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  1. I hate to admit this, but years ago I sold my IS-7. Why? Because I wanted to buy all the tanks that were going to be used for HISTORICAL BATTLES! I thought Historical Battles were going to be the new great thing and I was tired of CW and wanted to get in on the start of HB's. What a big mistake that was! Rebought my IS-7 about a year ago.
  2. I gotta admit that I have to use the E2 with the top turret and M1A2 -- dat gun handling! Today had a Radley Walters with that setup. I know the E8 is probably better, but the E2 keeps me out of trouble http://www.vbaddict.net/download_replay/jarrel62-na-061501540d61cfadafc5ddb875b706e6/highway-usa-m4a3e2_sherman_jumbo-1590247472106004
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    My dog hunts for Pokemon! https://imgur.com/a/hZFfp
  4. True, if you are improving then having the alternate modes switched on during only part of your game history might skew the results. In my case, I've had the game modes turned on as long as I've been uploading data to vBAddict. In other cases, we can filter the history file to only pull recent games.
  5. There has been some discussion about the impact of having assault and encounter game modes turned on and whether it is beneficial for players to include or exclude these modes to improve win rates and other statistics. Looking over my Vbaddict statistics as a decidedly average (for my number of games played) player indicates that I do significantly better in assault and encounter modes than I do in standard mode. Here are my results: Game type Battles Win Rate Damage Ratio Standard 6785
  6. If you are rusty at some of your math skills, or even if you want to learn a new math skill, don't discount khanacademy.org. They have some really nice interactive problem sets and have simple instructive videos that are programmed to help you with any weak points or difficulties you might have. If your goal is to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour per day, Khan Academy can definitely help.
  7. My Berlin IS-2 feasted on these things last weekend. Good Times, 82% winrate
  8. Been lurking without posting for some time here and learned enough about WOT from you guys to get my Win8 out of the Embarrasingly Bad and into the Merely Bad category. Starting to post now in the WOWS forum since naval games are my true love. Back in the mid-90's I was a beta tester/community manager for an old modern naval game called Harpoon Online by Kesmai going by the name "tailhook." If I played >25k games of tanks I'm truly wondering what my eventual game total in warships will be! Still a baddie in ships but hopefully I'm learning fast. Would like to get into division play
  9. I was not too pleased to be in a Tier 7 battle with my Tier 4 Wyoming, but I thought we had a great chance because we had a Tier 7 carrier and the opposing team had no CV's. However, our CV captain was This Guy. He did zero the entire match and was probably AFK. It was shown that AFK'ing in Tanks gets about 42% or so winrate, but if you AFK primarily in a CV, it looks like you can get astonishingly bad win rates of 33% or lower over 500+ games. Of course we got creamed by the enemy Tier 7 BB's and CA's.
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