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  1. It's not harassment, it's a legit curiosity as to why he simply won't or can't use use 0 key. What happened is that Dirizon tries so hard to ignore and evade anyone asking him why, so much that I created this thread in an attempt to find out what's wrong with his 0 key. He never once asked people to stop asking him, never once provided any answer. Like I said, he chose to exile himself instead of answering one simple question. This is unfortunate, but that's entirely his prerogative. It's also nobody's responsibility to convince him to stay. If this wasn't Dirizon but instead Gasai with his annoying purple text in Comic Sans MS, I'd be asking why he does that as well.
  2. Call it whatever you like, but are you going to explain what's wrong with your 0 key?
  3. You would rather exile yourself than to explain what's wrong with your 0 key?
  4. Or until he explains what's wrong with his 0 key and why can't he use it.
  5. Haswell


    Then it's your fault for not going legal already to begin with. Your "evidence" can't be destroyed, lost or altered, especially not when you have copies of it submitted to legal scrutiny. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking this will end up in some national news, just get it over with and lose that "I have a secret" complex. In other words, get yourself some legal aid already. All I'm hearing right now are two unrepresented monkeys thinking they are more significant than they really are.
  6. Haswell


    Just file a complaint to the site host then, most hosters have enough anti-abuse systems in place to take down content when their clients violate ToS. Publicly listing personal info is a violation for most hosters. Run the site through any WHOIS service, you'll get the hosting company and the domain registrar. Send your complaints to them and just wait.
  7. Haswell


    I do have to ask, what are you trying to get out of playing with this pile of shit?
  8. Let's assume MM is indeed rigged. If that is the case, then how do people manage to maintain below 45% or above 55%? The argument of the MM normalizing ALL players at 45-55% thus fails.
  9. Buy a new keyboard first, and maybe some medicine too.
  10. Not until you explain what's wrong with your 0 key and all your other autistic tendencies.
  11. Can you capitalize his O's too? I noticed he would never capitalize O's when proper, but use uppercase O's for zeroes. His autism requires attention. And ask him what the actual fuck is wrong with his zero key.
  12. Shameless self-advertisement, get it here: https://github.com/Kasuobes/Rotation-Tracker
  13. Dafuq, there are still people playing AW? Yes. Why join [LABS]? Because if you are still playing AW, you are probably beyond salvation as this point. Might as well be in the company of the hopelessly lost. Also makes it easier to identify each other when you have a tag. What do you even do? We goof around, win games, goof around some more. Throw in some suggestions if you think of something fun to do together. What are the requirements? If you're reading this, you're good. How do I join? PM @Tman450 (T23E3IsLove) or @Haswell (Haswell) in-game so you can get invited. Or just post here with your in-game name. Clan tools in AW are nonexistent, there's literally no way to join a clan without someone inviting you in. How do I talk to the rest of the hopelessly insane? You're already here, aren't you? We also use the WoTLabs TS server and shitcord, you've probably been there already anyways. If not, here are the links:
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