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  1. More often than not I am called a hacker, or a statpadder/reroll or any other number of feels hurting names by pubbies, so why would I help them with a mission? I play4fun these days and sitting in a circle for 30 seconds bores the life out of me, especially when I could be off killing someone. wow shitty_101st 20k battles exactly...nerd
  2. Hello friends. I am looking for people to spam me SH invites if you need to fill some slots. I am not really looking to join a clan, just need some people who want to farm credits and xp with. My only rules are that it is fast bois, we all go one way, and no serious shit. Feel free to add me in game if this sounds like you.
  3. Play the tanks you enjoy and screw what other people say.
  4. The idea is that you start a fresh account with what you know about the game now. It usually results in higher stats than your first account since you remove a good chunk of the learning curve. The purpose is to wave your epeen around and show people that you have pretty colors in your signature.
  5. I have no doubt that mods can be helpful. For WGLNA purposes I do not run mods but a few months back I decided to try the autoaim+ mod, I used sela's pack because that is what I ran before wglna and I honestly could not stand it anymore. The autoaim+ was awesome for making some shots that I wouldnt have been able to before, and things like zoom in and zoom out mods are very powerful. With the last known on maps now I really dont see an overwhelming need for mods, sure they help sometimes but I dont feel like it is enough to bother waiting for someone to get them working with the latest pat
  6. Looks like some real quality mentoring already.
  7. It really is fun to see the shit storm of WR vs WN8 brought up every few months. If you are any kind of decent player you recognize that both are easily padded and are a bad metric to judge player skill on. This is a team game, not an individual game.
  8. In addition to what carbon said I saw a lot of what I would call lack of map understanding/awareness. You kept aiming at something through the ground which meant when something popped up that you could shoot you snapped the shots. There was also a point when you were the last tank on that line, you had 2 tanks in a position superior to yours but you shot, then sat and waited to reload, it doesn't matter if they can pen you or not, dont chance it and sit there, back down and hide. Most of that time you were tracked I know but there was two times when your track had repaired when you would r
  9. -_-7 GL guys awesome group for the short time I was there before it died.
  10. I play for fun first of all. I have super unicum friends I enjoy playing with and yellow/green friends who are fun to play with. That said I dont really take on many new people with lower stats simply because I dont want to feel obligated to teach the entire time. Also fuck tanks.
  11. He is a mentor not a miracle worker.
  12. U r a nigg.

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      omg rood, also it took me 10mins to find this shit

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