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  1. Ran into a legendary 11_AD player on QB's stream complaining about how the BC is OP. He rerolled to 3k and only has a 121 and IS-7


    Zepherex : http://wotlabs.net/na/player/ZEPHEREX
    Zepherex : there
    Zepherex : only the most trash rerolls enjoy trying to compare stats
    gasubal : dont give a fuck about you
    Zepherex : well that tb duddde
    Zepherex : you're fucking retarded
    Zepherex : bc is not op first off
    gasubal : yes it is
    Zepherex : next off you rerolledd and padded LT's and are trying to compare stats
    Zepherex : as an anrgument
    Zepherex : find me solid proof its op
    gasubal : Yeah of course padded light tank when 75% of my battle are in tier 10
    Zepherex : other than that you're a trash reroll who padded LT's cause thats not an argument
    gasubal : well maybe the 33 sec relaod with 5 shell and 390 alpha
    gasubal : good camo view range speed
    Zepherex : with shit gun handiling
    Zepherex : shit ddpm
    gasubal : lmao
    Zepherex : and no armor
    Zepherex : you literally have to sit in front of one andd let him aim
    gasubal : no armor you dont eneed armor with the view range on it
    Zepherex : same thing with retards bitching about the TVP
    gasubal : tvp is way more balanced
    Zepherex : want imbalanced
    Zepherex : look at the WTE100 when it was in
    Zepherex : more view range
    Zepherex : more clip
    Zepherex : way better gun
    Zepherex : i fail to see how a tank that cant even hit its shots unless it fully aims and the target sits there for 7 seconds is op
    gasubal : dude the batchat have all
    gasubal : exept the armor
    Zepherex : do you even own a bat?
    gasubal : even if you miss 1 shot you can trade like 1600 dmg
    Zepherex : you only have 2 tier 10s lmao
    gasubal : No but i played over 100 battle on test server
    Zepherex : test server is full of bot russian players
    gasubal : yeah and
    Zepherex : it literally represents nothing other than people testing out client bugs
    Zepherex : saying you did well on teh test server is laughable
    gasubal : ahaha yeah of course
    gasubal : tell me your ingame name again
    Zepherex : same as twitch
    Zepherex : i just linked you my wotlabs at the start of chat you ape
    gasubal : You have 6 battle in it
    gasubal : lol
    Zepherex : you dont own one
    Zepherex : i've played it on the test server too
    Zepherex : but i wouldnt use the test server as an argument for how good it is or is not
    gasubal : see you dont have really more experience then me with this tank
    Zepherex : yeah so my no means should you call it op
    gasubal : dude i face it many time and its OP
    Zepherex : maybe you're just bad
    gasubal : what you can do vs a batchat in a is-7 for exemple
    Zepherex : dont let him get your lower plate
    Zepherex : its how you plan an IS-7 to begin with
    gasubal : really hard with all this speed
    gasubal : batchat will flank you before you even trying to hide your lower plate
    Zepherex : how is he supposed to get your lower plate with speed if you're hiding it hull down
    Zepherex : again
    Zepherex : IS-7 101
    gasubal : and it is even worst when the batchat player start spamming gold at you
    New Whispers
    Zepherex : but what do i care im arguing with some chimp who rerolled to 3k who doesnt even know how to play tier 10s. Joins 11_AD and thinks he's hot shit
    Zepherex : ayy lmao
    Zepherex : im out
    gasubal : yeah makrs tier 10 but im bad in it
    gasubal : make fuckign sense
    Zepherex : im calling you shit
    gasubal : Sure if i see you in game i will destroy you
    gasubal : liek i do to all the MAHOU
    Zepherex : you seem like the kinda kid who cant even burn ants with a magnifying glass properly
    gasubal : what is your age
    Zepherex : age nice
    Zepherex : i love this game
    Zepherex : im 21
    gasubal : Get a life
    Zepherex : oh nice typical pubby response
    gasubal : 21 lmao
    Zepherex : your arguments have been weak
    Zepherex : you're bad at the game
    gasubal : farme ta gueule
    Zepherex : apparantly you're also a beaner
    gasubal : Criss de bon a rien
    Zepherex : enjoy your lower levels of living
    Zepherex : you shit skinned monkey
    gasubal : tu vaut rien jte decolisse n'importe quand
    Zepherex : tu vaut rien jte decolisse n'importe quand
    Zepherex : nice
    Zepherex : so fucking weak you cant even just type it in english
    gasubal : va chier pis fait toi une vie
    gasubal : tyr to type in french motherfucker
    Zepherex : naw
    gasubal : i want to laugh
    Zepherex : i dont speak the language of lower beings on this planet
    gasubal : stfu
    gasubal : it is official language in canada
    Zepherex : the french canadians are too busy getting drunk and inbreeding to be any use to the world
    Zepherex : cant even pave roads
    gasubal : lmao
    gasubal : freench still the first in canada
    Zepherex : Ta mere suce des ours dans la foret
    Zepherex : french are last in canada
    Zepherex : you have 1 province where they contain all you freaks
    gasubal : lmao you cant do better then that
    gasubal : quebec is acutally one of the biggest province
    Zepherex : oh so land mass is how you recognize the value of someone
    Zepherex : too bad the rest of the country is english
    gasubal : there is 35 million in canada
    gasubal : 8 million are in quebec
    Zepherex : yeah
    Zepherex : congrats on being a minority
    Zepherex : you hoser
    gasubal : and there french everywhere in canada
    Zepherex : you all sound like auctioneers with downs
    gasubal : probably one of these looser american
    Zepherex : i live in ontario
    Zepherex : your assumptions about the bc are about as good as they are for where people live
    Zepherex : anyways enjoy your trash reroll account
    gasubal : go fuckyoruself
    Zepherex : enjoy getting mad cause you cant even out play a batchat
    Zepherex : and enjoy your ddead clan full of purchased accounts
    Zepherex : im out
    Zepherex : peace

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    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      the plot thickens...

    3. flare_phoenix


      @Hellsfog the rockinjon guy is the same guy as noobwargamer/reborn btw

    4. Hellsfog


      That makes it even better. Somebody better check that he is taking his meds. Okay, I read the rest of the thread.  That is an old school comedy goldmine. 

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