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  1. good point, which raises the question why is the raw so low for that score? just did the same raw with 2.8K damage and 600 spotting in a T25 pilot. I guess if i assume all of the direct damage was spotted by others so equivalent to 1.9K and half of the assist was spotting, half tracking, so ~1K spotting equivalent.
  2. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4316700#details what does it take to ace this thing, much less 1st class it?! is this a bug?
  3. thanks for your considered reply and tip on D8, east spotting. what i was trying to due east was set up a ruse that has worked for me in the past: i knock down trees for my imaginary sniper line, then spot the ridge, occasionally firing from behind a bush in sniper position. i've held off a number of tanks with this comical move in the past (old replay may not work). i bailed on it as the TVP seemed a bit too aggressive and perhaps due to our whining heavy. i agree with you on the west spot and would have taken the initial run you describe, but as mentioned initially, my platoon mate said he'd spot west, and didn't do it the way i would have.
  4. i was taken to task on this one (replay link) so thought i'd ask for some purple advice as i just felt hemmed in with no way to help the team map is erlenberg, north spawn, standard battle, tier 8-10, many heavies with 3 arties, we are one tier 10 short our team completely abandons the east (as often occurs) setting up a linear heavy battle along the hill line west of the castle. i'm platooning with another light who signals he is going to scout the west side. here's how i see it: 1. 13:51 i start with an east scouting run, yes, i know soloing a flank is a poor idea, but figured a quick scouting run from a fast light would provide some intel, even though i have no supporting guns. (i'm taken to task on this, mistake or no) i find only 2 tanks and bail to my surprise almost the entire enemy team crossed over to our side. -was this move a mistake? 2. 13:25 i retreat and try to provide vision for meds covering our rear (north aiming east) took a hit from a TVP and didn't really add much so i'll call this a complete fail i abandon it at 12:04 as 2 TVP's come in and wax our meds -should i have stayed, pushed, or left? 3. 11:30 crossed over and start circling C-D 2-4 trying to provide some vision and looking for an opening for an arty run or flank, but feel totally hemmed in with no one aiming at what i can light chased away a light at 11:17 but otherwise failed again; still have a gun for in game -better move here? perhaps working central buildings? 4. 10:20 we've given up what pathetic map control we had with two collapsing flank i make a last ditch effort to hold off the TVP and T49 on our northeast/rear flank only to get shut down ignominiously any suggestions appreciated thanks
  5. thanks for your reply that makes perfect sense as for running around... we both have weak armor, and good guns, each was a one shot, he has better aim time (i think) especially if i'm moving my concern was that a cloaked TD with a cammo net could be invisible at the end of a street so he'd wind up with the first shot 50/50 i'd get him first i assumed that zoomed in on his approach lane, i'd get the aim edge... which doesn't help if he's invisible lesson learned
  6. snatched defeat from the jaws of victory but how? so basically i'm sitting on cap zoomed in and aimed at the street where the opposing TD will approach i'm thinking that pre-aimed and zoomed i'm likely to get the hit first... boom i'm a puff of smoke from invisi td the TD has to have been moving and at very close range, less than 100M why did i not see him? cammo or lag? implications going forward (or how can i do this) does lag favor the moving tank? does lag take a second to uncloak a TD when it first moves? is it just a matter of lowest ping wins? http://wotreplays.com/site/646672#ensk-y_knt-leopard_prototyp_a event occurs ~6:40 keep playing after blow up to see TD's location any other constructive criticism appreciated thanks