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  1. I'd keep it simply because I enjoy collecting vehicles. Lord knows I have enough vehicles I cant use effectively in my garage.
  2. I believe this is the first time I've seen Nisa go indignant on something besides tank performance.
  3. It's WN6. XVM doesn't use 7 yet I believe, and Im using a modded version of reaps' config.
  4. I find I... -Take too long to disengage -Dont watch where Im driving when Im focused on anything other than movement -Am an artillery magnet who forgets to get arty safe when pursuing an engagement -Am bad at estimating where my turret is over the ground -Take too many snapshots
  5. All the mantlets except tortoise's are really. Except Tortoise has the problem of having 200-ish mm armour at a point where some guns get 260 pen with conventional ammunition. The AT-15 suffers massively from having it's biggest weakpoint be a spot where autoaim goes to by default - The entire bulbous area around the gun.
  6. T32 actually stops it's own gun reliably from an angle.
  7. I love Rosewater's talks on the issue when I started out studying game design. Idly, I'm curious, any thoughts on the personality types as talked about by Sirlin, or do you believe them less applicable here?
  8. T29/T32/T34 Cupolas are also surprisingly tough. Though accuracy is increased, their placement still makes them fairly hard to hit in practice, and the angles can occassionally still bounce shots - They're not anywhere near as bad as say, a Tiger P's colossal, easy to pen cupola. The M103... has easier spots to pen anyway. It's not that big on the 32 (there's a more inviting target anyway in the thin strip of roof armour above the mantlet, which is blocke by.... the mantlet, when the gun is raised), and it's placement on the T29 and T32 have them on the far rear which is still a pain to aim for, accuracy boost or no. The T110E5 does notice a marked increase in weakpoint hits however, but given that (on SEA at least) their most common use is in CW where everyone fires premium ammo anyway and will thus pen on anything that isn't a bad shot to take to begin with, there isn't much of a difference. The E5's machinegun is also pretty capable of bouncing shots still, especially with the pen nerf. Im not entirely sure any but lower tier Brit TDs are affected, as the higher tier ones are easily penned anyway (AT15 has a weakpoint right in the middle where it's gun is, tortoise has to meet with 250+ pen guns) While arty isnt massively less accurate than I'd hoped, the reload times are fairly noticeable, especially batsplats now taking over a minute to load.
  9. Theyre awful, but have too few games to be truly mindnumbingly awful.
  10. It's not our fault you guys have such amazingly bad members. Could be worse. You could be AOFU or OAR.
  11. Nah, more having talked to him, he is a nice guy. I just cant stand being in the same team as him or anyone from his clan because they really have no business playing past tier 5.
  12. Doesn't make him less terrible though. As I said, he's a nice guy, and I'm sure he's a wonderful human being, but he's still very bad at this game.
  13. I forgot OAR existed for awhile. Dont know where to start. May just be easier to link their clan page. While their boss is a nice guy, he is still bloody awful at the game and I cringe on seeing them on my side.
  14. PTD's former commander did. Hell if I can remember his name though.
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