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  1. Don't forget PM is a perk, so it's all but useless until he gets it up to 100%. I guess he could grind up controlled impact and hope to finish that before the game dies, then retrain to PM.
  2. Commander: firefighting, so you can potentially drop AFE and still be okay, or in case you're so damn unlucky to be set on fire twice within a minute. JoAT is basically useless with the advent of reusable medkits. Driver: firefighting for being the least useless of the bunch. You can always retrain it to PM when/if you ever get that far. You really shouldn't be ramming anything in the first place if you're not going for memes and only memes. Radioman: whatever, both are useless.
  3. @Never Why is there so much empty space on the sides now? I thought it used to stretch to fit.

    1. Never


      The theme wasn't compatible with the newest forum software, so I had to port over every modification. Turns out I forgot this one. Will fix.

  4. WG's target audience is divided into two groups: people with more disposable income than sense; and minors who don't know any better because they either have the attention span and memory of a goldfish, or just simply too young to understand.
  5. https://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/14704-how-marks-of-excellence-work/ It does track the last 100 games.
  6. I'd rather know if competence and performance are considered separate, is there any way to assess competence without observing a corresponding performance?
  7. They put the IS-4 in the same group as the Maus, E100 and Type 5. In what world is the IS-4 possibly an equal to any other tier 10 heavy?
  8. That's the fucked up part. The original idea was to weigh tanks differently to account for same-tier imbalances and to make sure some classes weigh more than others (ie. heavies weigh more than meds), but we all know how well that turned out.
  9. MM weight does that in theory, but you can always trust WG to fuck it up.
  10. They should just merge WoWP into this and be done with it.
  11. How about this? Win rate isn't weighed in the WN8 calculation at all, but instead displayed as its own independent metric alongside with WN8. In other words it's pointless to look at WN8 without also looking at win rate, and vice versa. This is exactly why win rate and WN8 are always shown right next to each other, like how it is right now.
  12. Can you still get banned by sticking your gun up the arty gun barrel?
  13. It's 2019 and this guy only complains now? The reason why win rate is weighed much less than damage is because of how common it is to be absolutely useless in any given match and still get carried to victory by good players doing all the heavy lifting. Your one single shot of 200 damage in a Maus and death within 3 minutes of spawn should be and is correctly weighed significantly less than the STB pulling 6k damage out of its ass and carrying your dead weight for a win. Likewise, if that STB was in a platoon with two other good players they will probably still win and likely have an easier time for that matter, but they might only be doing 4k damage each but still carry each other. The opposite is also true, in that it is also very common for bad players lose games that are otherwise very winnable, but because they are absolutely useless they manage to make everybody on their team lose instead. A platoon of 3x SConqs should be able to facetank and kill everything in front of them, but what if they all die at the 4 minute mark doing only 2k damage combined because they drove ass first into the enemy? Suddenly their whole team lose considerable chunks of health and firepower, and in the case that they lose the three retarded SConqs are to be blamed. If they somehow pull a win out of their asses, that's great but the SConqs were still inconsequential because they did absolutely nothing to contribute to the win. It is also right that a 140 that pulled 4k damage before losing (or winning) should be seen as having performed better than the SConqs. This is why damage dealt is a much more useful metric in measuring the performance of a player than win rate. Shitters have always been useless for one reason or another. Before performance metrics they camped to stay alive and avoid repair bills, or wanted to defend arty, or wanted to defend cap before anyone has driven past half the map. Shitters are shitters and will do everything in their power to play as shit as possible, that's why they are called shitters. You want to win more? Git gud and carry harder.
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