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  1. Supp bois?

    Still playin this shitty game? 


  2. Power surge. And my PSU sacrificed his life. RIP. :feelsbad:

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    2. ForkUrEyes


      It has a burning smell. On the psu. Not on the other parts. Now still waiting for the new one. 

    3. Va1heru
    4. ForkUrEyes
  3. Hheheheheheehe


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    2. ForkUrEyes


      no I'm not. I went for full archwing leveling last night

      and yeah, draco does help



    3. Politx_Killer


      I find draco so zzzzzzzzzz (played as all ev/rj/buffer) but so good for leveling shit hahaha. You wouldnt have a spare fragor Prime BP?:kwim:

    4. ForkUrEyes


      If I play draco, I just jump in with whatever I want. Go to hell with the rj ev and such. Only noobs asking that in recruit chat. haha.

      I don't have spare after I farming and build mine. Sorry. But I can give something else. Name it I might have. Prime parts or mods.

  4. when you forgot to change the gold to credits.:feelsbad:



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    2. ForkUrEyes
    3. FreddBoy
    4. Gr1nch_1


      Heat is worth it. A few gold in exchange for a bucket of shitter tears is a good trade in my book. :P

  5. 1070? :ohnyes:

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    2. ForkUrEyes


      because it's so much cheaper..from what they said.

    3. Va1heru


      Whom out here gonna buy a 1080 founders and ship it to me :^)

    4. ForkUrEyes


      get donation from your twitch. xD

  6. omomomomomomom




    1. Va1heru


      Indians are the worst Exhibit A

    2. ForkUrEyes


      This guys creeps me out..with his eyes and his dancing. Eye to eye he said. lmao

  8. I swear this is the first and last time. :rngfu: new physics.


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    2. Lowlife555


      explode? i flipped several times, never exploded.

    3. Medjed


      If you end on your side you will not explode and you'll have a chance to someone help you flip back. If you end up on your roof timer will start and you'll explode once it reaches zero, just like with drowning except as far as i know, you have more than 10 seconds before you explode unlike drowning where in 10 you're dead

    4. Assassin7


      I think its 30 seconds when flipped, should be a minute IMO.

      I've only ever managed to flip on purpose, but I have nearly flipped before

  9. Failed to seal club. Team too good.


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    2. ForkUrEyes


      out of ammo while the last two arty left. I went to the cap circle and they came put a shotgun on me.

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina
    4. ForkUrEyes
  10. Anyone here play War Frame?

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    2. ForkUrEyes


      wow. thanks neko. BTW can we become OP without spending a bucks to the game? I mean, I joined the PVP. It's the conclave I think. It was annoying when people with some OP weapons and heroes owned you everytime. I got 2nd place last night. With 15 kills or they call it oro. Not bad for a newbie that playing the mode for the first time I guess lol.

      BTW after doing some quest my Excalibur now at rank 11.

      And currently building the clan key. 12 hours process lmao

    3. Nekommando


      Don't PVP unless you are sufficiently leveled and have whole suite of good weapons and mods. me myself don't PVP at all.
      I have never spent a buck on this game because of the trading system: farm something in void/syndicate mods/weapons, trade for plats, buy slots for guns/frames. 

    4. ForkUrEyes


      Still I have a lot to learn about those game modes. Played the void but still have no idea about the syndicate. BTW I've already maxed up my Excalibur and the heat sword. Currently just spamming quest to upgrade the other weapons I have.

  11. watch?v=hTlA_0Szktc

    8500 damage with 200ms ping. This tank not OP at all.

  12. http://imgur.com/a/EwKYi

    OMG the new Czech tier 10 med is awesome. Just played it less then 10 games and I got two 8k damage game lmao.


    1. prolix


      What's the ping to the test server like?

    2. ForkUrEyes


      Mine 220-300 ms 

  13. wow. didnt expect that AX is actually a lot better than the 4202. I'm totally lovin it.

  14. http://imgur.com/0khJreK

    back in the day where my computer was very potato but I got a nice ping.

    Today, 200ms++ what is wrong with the server I dunno. Ruined my game.

  15. Leopard 1 in AW. Is it good if I play the line all the way up?

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    2. westybig


      the opposite of leos basically, strong pushers, shit guns (low alpha/ pen most of the time) lots of hp/ armour

      m60A3 is a very strong tier 5 with ERA

    3. ForkUrEyes


      I had enough with the tier 2 Patton. Pretty shit compare to the WOT one. lel.

    4. Trobs


      Tier 2 Patton is pretty terrible. It gets much better though, excluding the Starship.

  16. fml. I really need to learn Japanese heavies frontal weakspot.:rabble:

    1. Gashtag


      I learnt them all. You can remember it with this abbreviation: HEAT

    2. mereelskirata


      Step 1: Load HEAT (or APCR if you're not padding in a medium or E5)

      Step 2: Aim at the flattest spot

      Step 3: Click

      Step 4: Farm WN8

    3. no_name_cro


      2-2 best weakspot confirmed.

  17. I've put this song on repeat. Eargasm*


    1. Va1heru


      ewwwwwwwwwwww SCRUB :^)

    2. ForkUrEyes


      this is not scrub this is awesome

  18. 9mg. omg im stoned. :wut:


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    2. ForkUrEyes


      because that guy is rich? that mod is the Dees V3, hand made and very limited.


      15 ftw :^) damn I'm old enough to buy a cig.

    3. Va1heru



      Where tf do you live that you can buy smokes at 15?

    4. KruggWulf
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