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  1. Luna

    Leopard 1

    ZOOM ZOOM PEW PEW SNIPE SNIPE DIE DIE is fun af. Don't expect to hard carry, but expect to enjoy driving.
  2. Remake of tioga's sigs since he is kill? Finally!

    1. Gashtag


      hahah yeah I did, the video too *.*

  4. Tank locking is cool. End of the times of just spamming fights on people.
  5. am i the only one who didnt hate the waffle? It had 0 camo value, was incredibly easy to shoot without allowing it to have shots on you, and if you were smart you got hit 2x at most. Though to be fair for the entirety of its existence I found much more hatred towards arty, so maybe I was just suffering from the greater of two evils.
  6. The issue that was occurring with wn8 which led to V30's class averages was all of the new tanks being released, rebalanced, and re-tiered. It would still take a while to get accurate numbers generated for new tanks, and wn8 is just not worth investing so much time into since recents are easily padded and per tank isn't relevant since DPG exists. If the only reason it existed was to analyze players applying to clans, then imo it's better to force recruiters to do a more in depth analysis of a players ability rather than just going off of a 4 digit number.
  7. in the clan cup, we are using 10 5A's on attack on ghost town, they seem to be doing just fine
  8. i mean i wont argue with the most comfortable medium in the game getting buffed.
  9. getting xvm sniped by arty in ranked is real fucking fun
  10. I'm not sure if I'm fully understanding this, so someone feel free to correct me. Basically the minimum thresholhld for points per week is just to qualify for the leaderboard, and then the top 10/25/50% of that leaderboard are the ones to get the per week bonus? Im also rather lost as to how this effects what your season ranking is at the end. Is it still based on total points for the season, or somehow measured based on your rank/leaderboard position per week?
  11. I got up to rank 5 on day 2, and am still sitting comfortably at rank 170ish right now. Top 10% is now just over 1000 players, so it seems like as long as you hit rank 5 you are guaranteed to get full rewards this week. However, it looks like with each stage you need to earn more points to enter into the rankings for that stage. Stage 1 (this week) only takes 2, next week is 4, then 8, then 12. So by week 3 it seems like you need to start ranking tanks up if you want to still stay at the top of the leaderboards. Or maybe the average playerbase is so bad that as long as you can just hit ra
  12. Click on your chevron's in ranked mode, then on the bottom left side there should be a button that says Season Standings or something like that.
  13. Made it to rank 5 in just under 5 hours of games. Curious to see if I will need to mark tanks in order to stay top 10% for the stage.
  14. Results from end of day 1 (NA server): @Death_Rattle_Shakes CONTRATS FOR BEING THE ONLY PERSON FOR GETTING RANK 5! 120 other players made it to rank 4. Rank 1 cutoff is at 442, meaning that 4420 players have attempted at least 1 ranked battle. Interesting notes from battles: I got Live Oaks 3 times from south, in each of the games at least 10 tanks went south. Most other battles followed a similar pattern, of basically everyone going to the meta spot. Most matches have a large brawl happening that pretty much decides the outcome of the entire match.
  15. Loving the thoughts and discussions <3 Also, will this be the new Garbad mode since you can only solo and wn8 doesn't exist?
  16. So apparently WGNA is releasing 9.19 TONIGHT, and with it come a new and exciting way to make your already OP tanks more broken! http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/545030-world-of-tanks-update-919-announcement-and-server-downtime/page__p__11022378#entry11022378 All of the prizing tiers and rewards are listed on the main site. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/update-919-improved-equipment-and-directives/ So basically, let's talk about the big news. What are your thoughts on the impact of the game mode on pubs, CW, SH, etc? What will be the best equipment
  17. face the facts ur too poor to rename
  18. omg ur back <333333333333333333333333
  19. fuck right off with your game is dead bullshit. tired of hearing this pathetic excuse for trying to make something better. if everyone who says "lawl gaem ded" was right it would have failed in 2013
  20. Luna


    This tank makes me moist. By far the most consistent carry potential out of any T10.
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