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  1. I really need to stop foruming while drunk :(

  2. TFW your only XX tanks are the Douchewagon and Renault Otsu.
  3. Sounds like a lot of Australian homes, it's like a law or something that you have to have a jar in the cupboard even if you don't eat it.
  4. I do most of the grocery shopping in our household, we go through at least 5 jars of peanut butter to every jar of Vegemite, probably 2-3 jars of nutella, it would be more if I didn't forget to buy Nutella all the time because I prefer peanut butter
  5. No idea where all these "diehard vegemite fans" hang out, but as someone born and has lived in Aus for over 40 years I haven't met one yet. It's just some shit people put on their kids sandwhiches because they are being lazy. I think I bought a jar of marmite once just to see what all the fuss is about, didn't think much of it. Either way a jar of vegemite lasts us about a year because nobody in the family really cares for it, it's just some shit you smear on your toast because it's sitting there and you are too lazy to look for the peanut butter. I always though the media obsession wi
  6. Wasn't too depressing for me either, will admit that it's a pretty craptastic tank though, it's just that tier 4 is so full of tomatoes you can squash them in just about anything.
  7. This is a team pvp game therefore people tend to have the expectation that you will actually participate in the battle and at least make some kind of effort towards achieving victory. Most of the friction between bads and goods seems to occur when a lack of effort or common sense is perceived. If you joined a real life team sport and just stood in the corner doing nothing you could expect to get yelled at just the same as you do in game, if you stood in the corner all game and then blamed your teammates for the loss you would probably get punched in the face. I'm fine with people that
  8. Definitely doable by better players than me, I solopub 99% and would be happy if I could be consistently 60% but can never seem to maintain it.
  9. Someone posted here recently (don't remember who) that their policy with horrible stock tanks is to do doubles only and max two attempts per day, I considered that to be a good policy and have since adopted it myself. Rest of the time grind your prems or non stock tanks and save the free xp for tier 8/9 tanks.
  10. Lol was thinking the same thing. I guess pirates are kinda like Vikings...
  11. Still looking for a good sized west based clan that has decent players, don't need to be all blurples just not full of tomatoes. Does such a clan even exist? Seems all the gud clams only do stuff on East.
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