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  1. Of all the Chinese tanks I have played so far, I had most fun in these three vehicles: 1. WZ-111-1-4 2. WZ-131 3. T-34-1 The WZ-1-4 is amazing to play, a really fun tank. When comparing the WZ-120 and the WZ-1-4, it felt like the 1-4 did everything right the 120 did not. It basically exchanges slightly less relative alpha for a much more reliable gun, similar effective dpm, similar armor protection, similar mobility but less turning speed and finally: -5° gun depression. Going 50 kph on flat ground is awesome, having UFP and turret armor such that you can confidently go hull down at mid-range. Many medium tanks won't be able to outplay you with their mobility because you can match it but in exchange, you can force them into effective alpha trades if need be. Admittedly, it is not very good at sidescraping and brute-forceing other heavies might be more difficult than in an E75 but still, it can hold its ground. You can easily go Prokh mid, rush and contest medium tank positions, a well driven 1-4 is such a pain it can come close to rivalling a well driven E50 - in short, if there was ever a t9 HT I would buy back, it would be the WZ-111-1-4. In your case, I'd say you can find arguments for either 3 but man, WZ-1-4 is love and life for anyone who enjoys similar tanks (current E5 or E50 come to my mind).
  2. WG is now trying to convince EU players to buy this tank for a mere €50 ($56). They are getting rather desperate in their attempt to milk as much cash out of the cows players as they can before AW goes online with much lower prices for basically similar products and people start splitting their money between the two games.
  3. So far I see no reason why this is not an example of Kewei making the E4 work despite it being an E4 rather than because of it. That is, would you have achieved similar or better results in a similar tank (E100 for example)?
  4. Plz merge topic, it's stupid two have 2 of these.
  5. I tried it yesterday and was pleasantly surprised, the gameplay is pretty similar to WoT. The T-62 feels like an IS-7/E75 and really wants to be hull down, the pubbies are not far from bots and the gameplay is rather dynamic. Haven't encountered arty yet but I guess it'll be annoying. Atm, it looks pretty shite but I am sure that'll improve a lot given the engine it runs on. I'd say it looks like a solid alternative to WoT - less variation in between vehicle classes but more ways to set up crews/tanks/commanders for different playstyles and that's neat. It always bugged me that in WoT you know exactly how 99% of the unicum/blue playerbase sets up their crew for, say, an IS-7. Do I prefer it over WoT? Much too early to tell.
  6. Pretty much this, it'll nerf a bunch of previously strong sniper/camper positions and positions where u can shoot from one "lane" to another. I am thinking of - Westfield - Karelia (hill; for assault both spawn locations) - Lakeville - Malinovka - Prokh, FS - Fisherman's Bay - possibly Fjords? - Highway - South Coast (tho removed anyway iirc) - Arctic Region - Sacred Valley - Erlenberg - Airfield - Sand River - El Hallouf It's interesting to see that none of the recently introduced maps should see any significant change to gameplay.
  7. The map is great with 0-2 artillery and next to unplayable with 4. It is the only map where you can dominate the entire enemy team with a single tank given you possess good situational awareness, I can think of not many maps where a good player can have as much influence on the tide of the battle. At the same time, it is one of the only maps where almost any point of the map is directly connected with the rest, there are no singular fights like the valley on lakeville or the hill on tundra. Therefore, it also rewards teamplay more than other maps and is more difficult to play. With almost all tanks I go middle - Leo1, Bat, E5, IS-7, E100, E4, whatever, except WT auf E100. I even went middle with stuff like the T28 Proto and of course I go middle with SU-122-44 and similar tanks. All you need to know on this map is when tanks (hidden and visible) will shoot you, whether u are spotted or not, and when it is safe to expose to a certain direction. You do not need mad reaction times nor excessive knowledge of tank weakspots, it is almost all about the vision game. It punishes you harshly for mistakes but it also rewards you. However, when there are 3-5 arties, the map becomes a massive farm-damage-but-dont-get spotted whack-a-mole but the solution to Prokh and FS do not lie with the map but with changing arty as an RNG high-punishment game mechanic. The problem with Prokh & FS is artillery and their bullshit RNG alpha hits, otherwise it is a great map.
  8. That would be nice indeed, noone needs a crappy duplicate of already existing tanks. But I kinda don't see it coming, WG seems determined that every mid-tier Brit has to use the annoying 20-pounder.
  9. If this goes through, I'll buy the IS-4 back.
  10. Not kewl. So again noone knows anything and we just have to wait for it.
  11. The latter part would make Kolni a good platoon mate. I am afraid I cannot offer such services but would also potatoe platoon starting from t6.
  12. Great Barrier Reef = 3x the size of Bavaria. Impressive.

  13. Good luck to you guys, I am looking forward to meeting you guys in stronkus, that's gonna be fun.
  14. How can you go on when arty shits on you game after game?

    1. aaveq


      wish them aids/death/cancer and move on :serb:

    2. sr360


      Play arty and shit on the shitters. Hit them on the move and tell them to "stop camping". Bonus points for 261 AP and M44 HEAT rounds. 

    3. Sergeant_Fgt


      Break several desks, 1 or 2 monitors, a macbook, get arrested for rampage at the air port, rage sell slow tanks, spill dozens of different fluids over u keyboard and then throw it at the nearest wall, break your chair ( now that's a funny one ), etc.

      After that you decide to not give a fuck anymore, as u can't change it either so you just put them on ur tk list and tk a few whenever you would stop you session anyway.
      Bonus points for not wasting the money u save by breaking stuff on wot. :awyeah:

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  15. Radio Jamming Jams enemy radios such that they cannot relay enemy tank positions for a short period of time in a set radius around your tank. I think that would be an amazing skill as it could create temporary paths into or behind enemy lines, imagine a scout using this on Malinovka so as to get behind enemies for advanced camo pewpew. Also, this would temporarily take arty out of the game in your area, super useful while brawling with enemy heavies in an exposed position, e.g. Malinovka hill or when pushing some exposed spot such as Prokh hill.
  16. The IS-3 has the highest alpha, best armor together with the IS-5, IS-6 and T32, good mobility and even decent DPM considering first strike.
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