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  1. I think there's confusion here, because you can get the "make it through the battle unscathed" missions by using a repair/medkit to fix damage, but I don't think if your target fixes it takes the mission away.
  2. So, I wasn't quite sure if i should buy the engine or not... So I took one for the team, so to speak. Explicitly... Tracks: 100% definitely yes. Get them. Gets the tank up to top speed much quicker. Engine: It gets to top speed pretty quickly with just the tracks, so not much help there. It DOES seem to help with traverse and turret rotation though. I'm not sorry I bought the engine, but it's not so amazing an upgrade that I'd recommend against speed grinding for the impatient or someone going for the Maus for a clan need or something. For those not in a hurry I'd say get the en
  3. The real risk is that Wargaming decides to just let the camos and inscriptions move up rather than removing them, and there'd be no way to complain... not only did the player get what he or she paid for, it was actually a discount because tier 9 stuff is more expensive. The calculation Wargaming would have to make is do they make more gold forcing people to rebuy at tier 9, probably for more than what was refunded, or do they make more sticking it to the few that decide to try to game the system. I suspect that there are a lot more people who will rebuy at the higher price than there
  4. I got the FCM 50t. Which is nice, except that I had already had the FCM 50t, but sold it (at the time I figured I wasn't playing it and I could always ticket it back). So I didn't get the gold. I got a tank I sold once already because I wasn't playing it. I wonder if I try to ticket it back now if I'd get the gold that way? Probably not. Obviously I had no idea I could win the thing in a contest or I'd never have sold it. Oops.
  5. Yeah, this is probably not the best time to judge the effect of clickers, because all the clicker players are logging in to try out the new mechanics. My hope is that in a little while they'll get bored with not being able to one shot people, and combined with not being able to platoon at all, this will bring the numbers down. I think I'm going to hide in team activities only for a while. Interesting thought i just had though... does anyone know if the artillery strike in stronks is going to be changed too?
  6. That is surprisingly reasonable. I'm stunned Wargaming thought of it. Thanks for the info.
  7. So has anyone figured out what happens to the lower tiers? I already put in a ticket to get back my ru 251 and 13 90, and I already have the T-54ltwt and T49 in my garage, so I'm set for some tasty free tank/ later sold for credits action. However, I also have a crewed chaffee, T37, and bulldog, all with permanent camo from when I used to do tournaments. Will I lose out on the free bulldog from the T49 moving up if I already have one? Will its camo get removed leaving me with gold? I'm thinking I'm going to sell the bulldog since I'll effectively get it back again for free (then prob
  8. Yes, which is why I sell any tank, premium or not, which I'm not playing. I get the use of the credits, and there's literally no downside... If I want a tank (or tanks) back, I just submit a ticket. I just did it for the amx 13 90 and ru 251 ahead of the next patch. Keeping unused tanks in the garage when not playing them seems like a waste, honestly.
  9. That's why I didn't try it... But I don't see how there'd be any recourse... You bought something, you still have it, and in effect you got a small discount because you paid tier 8 prices for a tier 9 addition. I might benefit because my 8s have permanent camo anyway, but I'm not going to be gambling anything more.
  10. The wait should be about 13 hours, as NA is doing one this weekend.
  11. I'm having trouble thinking of a team event that WOULDN'T be improved by the Russian National Anthem. It certainly added value when he was on our team in Bronze League. Also Mr. T. Can't have enough Mr. T.
  12. Wait a minute... am I expected to believe that insurgus is both still playing tanks and active in this clan? I thought he fell into an oil well during a blizzard or something...
  13. That's actually not true... now that camo rating is displayed in the in game client in a dynamic fashion, it's testable. I took one of my light tank crews with 100% camo and moved a medium crew member with 100% camo in, and while BIA is still active, the camo rating dropped a little bit. It wasn't a huge drop, but it was there. I'm sure the same happens with repairs. This shouldn't be surprising... things like food and BIA slightly raise camo and view range, so crew rating obviously is a multiplier for skills.
  14. http://www.wotinfo.net/en/camo-calculator allows you to plug in tanks, equipment, and skills, and see exactly what view range, camo rating, and distance spotted by an enemy tank would be in all scenarios... stationary, moving, firing, behind a bush, etc. I'd suggest playing around with it a bit.
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