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  1. "some people" what are you some kinda baby :colbert:
  2. no, this thread was not necessary
  3. I spent hours of my life playing the freddie the fish crab-space invaders minigame
  4. I'm not going to take someone seriously who gives anime 10/10s
  5. I'd have any amount of sympathy for you at all if you hadn't baited the mod into it.
  6. all y'all ain't got shit on shanky's permachatban
  7. legend of the galactic heroes is the best anime ever and if you don't agree then you are wrong
  8. well yeah the first thing you said about it was "if you want some gore" but whatever
  9. talking about the length of series as one of its selling points is like saying a guy has a lot of battles therefore he's good at the game. I mean like I'd rather watch a good show with a lot of episodes than a good show with not so many episodes, but that's assuming that the show is good in the first place. Watching a show just because it's long is like... what?
  10. not sure what the length has to do with whether you can get it into it or not, shouldn't that have more to do with, you know, its substance?
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