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  1. Has anyone won more games than they have played yet?
  2. Darth Vader's suit includes a closed cycle life support system and protection against CBRN hazards. All healthcare providers should start wearing Darth Vader suits.
  3. All life ends in death. If people always die at the end, why not abort them before they are born?
  4. You heard wrong, we still haven't. Government is being fucking useless and insists closing borders to mainland China is "racist". Bunch of wankers.
  5. Actually, we've been calling it the Wuhan virus way back in January before the official names were set. It's a virus, it started in Wuhan. Even people in mainland China called it the Wuhan virus and they still do despite all the political correctness.
  6. That hole is an O not a 0. This triggers me.
  7. There can't be any new cases if you don't test anyone.
  8. My favorite Canadian distillery doing their part, switching from liquor to sanitizers. Click to enlarge.
  9. The whole point of wearing masks is so it doesn't get worse, not the other way round.
  10. My relatives are helping to develop those reusable masks, so far they look pretty fancy. I still have my reservations though, but better those than nothing.
  11. Meanwhile, people in HK are rolling their eyes at the Western world, because we already knew this would happen 2 months ago. Wear your masks people. Despite being right next to Wuhan and ridiculously slow to close borders, the number of infected in HK are still far lower than other nations, primarily because everybody learned how effective masks and basic hygiene are when dealing with infectious diseases after SARS. People in Honk are still running around the streets while maintaining a low infection rate, to put things into perspective. No, a mask won't make you completely immune, but it helps a lot when the primary transmission of the virus is through airborne droplets. Having some protection is a fuck ton better than having no protection at all. Filthy gaijin.
  12. 0pti0n 00 is the 0nly l0gical ch0ice.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-51527043
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