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  1. mandt702

    WZ 111 vs IS-8 by Garbad

    I like the WZ much better than the Is8, It seems that the armor works a little better than the IS8 (as noted it gets horseshit bounces). The higher alpha of the gun can't be dismissed as nominal. Its low profile makes it a harder target to hit. You don't see that many of them on the server so some players don't know how to handle it. I did have to add safe stowage as a crew skill since I tended to get ammo racked. The IS8 is a bigger softer (armor and gun) version of the WZ.
  2. nice review and game. How much did you make in that one?
  3. mandt702

    Which tanks should I review/rank?

    My bad he ranked all T9's in 4 groups:
  4. mandt702

    Which tanks should I review/rank?

    If you did T9 heavies, would you rank them differently than RBS did? I would like to see how you would differ, makes for good conversation.
  5. sounds like you are having trouble with map/battle/situation awareness. Since you like watching youtube try Deathsarrow's video's on youtube. He does a good job of explaining why he does things. He stops the replays along the way to point out when you should be looking at the mini map (which should be every few seconds) and analyzing what should be done by what he observes. This is more of a skill and requires knowledge beyond just searching for different spots that work most of the time. Good luck it is never to late to learn and improve.