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  1. -Was in Afrikan klan with The Spaniard. -YOLOswagged my way to #1 overall -Joined MLP through being ex-#1. -Joined AA or whatever because dunno. -Joined MLP2 because fail. -Joined -G- through being ex-MLP.
  2. I voted 430 because I want you to suffer while using that crew.
  3. Guess who it hit. I give you three tries.
  4. FV215b absolutely cannot sidescrape due to the turret ring.
  5. It's worth buying at full price.... And then you'll realize how you're going to buy them.
  6. lol. Confirmed. Like serious wtf. There's so much room to depress.
  7. You forgot one thing: +99% chance Pubtards can't get them.
  8. Why do you think I troll so much now days on both reddit and the official forums?
  9. The fucking casuals spent 30 minutes in dome mode trying to cut down a tree. Fucking us Helix truegods cut it down in less than a minute in the one true mode.
  10. Situational Awareness before repair=? Armorer before snapshot=?? Firefight before BiA=??? Fire fighting and BiA before Safe Stowage=????
  11. Fuck democracy. Almost all the memorable moments come from anarchy.
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