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  1. I should have been more clear, I wasn't saying WG won't ban whales or any other paying customer just because they paid the SerB tax. Look at this from the other direction, what would happen if WG did ban all these shitters? Yes, gameplay experience for a lot of people MIGHT improve, but at the same time WG is also cutting off one of their revenue streams. A happy shitter is a paying shitter, and having paying shitters is a lot more important in the business sense than appeasing a smaller population of non-shitters (who are also paying customers anyway). It is very possible that non-shitters may be willing to invest more into the game if there are less shitters running around, but why would WG take that risk when they have perfectly healthy money streams right now? Also taking into account of the power of publicity and social media, if WG indeed goes forward with banning shitters but cannot handle the backlash, the negative publicity will potentially drive existing and future paying customers away, as well as putting huge amounts of pressure on the company when their efforts could be better spent on drumming up new ways to milk people dry. Shitters are loud and numerous, when they throw enough shit at the wall some will eventually stick and people will come to look at what all the fuss is about. Recall how blown up the Sir Foch incident became when WG EU took the proverbial slap to the face and got humiliated, now think how easy it will be to spin the story of WG banning shitters, "WG issue arbitrary mass bans for no broken rules". This is bad publicity that any game company will want to avoid. This isn't to say as long as you're a paying customer WG will be more lenient to you. Rather, WG wants to keep their current and future paying customers happy for milking. Shitters owning a bunch of prem tanks is a testament to how true the mantra of "happy shitters are paying shitters" is, WG understands that.
  2. He drops by every now and then, you'll catch him sooner or later.
  3. Aim time is already better than the IS-3 and nobody complains about the IS-3 having long aim time. And since when did accuracy ever mattered?
  4. Haswell

    Naval Action

    Do they actually have a non-barebones UI now?
  5. Sexually transmitted infection - intensified.
  6. @Never Something has gone fucky maybe.
  7. How did you get to T9 without understanding the conditions of gaining elite status? You've ground through at least 8 fucking tanks already to get to this point.
  8. Take that corporate shittalk away.
  9. Am I the only one to think the black market bald guy is actually SerB? :serb:

    1. DirtyACE7


      You're not the only one.

  10. TIL, no streaming updates is such ass backwards development. It's not like WG has bandwidth problems that they need to rate limit themselves.
  11. There's zero reason to add in grinds of any kind except to artificially inflate player time investment. How do grinds add anything to gameplay or make it more fun?
  12. You must have missed the obvious blurb at the top of section. This isn't the section to ask random questions, this is a section for hosting AMA threads. Can you go back and check the dates of your games to make sure? If you have replays enabled they should all be timestamped. If this is an error, you'd have to provide more details and explain exactly what result you were expecting (kind of like every single bug report). Being pissy about it won't get you any more attention.
  13. First off, wrong section. Secondly, what do you mean by posting your stats? If you're asking why your games from the 21st and 22nd are wrapped together in your 24h stats, that's because you probably played those 13 games within the same 24h period.
  14. They absolutely can. 1. split crew skills into two sets, old and new 2. everyone stays on old crew skills by default 3. use wallet to unlock new crew skills Since only the progression will be different but the skills will be exactly the same, nobody can cry pay2win that way.
  15. This is a good thing TBH, no more excuses for not having BIA and 6th sense. This cuts down on the required crew grind before the "fun" can start. Now if they just do that crew skill rework already and give everyone 6th sense by default...
  16. Low tier WN8 values are going to skyrocket.
  17. Gun handling for snapshots is way more important than final accuracy. The better the bloom, the less time you spend exposing yourself to aim in.
  18. Ah yes, I forgot you transcended beyond seeking pleasure in winning, but instead in self improvement instead. Followup question: clearly you don't care about winning/losing anymore as long as you can improve yourself, but are there times where you miss the satisfaction of just winning? How do you resolve to completely ignore such pleasures?
  19. Part of the reason why platoons tend to inflate win rates (but drag down DPG because damage is now shared) is not because you and your two buddies are unicum, but rather you'll only have to carry 12-13 shitters with the workload divided across your platoon instead of having to carry 14 other pubshit all by yourself. Platoons win more by reducing the number of shitters on your team.
  20. @Never Potential front page article here. Do pardon me while I actually read this, even if I don't play the game anymore.
  21. Can we just accept the fact that there's nothing historical about the game to begin with? Historical accuracy is not and cannot be an argument for anything related to gameplay.
  22. I'm not ruining anything, just saying we do a LOT of dumb things here.
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