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  1. Okay, so I am thinking about playing this game again. I don't think I've really played since the campaign with all the VPA shenanigans (the most recent one?). And even before then I was more-or-less on hiatus. Would someone mind filling me in on how the SEA server has matured, the meta and everything that has happened briefly?
  2. Sounds like the proper forums were actually interesting for a bit there.
  3. Yes, especially when I've been playing tier 10s and then I get a platoon invite from someone with ~20 games and a tier 2. How?
  4. Is this the part where someone says that because he has cancer he should be allowed to carry on like a twat?
  5. Are any of the moderators going to have their positions reviewed? I know of one at least that regularly abuses their power.
  6. You should watch Jingles' review of Girls und Panzer. So much creep, but he watches it 'because of the tanks'.
  7. So I just read the "I am the Garbad" thread on the ASIA forums... God our forums suck, and to think the PBKAC guys used to actually be worth reading once upon a time. Will you be doing an in-game comparison of our fine server?
  8. I haven't touched the forums since Centurion has been moderating4fun. For someone who has never once contributed a single thing of interest to the forums, he has a lot of power over what goes on there.
  9. So where is this going to leave the WZ-132? I'm hoping it isn't going to be power-creeped into obscurity.
  10. Well that's when the games are won, playing attrition games is putting a lot of faith in team mates. Can those 4 E-100s in town be trusted to not be obliterated inside 3 minutes? At least 50% of the time the answer is 'no'; so you have to win your flank and then help the bots in town. Then playing aggressive can backfire with the A1 camping shitlords in their WT-100's and FV 183's, hence my disdain for those tanks.
  11. That's RO worthy? I bet moderation staff meetings must be fun. Knock knock jokes must be about the only form of joke that doesn't offend precious moderator sensibilities.
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