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  1. I can tell what your major problem is and the cpu fan orientation just by looking at that picture. Your rear fan exhaust and cpu fan are fighting each other at the moment. So it isn't necessarily the case that the cpu fan needs to be moved to the other side (although that might help). The cpu fan is simply blowing in the incorrect direction and can't get the air it needs because of the exhaust fan. The red arrows indicate how the air is moving and real tip to be learned here is what I circled in yellow. These fans are always designed to push air toward the side that the power cable is on. Personally I would get another fan for the cpu (Use two on the heatsink and whatever other areas are missing them) and make sure all of the orientations are correct.
  2. Those are some very nice changes, I especially like arty being removed from Account WN9. The metric is lot more accurate now.
  3. I wasn't saying the expected values are averages. I was saying that the data that is being used is tainted/misinterpreted and for that reason it has always been easier to pad lower tiers. It looks better in WN9 but the problem still exists. I am not offering definitive technical advice to solve the problem, just pointing it out. I mentioned rerolls as they are a good example without sifting through accounts that have been through the ringer. The best tanks for WNx are almost always below T10 and remain so. I'm not sure why you are trying to spare the f2p players when it comes to a skill metric. They still have the low WG PR and in game stats just the same. Isn't it just by the nature of f2p that they really can't compete optimally anyway? Yep of course looking at recent DPG not 150b.
  4. I was referring more to the fact that the data you have is flooded with average players making themselves look good or be relevant(as they don't have the talent for 10s). The players who are really good at T10s or high tiers really don't contribute to the data pool for the lower tiers after the initial learning/grind. Because the data is based off the majority(average slob), the value of T10 WNx has always been skewed. Take a really good re-roll for example. These players specifically play for stats just like a lot of the population but the difference is that they are past the learning stages but now dropping down tiers to pad really hard. Sure they play T10s and can pull great numbers, but almost all of them pad using lower tiered tanks(lower than T10) for amazing numbers. If I personally went down to lower tiers to pad(soloing and throwing win-rate to the curb) it would almost always be higher than anything I could pull in T10s. I do want to mention that this iteration of WNx does scale much better with 10s than the others, particularly with the TDs. I can see the win-rate point as long as we are talking specifically about soloing which I think we are. Platooning and tank selection certainly throws a wrench into it all. Was specifically referring to general competence or proficiency for anyone playing arty. That yes the only correlation I could find was that talented tankers(any class but arty) are generally able to perform in arty but the opposite was not necessarily true. I should have been more specific and thrown out numbers so an aggressive capping would be very harsh on lower tier games. I was also under the impression it would be scaling depending on how many games a person has. More along the lines of if a person has 10k total battles then only 1k(10%) low-tier(1-5 or whatever) battles could count. That also would vary if you are doing it by total battles or per tank. Those numbers are super raw and just an example. Going this route would make it very hard for low tier padders to accumulate account WN9. WG has a similar strategy for PR just involving damage which stagnates the lower tier clubber rating. Have to disagree on this one. My rudimentary peek at spencer's damage site showed otherwise. Yes that is it. My extremely emotional thoughts have gotten the best of me and spilled right into this thread. I certainly stand to gain a tremendous amount by swaying all that listen and getting my way with everything WN9 has to offer. You caught me.
  5. I have already addressed this in earlier statements but here it is again. I recognize some players are skilled at arty and they can have that recognition. I pointed out TD42 as an example. However, this skill does not translate to actual tank skill(what i feel WNx should represent). It is a completely different game mechanism separate from all others and would need it's own measurement system. I chose TD42 as an example for a few reasons. Firstly I was aiming to have a reasonable discussion and not call active players out like a Garbad would. No need to call out active players and basically tell them they are shit at playing tanks but can click. There are plenty of players who can and will pad with arty using the new WN9, more so than they could otherwise, and have stats to back that up. Without ever playing real tanks(on that account) he is one of the most skilled wot players ever(according to WN9). Even using his recents which are not as impressive as his account WN9, he has managed to go from 2147(low blue) to 1032(super uni) in WN9. Since it is being claimed that arty skill actually correlates to real tanking skill, this guy(again without ever playing real tanks), would tear shit up on the battlefield the same as other super unica. These things are simply not true, but if people can reason that sitting in the back of the map, pooping on other tanks from a distance, with no chance of retaliation from those tanks, is the same skill-set as playing real tanks....then nothing I can say will make a difference. Also this isn't aimed directly at anyone. If arty can't be excluded then that is that. I just wanted to say my peace on the matter.
  6. I can't argue against the data as the majority of the data comes from players playing the tiers they are comfortable/enjoy playing. The best players typically don't go back down tiers to club low tier shitters all day. They gravitate to the higher tiers as that is where most of the talent is. This is why green 50% T6 players go to T10s and turn into red 44%ers. I can't see the correlation here aside from the fact that good players typically pay attention so would naturally be good at an easy to play class(arty). But players who can perform in arty are not necessarily good tankers, which is especially evident at T10. If you used aggressive tier cap scaling like I mentioned above would it turn out any differently? As in using the best 65%(or whatever % of games you choose) plus removing most of the clubbers game with caps, valuing T10s the most, etc. Take td42 as an example "arty god", he did well even in WN8. That account is arty only and has an account WN9 of 1373.1, which beats the top NA re-roll accounts by a good margin.
  7. It is all speculation at this point but as it stands it is likely that there will be more arty either way. Reasons as follows: -The other WN* typically punished good players for playing arty unless you were an arty god. WN9 as it stands will allow good players to pad(or at least not break stats) in arty and in many cases much higher than in real tanks, past skill barriers they could not previously break. WN9 as it is right now would reward many players for playing arty and increase stats in a metric that isn't really appropriate. A neutral WN9 for arty could possibly increase arty as well, considering people will not be punished for playing it. But at least the inappropriate stat progression would be taken away. Again I personally feel arty itself should be not be in WN9 because it is not relevant to actual skill in WOT. It is a completely separate entity and has no business being included except maybe win rate.
  8. Tier 10s are the best indicator of actual skill so you should really consider no cap for 10s or significantly higher than any other tier(even 9s). Unfortunately T10 tanks do not have enough variety to properly represent all tank play-style, mechanics, etc. If it did then it would be the only Tier that would matter at all. No one should be punished for playing T10s even if they spam the same tank over and over. I concede the fact that some players are more rounded than others but don't punish anyone for playing T10s(excluding arty of course) My thoughts on the tiers: Anything under T6 is next to worthless. It is literally just attrition meta that has no real skill involved. Grab a sick crew and move from bush to bush, kiting the poor nubs trying to learn the game. Or pick an easily abusable tank and make new players cry. Low tiers are have been such a problem for WOT as they kill potential player interest so damned hard. Anything under T6 should be capped very low. T6-T7 Is when some skill starts to come into play and some tanks actually gain an identity. Sadly these tiers are horribly imbalanced and most tanks are pure garbage as well. T8 Has a lot of great tanks which is no surprise as esports used this tier for a while. Currently the highest tiered and important light tanks(plz WG give us T10 lights) are included in this tier. Unfortunately MM shits all over tier 8 and light tanks especially are easy to pad for those who don't care about winning. T9 Like T8 has some of the best tanks in the game. For game-play purposes, mechanics, so on and so forth. Many of these tanks could be balanced into replacement T10s and some even have unique characteristics that I wish some T10s possessed. But due to MM, T9s have always been insanely easy to pad in. T10: See above. Hardest tier to perform in. Best indicator of actual skill. To recap my thoughts on the cap Tier 5 and under>> Extremely low cap. So low it should have a separate function/exception to handle it. Tier 6-7>>>>>>>>>> Low cap but no where near T5 and under. Tier 8-9>>>>>>>>>> Reasonably high cap with T9 being at least twice T8 Tier 10>>>>>>>>>>> No cap or extremely high cap Just to note that I didn't consider arty as a part of anything above. They are not real tanks and imo have no place in any statistical measure of skill. That is unless someone made WNC(C standing for cancer). If it were up to me arty would have no impact or bearing on WN9. Any game played in arty would be neutral for stats or at most include the win rate.
  9. Mental health issues are pretty serious and shouldn't be taken lightly. If anyone actually knows him they should try to get him some help.
  10. Excellent work putting this together. I personally prefer any of the left three over any of the right three. Steering clear from WN7/WN8 just feels right. Base 650 would be my top pick as I feel it really fits the mold as a good scale. There is a really nice progression from each color and breaking into 4 digits to become a super uni would be a rewarding end goal.
  11. A few visual representations of possible scales might go a long way in helping you decide. The current scale on your WoT stats site( http://jaj22.org.uk/wotstats.html ) for WN9 is an effective comparison, as is your 900 WN9 = 900 WN8 example earlier in the thread. Perhaps pick a few scales of your choice to compare to WN8 and WN7 and have another poll/discussion.
  12. Everyone reading or participating in this thread needs to realize that the vast majority of votes have naturally been very bias or uninformed. Variables include but are not limited to the different servers, skill-sets, play-styles, hidden agendas, so on and so forth. Some players only care about damage, some only about winning, some both, and others are utterly confused and/or too shit to matter. So if anyone here is legitimately upset over any of the results or votes don't be. After all if you are a monster in whatever form of this game you play, the players who you disagree with are nothing but shitters anyway.
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