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  1. Gun handling for snapshots is way more important than final accuracy. The better the bloom, the less time you spend exposing yourself to aim in.
  2. Ah yes, I forgot you transcended beyond seeking pleasure in winning, but instead in self improvement instead. Followup question: clearly you don't care about winning/losing anymore as long as you can improve yourself, but are there times where you miss the satisfaction of just winning? How do you resolve to completely ignore such pleasures?
  3. Part of the reason why platoons tend to inflate win rates (but drag down DPG because damage is now shared) is not because you and your two buddies are unicum, but rather you'll only have to carry 12-13 shitters with the workload divided across your platoon instead of having to carry 14 other pubshit all by yourself. Platoons win more by reducing the number of shitters on your team.
  4. @Never Potential front page article here. Do pardon me while I actually read this, even if I don't play the game anymore.
  5. Can we just accept the fact that there's nothing historical about the game to begin with? Historical accuracy is not and cannot be an argument for anything related to gameplay.
  6. I'm not ruining anything, just saying we do a LOT of dumb things here.
  7. Is that a challenge? @Rexxie
  8. Only if such feet come with dicks.
  9. Yours wasn't cheap enough.
  10. Help me get some dickpics! :doge:



  11. This looks like a good thread for dickpics. I can has cheap dickpics?
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