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  1. Supp bois?

    Still playin this shitty game? 


  2. No time for tanks but got tons of times for other games. Btw I don't have raiders yet. But I got one Fadin. From years ago. And it was in Hummels. On sand river map. Still remember that match. xD
  3. ForkUrEyes


    Add me in game fellas. Same ign.
  4. ForkUrEyes


    Didn't even notice this topic. Thanks for noticing me Poli skrubs.
  5. I don't like that kind of game, LoL, Dota, HoN etc. Because I don't understand a thing.
  6. No it's my granma. Just use credit cards, or debit cards. Or when you have no credit cards, or when your parent wont allow you to use their cards like me you can try to buy the steam code at this site. You can use mol points and online banking. But you have to pay some taxes.
  7. Anyone playing Rocket League here? Why I'm so suck at it. 7 games, 1 win.
  8. Yes I would, but I'm a busy person. Too busy. I mean a very busy person. Plus I got way cheaper buying it from a website. Add me. Because I can't go online. Pc died atm
  9. Power surge. And my PSU sacrificed his life. RIP. :feelsbad:

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    2. ForkUrEyes


      It has a burning smell. On the psu. Not on the other parts. Now still waiting for the new one. 

    3. Va1heru
    4. ForkUrEyes
  10. No more games for me. At least for this week. PSU died after a stupid power surge in my area. Now waiting for a new PSU in mail along with a pair of new rams.
  11. Hheheheheheehe


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    2. ForkUrEyes


      no I'm not. I went for full archwing leveling last night

      and yeah, draco does help



    3. Politx_Killer


      I find draco so zzzzzzzzzz (played as all ev/rj/buffer) but so good for leveling shit hahaha. You wouldnt have a spare fragor Prime BP?:kwim:

    4. ForkUrEyes


      If I play draco, I just jump in with whatever I want. Go to hell with the rj ev and such. Only noobs asking that in recruit chat. haha.

      I don't have spare after I farming and build mine. Sorry. But I can give something else. Name it I might have. Prime parts or mods.

  12. Draco best place test your build. Just like what I did there. Not leveling up anything like mostly do. Booo! But hey my Mag is awesome. Haha
  13. Stop screwing yourself with tanks. Lets Warfarm with me. I've made a video myself. Much proud. Weee~~ https://youtu.be/csamAzxx-Fo
  14. when you forgot to change the gold to credits.:feelsbad:



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    2. ForkUrEyes
    3. FreddBoy
    4. Gr1nch_1


      Heat is worth it. A few gold in exchange for a bucket of shitter tears is a good trade in my book. :P

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