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  1. I find it scary that i got ban because nolan didn't like my jew jokes. Yet he isn't one himself. @rojo180
  2. Thx and your welcome I teach you to make better decisions in life :)
  3. Was looking to apply friends o7o7 I do everything to qualify except for viewers :D
  4. you need to edit the carousal file with notepad and it should be in there somewhere saying "3"(as in the rows) and just change the value to what you want
  5. Lol I deleted those PB because I thought they were bad for my first day streaming and then streamed the next day for 8 hours
  6. "Actually seems to stream alot. Did not know that." lol only really started streaming yesterday for like 8 hours xD
  7. Fuck this I am making my own channel on relic ts and putting all the gifs of me in there. rob is working too hard for me to ignore his glorious gifs
  8. Hit me up on relic TS sometime to try you out I will try to catch you when i'm on
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