patchnotes-and-downtime/page__st__300__p__1982960#entry1982960 Looks like it was intended!
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