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  1. jokobet

    Grille 15

    This tank feels like a decent successor/sidegrade to the WT auf Pz.IV. I am quite happy about the replacement, it's mobile and makes boom. Don't forget your HE shells, lobbing them at other Grilles is pretty neat. Also, did the Germans compensate here in some way? I mean, comon...
  2. The game is good but stagnating. Last year's issues are next year's issues, apart from somewhat opening up to new players and reducing the rewards of skilled gameplay in general, not much has happened. But apart from this (and the arty issue, ofc) it is a rock-solid game with good pvp gameplay. Does this appeal to you? Continue playing. Does this bore you? There are other games... TL;DR: What Rexxie said.
  3. I think WG did a very nice job balancing the tank. It feels very comfy without being blatantly OP in any aspect or relying on gimmicks. It's a solid workhorse, scales well with skill, effectively a less brutish E 50M variant. I do have to remember to approach tanks clockwise though, the ammo rack is driving me nuts.
  4. Centurion Action X - I like it

  5. Another thing that is going to be difficult is to predictably detrack and do damage at the same time. Most tanks coming in at an angle get rekt through the inner sprocket but if I see it correctly in tank inspector, this tank would get detracked but the shell would ricochet off. That means if this tank rushes you, you might have to avoid the urge to detrack it if - in that situation - dealing damage is more important. For some reason my screenshot didn't work but check it out on tank inspector - the tank has to be almost flat sideways for detrack + dmg or, alternatively, you catch that na
  6. 50Bae carry on prokh w 8 artas. Damn, I am awesome.

  7. Yeah, i talked to him, I misunderstood it, he was raging about rover and used Volvo as an example of how a car should be. My bad. Edit: I blame his pleb Liverpool accent.
  8. Lol for that, a friend of mine is car mechanic and if you ever want to hear someone rage, ask him about Volvo.
  9. Your recruitment thread lacks memes'n'shit, so far only Nurkus did her job. 77777777
  10. Any point in sending a ticket to WG? Just met a guy who wished a teammate into Auschwitz...

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    2. jokobet


      Growing a spine means to care about it, you misunderstand the meaning of this saying, medjed

    3. Sabocat


      Eh, you can, but don't be surprised if you get a machine translated reply about something else entirely. Customer service is not WG's strong suit.

    4. X3N4


      Welcome to the internet, sir

  11. Not only that but sometimes you have to lead tanks that are circling you - despite 40ms ping...
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