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  1. HAMMER OF THE EMPEROR! This is probably going to be the first game in a long time that I preorder.
  2. Seriously what is wrong with you guys? Why all the downvotes? He is asking how to improve his game play on a forum dedicated to just that purpose. No arty trolling, just him asking for advice. On a serious note: If you haven't done so yet check out Folterknecht's arty guides (like this one) and especially his comments on Tyraforce's arta guide.
  3. I am not going tto preorder this. Mostly because I have huge doubts that CA can manage to get a decent battle AI going that handles the Warhammer monsters well. Given how the AI used to struggle with pikes and horse archers even in later versions of Rome II I highly doubt that they can get it to handle the likes of steam tanks, demons and other monsters Warhammer will confront it with. No mods is also a deal breaker for me. So far every TW game in the Warscape engine had at least something I wanted to change. While most of the things I change are minor (like no Eye for the Ladies trait in
  4. Don't rage like others stated is bad advice imo. I started to enjoy the game A LOT more once I started to rage/rant like SirFoch. I also stopped getting angry about it. XVM also really doesn't help lighten your mood. Just treat everyone like a potential danger based on tank and positioning, not on their supposed skill level (only danger is that after so many games you might start to treat everyone like a shitter and pay the price once you meet the rare competent enemy). So I would fully agree with Gehakte with a slight change. Rage, vent in chat, but be creative about it. Don't be one of the
  5. I'm in the same boat as you on this. Got the Maus first and then the IS-7. Objectively I play better in the IS, but I really want to rise up to the challenge the Maus is. On that same level it just feels insanely more satisfying to do well with tanks that people consider trash (like the SU-100M, the T-43) just because it is harder to do well in them. Partially also because I can never stop wondering how much of me doing well is simply due to the tank and how much is due to my use of it. Can't touch the T67 anymore because of that. I guess it's the same reason why people do retarded challe
  6. I really appreciate his saltiness. At first I didn't understand how he is still enjoying the game given how much he rants during his streams until I started to adopt his saltiness. If you always rant at bullshit RNG, broken balancing stronk arta and whatnot you kinda avoid tilt. Ranting makes shitty games fun. Platoon mates that do not understand the way of the salt might have some problems adapting possibly even leading to TILT-quits. When it comes to his Youtube content I really appreciate that he is straight forward and doesn't waste time (like say on Rhoomba armor layouts).
  7. Simple. E-Sports creates memorable moments. Just look at Hearthstone: All of the tournament high lights you usually see is linked to retarded RNG (like a 0.7% chance of a random drop ruining the game for you). Not that that's good, but it creates emotion, which in turn makes you more likely to remember it/watch it again. If you were to ask me about the memorable e-sports moments I have seen it is 99% Hearthstone with stuff like E-Sportal, Piloted Shredders dropping just the card they needed to win (mostly shreddered doomsayers, shreddered Nerubar Weblords, portal into Alekstrasza...) and so
  8. The IS is all about trading with that sweet alpha. So the only thing you really gotta figure out is when it is good to lose HP. Honestly, bottom tier this tank suffers a lot due to the 217mm APCR pen. Since the armor layout makes side scraping kinda iffy most of the time your best bet is to try find distracted/occupied enemies. You can really do a lot if you try to initially keep your HP in order to find a situation in which you can get into an enemies flank. Don't flank the blob, but try to construct situations in which you are giving a lone enemy the choice between facing you or get
  9. Calm, Proficient, Completionist, Gregarious, and Deeply Immersed I think I need more good RPGs I can immerse myself in. :/ Can't replay Oblivion for the umptienth time. Also #support/healer lyfe
  10. Not really. I think he gave up. Should nonetheless still be able to provide you some useful information.
  11. Gandaran did a 3 mark TOG II* challenge not too long ago (iirc one of the big hindrances was not getting the old Swamp map ) If you haven't read/seen that already it might help you get the last few percent needed.
  12. Let me put it like that: I quit because I just couldn't stomach the credit grind anymore. So obviously I think that every opportunity to get a discount is a good opportunity...
  13. Might actually have to check up on 07scape again... after my exams that is
  14. I feel you. Not so much for the research part of grinding since I think trying to get to know new tanks is fun. You also tend to learn something from pretty much any tank you get to know if you try. Don't view the XP grind as a stepping stone, but as a learning experience. You get to play lots of different toys and despite what people sometimes claim I have yet to play a tank that really just straight up sucked and didn't have anything I could exploit for fun/success. Plus in the worst case you are looking at maybe 100ish games in the tank, so that's fine with me. But once the research
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