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  1. Are you talking using it like a joystick or as a pointer device? I've used wiimotes for both before while programming, there are good libraries and programs for converting the gyro input to something usable.
  2. 10k seems to be the "I had a reasonably good game" mark, with 15k + being a very good game and 20k being the godlike "I rekt the whole team" game. I don't know whether it's personal preference or the fact that I have a very good flight stick, but my X52 is a joy to use in this game. I used to have a Force Feedback 2 which was amazing but I needed to spend about a day buggering around with the dead zones and axial linearity to get something I liked back in CBT. With just the default settings the X52 feels fantastic and I'm not having any issues with precision.
  3. I need to go to work on some turnfighters because the low tier US and German planes are kind of crap. I kind of miss wrecking shit HF players in my spitfire who underestimated how fast I climbed but them's the breaks and the TF meta is so much more fun. EDIT: We've been laughing our bits off at that thread in flumy's discord.
  4. Took it for a whirl. It's actually kind of fun in a mindless sort of way. It's good stress relief from tryharding in Warships. It also gives my X52 something to do other than gather dust.
  5. First night looked roughly as we expected. Quite a lot of variety in ships but the main ones that stood out in the good teams we played were Monty, Conq, Z52, Gearing, Shima, Hindy, Zao, DM, Moskva. I think some of the teams ran too many Hindenburgs and were short on radar as a consequence. Being able to chain strobe radar won us games. The only game we lost was when I put my Moskva in a stupid place on Islands of Ice where I could be too easily spotted from mid. What I didn't expect was how much I enjoyed it. The meta hasn't settled yet so it could still be come a campy mess, but I was
  6. Radar is super important. Moskva has the best radar. I'll let you know what the meta looks like on EU when it stabilizes. Assuming I enjoy the mode enough to play it.
  7. Yo you getting back into planes? 

    1. OnboardG1


      I was thinking about it, but if I do it'll probably be on EU since my current clannies play there and I have prem time on that account.

  8. Play T6 to learn the ropes in an environment that isn't infested with Saipan. T7 is cancer because the Saipan and Kaga exist. T8 is where the CV game gets interesting.
  9. I've played three games with some unicum players and immediately recommended them for rejection from OMNI. There are players who have stats that look good but make you want to kill them within 30 seconds of playing with them.
  10. One DD is fine, but if he dies your team is fucked. Two DDs guarantees an overmatch on a cap point and provides you with smoke for you and a way of denying smoke for the enemy team. You're not always going to want them and it depends quite heavily on the map pool.
  11. WTR/WSPR should be treated the same as WN8: good for improvement but never an absolute rating. Damage based metrics all have issues with extremes of the scale and a lot of the issues I've noticed mirror the issues in WN8. Classes that are badly played such as DDs print WTR while easier classes undershoot actual player skill (remember how easy it was to print WN8 in light tanks but heavies would wreck it). Basically, if you're playing a balanced ship with lots of data and you're not a total waste of space or a superunicum then the rating is a decent guide to improvement.
  12. Minotaur is too squishy. My guess is that we're going to see a lot of Gearing, Z52, Conqueror, Hindenburg, Hindenburg, Moskva, Moskva teams.
  13. Ranked is not clan wars. You do not flank DDs in clan wars unless you enjoy losing cap control. Watch OM, UFR or OMNI play. The only time we "flank" with DDs is to contest an abandoned cap. DDs are there to contest, provide smoke cover for pushes and anchors and MAYBE push round a camp later in a battle. A flanking DD is pretty useless against a team that is doing their job properly because with RDF a smart FC will see them coming and most good teams will be positioned to mitigate torpedoes (and will all have hydro in this mode). Cruisers are the most common ships for running up the flanks (At
  14. HE has always had a place in battleships but you need to be sure of your ammunition selection. A bow-on Yamato will only take limited penetration damage and only until the superstructure is saturated. Once that happens you're not going to be doing much to him. In that kind of situation you're much better firing HE and forcing his damage control or getting ticking damage on him.
  15. They are, but they're flatter so your shells won't have trouble penetrating them at sub 10km ranges. Battleship AP can more or less bore through anything at close range (unless it's something wonky like British AP). You can citadel a Yamato with 8" guns if you're close enough. When dealing with DDs don't bother switching to HE. Shoot them through the nose. BB AP is currently super OP against DDs as long as they aren't dead broadside to you.
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