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  1. Ohhhh, so since I have an FCM it calculates that I would be able to afford the STA... Clever.
  2. Why are some tanks in the list like arbitrarily unavailable for preview? Here for example: Why can I open and see the options for the STA-2 but not for the HT?
  3. So from 9.18 forward, what would be the optimal 2-3 LT-setup in your garage for missions?

    I got the tier 8 and 9 for both Frenchies and Germans, not sure what to keep and what to grind towards.

    1. CoolOff


      Well I'm glad I still have the Type 64... :jebaited:

      Now for which tier 10 LT to complement it with....

    2. DHP


      I mean for pure damage spotting/farming tier 10 is you best bet and the Sheridan is probably one of the best of the bunch. Also T9 13-90 seem's vey good. 


      For number of spots or passive spotting Type 64 or T71 is also a good bet.

  4. For a completely new WoT-player, are there any good Youtube-sources for early information regarding the game? Hopefully not too outdated.

    1. Assassin7


      This is probably one of the best:

      its still valid as well, despite being ancient now


    2. CoolOff


      Great! Anything more recent that involves the garage and upgrading tanks etc.? Ammo types, equipment, and so on?

    3. BiggieD61


      Jingles videos are regarded as very good for entry level players, look for some of his older stuff.  It has the benefit of his wry humor and his mellow voice to boot.

      It's hard to find new entry level videos, most people who still do videos have been playing for 5 years...

  5. I can't find a single Paypal offer on EU. I bought some gold with one earlier this week, but that was nowhere near as good as these discounts.
  6. Are arty tracers still a thing?

    1. Tedster59


      they are.  just harder to see and you have to be looking like right on top to spot them.

  7. Cheers for the info. My up-tiered 13 90 will then have 0 XP on it? We got an estimate for when patch-day is?
  8. So wait, I'm currently grinding both the 13 90 and the RU251 for AMX and Leo respectively. Should I powergrind through the RU then before the patch hits?
  9. If BRAH ever got a sub-clan, would it be called BREH or BRUH?
  10. I fucking hate every piece of shit I play against that's using this tank. Absolute cancer, and it mostly seems to be greens in the 1500-1600 range who only got there by virtue of playing an OP mid-tier tank to absurd degree.
  11. I will always support BAMSE in all endeavors. Here he can be seen lifting a loltraktor:
  12. I'm about to play my 20'000th game. That's 10k minutes spent on waiting for a battle. Almost seven full days of my life spent there. :feelsbad:

    1. Android25


      That's why I browse around the internet and just tab in when the icon blinks red for 5 seconds left :3

  13. Feel free to check with me anytime I'm on!
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