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  1. Centurion Action X - I like it

  2. 50Bae carry on prokh w 8 artas. Damn, I am awesome.

  3. Any point in sending a ticket to WG? Just met a guy who wished a teammate into Auschwitz...

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    2. jokobet


      Growing a spine means to care about it, you misunderstand the meaning of this saying, medjed

    3. Sabocat


      Eh, you can, but don't be surprised if you get a machine translated reply about something else entirely. Customer service is not WG's strong suit.

    4. X3N4


      Welcome to the internet, sir

  4. Incinerator Mission for Object 260 done in E50. :awyeah:

  5. Screwed up a 1v6 in my light coz it was encounter. QQ :feelsbad:

  6. AW gun handling sucks, they really need to rework that.

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    2. Roku


      I have all the possible aim time improvements I can get and it's still awful. Still have plenty of aimed shots miss or go into spots that cause them to bounce. AW had a chance to remove RNG from the equation and instead they chose to half-ass it.

    3. Trumpetah


      I think I'm finding more trouble with the tank movement. There's no sudden braking even on slow movement, the tanks slide like they're on ice, so it's hard to pull out and take a shot and pull back without overexposing yourself.

    4. Cunicularius


      Fuck non-continuous dispersion reduction.

  7. Get 113 or buy back WZ-111-1-4?

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    2. Epic


      just sold my 113, I wouldnt recommend it at all.

    3. TheMarine0341


      111-4. Heavium that at least hits like a heavy, unlike the 113 which uses a tier 9 medium gun...

    4. Driftin


      My only experience with those tank was test server and I'd have to agree that the 111 is the best of the line.

      @TheMarine0341  It may be a tier 9 medium gun, but it is 440 alpha like the IS4 with a faster reload, so don't really think the gun is it's biggest issue. I agree it doesn't make sense to lose alpha when going up a tier, but I don't really think the gun is the problem with the 113. It is a shame they didn't leave the big gun as an option like the original test had, but WG.....

  8. Great Barrier Reef = 3x the size of Bavaria. Impressive.

  9. How can you go on when arty shits on you game after game?

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    2. aaveq


      wish them aids/death/cancer and move on :serb:

    3. sr360


      Play arty and shit on the shitters. Hit them on the move and tell them to "stop camping". Bonus points for 261 AP and M44 HEAT rounds. 

    4. Sergeant_Fgt


      Break several desks, 1 or 2 monitors, a macbook, get arrested for rampage at the air port, rage sell slow tanks, spill dozens of different fluids over u keyboard and then throw it at the nearest wall, break your chair ( now that's a funny one ), etc.

      After that you decide to not give a fuck anymore, as u can't change it either so you just put them on ur tk list and tk a few whenever you would stop you session anyway.
      Bonus points for not wasting the money u save by breaking stuff on wot. :awyeah:

  10. Someone left the cap for me so that I could get my LT-8 mission for the Object 260. Sooo nice (and so unexpected).

    1. Joyrider216


      gotta love it when pubbies do something good for once

    2. Nuttydave1234


      Or the people who you ask if you can do your mission, such as get off or on cap, or let you have a kill...and then they just do the opposite. Few and far between, but gratz.

    3. Android25


      I do the opposite if the person asking is a total shitter...

  11. The key to games without arty is activating missions to kill them.

  12. Met two guys from PTS who tried to rig HT-15. The JPZ in my team fired 6 shots, the enemy IS-7 blocked 8k and then they begged me not to kill the IS-7. Shttrs.

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    2. TheMarine0341


      Even better, shoot HE and REALLY fuck him over

    3. creator31


      hahaah PTS does that clan even have more then 50 members?

    4. TheMarine0341


      I think DerWise is still in PTS. He somehow has like 60k games on the NA server and 15k on the EU. wtf?!

  13. LT-15 done. RU 251 with camo and binocs is pretty relaxed - kemp bush, enjoy breakfast.

  14. Are u excited about the Bismarck in WoWs? How are you gonna celebrate its introduction? :drunk:

  15. Anyone know when the WoT anniversary weekend will be?

    1. dualmaster333


      Likely August 1/2 based on the past years.

  16. 6m credits - which tank should I buy: M48 Patton, 30B or E3? :drunk:

    1. jimjim975


      E3... that OP armor tho

    2. Whole_Nutmeg


      WG anniversary is coming up in the beginning of august. I'm not sure what kind of special's you guys get on EU, but I think there have been high tier discounts in the past on NA. I wasn't playing august of last year but august 2013 had a tier 10 sale.

    3. jokobet


      nice, i'll get more credits then

  17. Leclerc's Medal  I Class -> I am gud @ tonks, yesyes!

  18. So, basically WG giving out Tog IIs for rental on the EU server is an indirect buff for mid-tier arties. GGmen.

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    2. deathmachine16


      Yeah, HE from the KV-2 goes right through the front of them 

    3. Kymrel


      Had the same, a platoon of KV-2s vs a Tog platoon, top tier. The result was predictably pathetic, seeing as I was on the Tog-side...

    4. Golem501


      @deathmachine16 & @Kymrel you guys are not the only ones trying KV-2's... I met one in my Pz4S... guy couldn't hit me for shit... (fortunately)... KV-2 is acceptable HP farm when the TOG's haven't advanced far enough yet... ;)

  19. Watched Mad Max - cool movie. Watched Ex Machina - great movie.

    1. Medjed


      Still haven't watched Mad Max but i'm looking forward to it, watched Ex Machina, and also loved it...great movie

  20. What has happened to noobmeter? Is it permanently gone?

    1. OneTrueLeader


      noobmeter hasnt accurately displayed my stats for the better part of a year. i wouldnt be surprised.

    2. _EXODUZ_
    3. jokobet


      Damn, I liked the simple layout. rip...

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