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  1. Get 113 or buy back WZ-111-1-4?

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    2. Epic


      just sold my 113, I wouldnt recommend it at all.

    3. TheMarine0341


      111-4. Heavium that at least hits like a heavy, unlike the 113 which uses a tier 9 medium gun...

    4. Driftin


      My only experience with those tank was test server and I'd have to agree that the 111 is the best of the line.

      @TheMarine0341  It may be a tier 9 medium gun, but it is 440 alpha like the IS4 with a faster reload, so don't really think the gun is it's biggest issue. I agree it doesn't make sense to lose alpha when going up a tier, but I don't really think the gun is the problem with the 113. It is a shame they didn't leave the big gun as an option like the original test had, but WG.....

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