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  1. As far as I know, psychological research suggests that breaking tasks into smaller ones that are relatively easily achievable helps to sustain motivation and eventually succeed over longer periods of time. While it may be a good thing to tell yourself: "I wanna be a unicum player", to actually achieve that goal it's advisable for the average person to break the task down into small bits, e.g. av dmg > tank hp, then av dmg >> tank hp etc. This way you can create a constant stream of minor success. Kitchen psychology as a term is my own bad translation of a variation of the German "Küchenlatein", literally "kitchen latin" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_Latin), which in this regard was meant to point out that as far as I know your proposal works for you but at the same time cannot be expected to hold for the average player and thus shouldn't be generalized.
  2. I'd say focus less on raising WN8 itself, just use your WN8 rating as a general indicator. Looking at your stats, it's mostly increasing your damage output - try for better trades, early damage without receiving any and fewer mistakes throughout the course of the battle. Apart from that maybe improve your map awareness and platoon with other players - you are still in the skill region where you should not suffer from competition over damage I suppose (I don't with my m8s at least). Edit: I did fear for my damage when platooning with GloatingSwine though... That's what I you would call kitchen psychology...
  3. Beware, Sela, you might become the knight with the white shiny armor after all... Cool move platooning with that weird TT3Az dude.
  4. My plat m8 turned blue for shooting my tracks (only damaged my tracks but didn't knock them out). That serves him right.
  5. I think I played it okishly well (after all, I am far from unicum level) and just sold it for to acquire the 50B. I will try to describe how I played it (almost 100% solopub led to 2.3k dpg, 2.2k wn8 and 54% wr). In general I found the 120 one of the most rewarding tanks I've had so far - very difficult but if played well the results are outstanding. I would recommend playing it less aggressively than the 50 100 early in the game and about similar in the mid- to endgame because of several factors: You carry games through your damage dealing capabilities which are pretty much tied to the amount of hp you keep till the end-game. Bad camo factor & size as well as the fact that most your enemies have 400m+ view range mean that you get almost always (!!) outspotted, especially after firing. That's the reason why I went with vents instead of optics - this tank is a pure damage dealer and you need other tanks to spot and act as meatshields during the early and mid-game (at least). At tier 9-10 the view range differences get small and your 390m is the bottom end of the scale. Of course clipping lower tiers is fun but double-bushing and putting 1.6k into the lfp of an E-100 or the badly angled front of an IS-7 is also nice. Flanking is a good tactic given the mobility of the tank but make damn sure you know where all (!) enemies are and you have thought about the terrain beforehand because if you don't, you might well end up on an ever so slight slope, you can't bring your gun up to shoot at a target and you get popped yourself instead of clipping the enemy. Example: Favorite arty hiding spots on Airfield east base are these rocky slopes south to the base with a little bush cover. You go there, spot arty in a bush roughly 50-60m away from you and on top of one of those little rock hills. What do you do? Nothing, you can't bring the gun up even when desperately trying to use the slope of the base for extra elevation. 3.3s intra-drum reload and 3s aim time coupled with bad soft stats for the gun are glacial meaning that if the target is not very busy or if it has friends, it's a good idea to take 2 shots (that takes about 5s anyway) and retreat. Valachio gives a good display in his review, check it out on youtube. Also it becomes even more important to track enemies with your first shot whenever possible. You need time to empty your clip and the later the IS-7 points his gun towards you, the better. Save hp like a Scotsman in the beginning and get rewarded with one of the strongest end-game tanks in the game. Good pen, 400 alpha x4 and 34s reload are amazing if you have managed to save some 1.5k hp for yourself. Ideally grab yourself some friends and set up a nasty platoon combo - e.g. with 2x T-54 or 2x Centurion or 2x E-75. The good part about the tank is that it can go into cities as well as support on med terrain. I carried 2 clips of APCR but barely ever needed it. Also 2 repair kits and left the fire extinguisher at home - just don't get shot in the ass. The tank gets lots of module dmg so don't be cheap on premium consumables. My equipment was Vents, GLD and Verstab - damage dealing... Crew went with 6th sense, snap shot, smooth ride, designated target, safe stowage (radio man) and repairs. As I reached the 3rd set, I added view range enhancements and offroad. Avoid playing the American and French autoloaders within close time distances to each other for obvious reasons. Good luck!
  6. jokobet

    AMX 50 120

    I found that the T54E1 is superior for supporting med platoons (ideally T-54, imo). The tougher armor and faster burst make a big difference. Any chance for a 50B review, Valachio?
  7. Don't. Do it like I did - just leave it in the garage for half a year and move the crew to the 120. Once you have learned how to overcome the many difficulties of the beast called 120, put a fresh ghetto crew (100%, no skills) into the 100 and you'll see that you play the 100 now better than you did ever before. PS: not seeing your stats atm, so f you are a unicum or close to your personal skill ceiling, this might not apply.
  8. I haven't bought the Foch for the same reason and won't buy it any time soon. The Object 704 is such a powerhouse that I simply don't feel the need for a less fun tier 9 TD. If I feel the need for a derpy tier 10 TD, I can still go the Jagd E-100 line. Besides I have just unlocked the Lorraine 40t, Indien and AMX 50B, so it's not that I have lots of spare credits.
  9. jokobet

    VK 30.02 D

    Sold: 'VK 30.02 (D)' successfully sold. Received credits: 742.725. Spent gold: 30 . That being said, I eventually decided that the 7.5cm suits me better because of the increased reliability. The 8.8 just didn't feel reliable at all - unnecessary troll bounces due to crappy soft stats drove me back to the trusted German 7.5cm. In fact in the right circumstances (as in DPM fights against baddies) this tank has its moments due to the fairly good view range which I enhanced by mounting coated optics in addition to rammer and GLD. My crew was running with gunnery and camouflage skills and 2 repair kits as compensation. My stats in it are garbage though - 56% WR @ 1236 DPG in 85 battles. Given the fact that I am still baddie, my WN7 or 1891 and WN8 of 2722 lead to the conclusion that this tank is (insert foul language here) but as most pppl fail hard in it, it's not difficult to get good ratings. Looking forward to the Indien now and trying to make up my mind whether to take GLD/Vert/R or GLD/Vert/Optics or Vert/R/Optics. 1st world problems...
  10. Nonetheless, there is a minority of players who at some point in their WoT career stop being red and move on to orange-yellow-green etc. I'd like to increase the size of that minority - as mother Tesco says: "Every little helps".
  11. The point is not to equalize players but to avoid framing them in ways that are possibly inhibiting them from improving. You're point about a wave of percentile-bullying is good though, I didn't really think about that. Maybe just replace the red-orange-yellow labels, the others aren't so much the issue, I guess.
  12. Just an idea that I got while reading through the recent WN 8 post by Preator77: How about re-labelling the WN brackets from "bad", "average", etc. to percentiles such as "Among the best 25%"? The goal of this change from normative to non-normative labels would be to improve the acceptance of ratings among the general player base and indirectly aiding in improving the overall skill level by lowering resentments towards skill measure per se. I believe that the many players out there who are labelled from orange to yellow reject ratings because they misinterpret them as absolute measurements of their skill, reject normative evaluations of their playing style as indicated by terms such as "bad" or "great" and take the latter as a personal insult. By clearly indicating the relative nature of all these ratings with regard to their interpretation and by avoiding highly normative terms we could raise the acceptance of WN and similar ratings among the overall playerbase. In my eyes every step undertaken to improve the general skill level in WoT is worth the effort. Just imagine the following dialogue versions: (a) "Hey, my colour is red - what does that mean?" - "Bad player" - "Fuck off" (b) "Hey, my colour is red - what does that mean?" - "Among the best 60% of all players" - "Mkay, let me try to reach 50%" TL;DR: Change the labelling of WN brackets to non-normative so that baddies are not immediately put off from dealing with it.
  13. I am talking about the stock gun and the fact that the 120 is much slower than the 100 but at the same time larger, much easily spotted etc. In effect, you usually can't get off more than 3 shots with the stock gun before the target shoots back and in consequence, 232mm pen is nice but not amazing when making sure that every shot penetrates. Moreover, when using the stock gun players usually are still getting used to the tank and removing one thing they need to worry about at tier 9/10 helps when trying to figure out how to deal with the many flaws of the 120. Also shooting APCR ensures that the stock grind is as short as possible (it's a weak dominance). Once upgraded I don't see much benefit in shooting APCR - at least I haven't used it more than twice so far. But that's another story, the top gun on the 120 has it drawbacks but penetration is certainly not amongst them.
  14. Just adding links to our player profiles on noobmeter, making it all nice and easy: http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/Dainean/501685473/ http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/Ilnahro/507925663/ http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/daocdragon/507219758/ http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/DragonRain/507316119/ http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/squires200/506671470/ http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/Replica5b/510061838/ http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/Coldspell/513079267/ http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/Gunny94/506598815/ http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/jokobet/506814740
  15. Buy the equipment that enhances it's carrying potential and fling pure APCR, even a green like me managed about 2k dmg per game that way. Btw, the most horrible moments in this tank are those where you are fighting 1v5 in the end, kill 4 of them but when you march off to clip the remaining SU-152, it just flings a big ol' HE penetration in your face. I do realize I made a mistake in the end but still, why getting punished in such a harsh manner? I love the tank because the damage potential is enormous but I will gladly sell it for a 50B and rejoice.
  16. jokobet

    AMX 50 120

    Very good game example showing what the AMX can do and what it cannot, much appreciated! Especially the point of pulling back and reloading after 2 shots (unlike the T69 etc.) is good advice, I've been caught out too often trying to squeeze in no. 3. How would you compare it to the T54E1 and do you think it's a good move to start playing the T54E1 after having finished the 120? I am really enjoying the 120 and I am afraid that once I start playing the T54E1 I might lose the fun of grinding with the 120.
  17. While not being a unicum, I think I can still contribute to this discussion by pointing out that several different but related topics have been mixed. The first discussion topic is about besneyepnu's advice (misunderstood by the OP, apparently): As far as I understand besneyepnu's post about Survivability and WR, it seems that his advice to survive longer so as to raise WR & eff ratings is directed at bad/decent/slightly good players and not at very good players or even unicums. I doubt that anyone would assume a linear relationship between survivability and WR but if you play a lot with players who represent the average of WoT (I do) you come to the conclusion that these ppl could achieve much more if they made fewer fail yolo runs and at the same camped less often. As besneyepnu explains above, it's about setting a goal which, by trying to reach, turns the player into a better player without realizing it. Try telling a 48%er "You need to win more often and do more damage" - that's too abstract. Instead, break the complex task of winning down into achievable bits. It's the same as if you try to teach a child how to swim, you won't just tell him "swim" but will show him the general idea, then break the task down into separate movements, practise these and then put the puzzle together. This approach is as basic as it is effective. I myself was a stronk tomatoe until recently and by focusing on specific stats, including survivability, I improved a lot. Now, however, I feel that my playstyle gets too passive (thereby adding further support for my argument above ). The second discussion topic is about the meaning of survival rates in general and very good players in specific. I can't comment on this beyond what's already been said and prob lack the needed insights anyway. Sry 'bout that, lol. Happy tanking.
  18. What equipment do you pick for the T-127? Thx for the answer in advance!
  19. To quote Claptrap from Borderlands 2 - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragons Keep: "Mad I say, maaaad!" Would love to have a platoon of 3 of those but none of my friends have it...
  20. Thx for the input, gonna study it and practise on my newly unlocked T54E1.
  21. While I am surely not blurple, I guess I can answer on that. Usually you can mount enhanced suspension equipment for credits in your equipment slot. This takes up a slot (e.g. Belleville Washers take my slot for the Superheavy Spall Liner on the E-75 atm) but it saves you the free experience. I try to use free xp for things I cannot get for credits, e.g. Top Gun, Turret, Engine etc. For heavily armored tanks I think that the top turret is a must if it greatly increases survivability: I would never drive the E-75 or ST-I with a stock turret. I'd rather spam premium shells from a semi-stock gun than use the crappy Tiger II turret on tier 9. And to be honest, the Tiger II's long 105mm out-dpms any tier 9 heavy except for the M103 and probably the Conqueror. It's surprisingly effective, especially against mediums. Basically it's a tank-to-tank decision.
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