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  1. Still remember this thread sometimes even though I don't play WOT in the slightest anymore. Basically things are going well enough. Things with Nate took a turn and we ended up dating, and are now planning to have a hand fasting ceremony since we are both pagan. So essentially getting married but without the legal stuff. I'm also dating another transwoman long distance but she's amazing. We are all poly so things remain open but I can't imagine being without either of them by this point. As far as physical stuff, I have D cups now (pushing on E!) and my hair
  2. TL;DR I've been full time for well over a month. Had a date with the one male that I've ever had feelings for which turned out well. I pass only sometimes but I get compliments both to my face and to my friends. So id say things are going well.
  3. Well, an update I suppose. Texas did not go how I thought it would. Both people I was there to visit ended up coming out to me as trans in different ways as well as mixed in with some relationship drama that was going on between them at the time....they weren't out to each other either. Things happened and I ended up driving from Texas to Washington to have the transman stay with me. So far Nate has been fun to have around and is getting close to starting hormones himself. While I'm still firmly in the attracted to girls camp we have a sort of relationship and havin
  4. Leaving early tomorrow morning. Nervous as fuck tbh. Haven't flown in many years and I'm going to a place I don't know on top of that. Good thing is I have isle seats all the way down.
  5. I am only on Estradiol as a matter of fact. I've always always been motherly in some ways. Part of it is just feeling lonely I'm sure. If had a kitten i would probably feel better then I do on the bad days. I do want progesterone to help with breast shape though. Was going to see about it during my next doctor visit in april.
  6. Thought I'd put down some random stuff and experiences for a change. Mostly little things that don't really effect my life other then some griping about them. Maternal Instincts - I had these before I ever was close to transition but the past couple months it's just been turned up to 11. I try to avoid talking about babies too much irl because I will typically end up fighting back tears. At least once I week I end up spending all evening curled up in bed with my stomach in knots and basically obsessing over it mentally. It's more and more become a topic in my therapy sessions
  7. To put it simply, not many of us (as in trans people) have the energy to deal that kind of interaction. Many of us also deal with those kind of attitudes day in and out, even from our own families. It's even cost people their jobs and lives. It's not about political correctness, its about fatigue. When you catch enough shit for so long from so many people all saying the same things, you would start to become intolerant to it too. We do make light of our particular issues though. (See subreddits like /r/transgendercirclejerk). However you must clue yourself in to the tone of the conv
  8. Well Forgot about wotlabs for a while. But the jist of the last two months is basically: -Went in and out of a relationship -Watched my personality develop more and more. Though i fluctuate between soft butch and cute maid depending on my energy level lol. This still has a ways to go. -Finally had my mom start to come around. This has been the biggest benefit to my mental health. Even though she doesn't use my name or pronouns hardly at all she does on occasion. She did call me Alesia Violet the other day in the car and it caught me off guard and i ended up
  9. Doctors appointment went well and all my levels checked out. The at 15 and E at...125 (?). My boobs are visible basically all the time through my shirts, even layered. Still can't afford a bra though and wearing the wrong thing means the rubbing makes me nauseous. .....I really need a bra that fits
  10. Have my first therapist visit in around a month today. I figured out where most of my issues are rooted from (abandonment around my parents imagine that) so I'll have a lot to talk to my therapist about even though I've already processed it and started making baby steps to rebuild my relationships with them. I'll update this post after everything is said and done.
  11. So..... This is what love feels like. Its strange to relearn that it feels like. Holy hell she's amazing though. Also made a winter wish list on amazon for shits n giggles. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/5VP7U6ZBWK0L Hoping to stick to it and chip away with the little bit of extra money I get a month until I have it all. Unless I get a different job and am able to binge As for body update: breasts are probably a solid B cup, feels like I've gain half a cup size the past couple weeks. Keto diet is also a go along with walking
  12. I figured I always vent negative stuff here so I might as well post some positive. My Hair is amazing and growing well Body hair is much reduced and if I shave parts it either doesn't grow back or comes back slowly and blond Flannels are amazing and kinda show off or hide my boobs at will. My skin is fookin soooooooooooooooooooooooffftttt Lewd stuff is simply amazing now Can actually feel emotions rather then just being a empty husk, it's hard to deal with sometimes because I never learned to process emotions in a constructive way That's...it...I guess
  13. Soooo, not had a good time recently. Nightmares got worse while my dysphoria hit an all time high. I'm not coping well with being alone and my right hip (and how kinda my left too) have started in with searing pain. Scuttled to the doctor and got some muscle relaxers which have helped greatly. It still hurts but not to the extent that it did previously. Either I wounded the joint in my sleep or my hips are rotating and I don't know which it is. Its a bit late in my life for my hips to do that but then again my body has surprised me over and over with the estrogen.
  14. Don't know if this deserves it's own post but..I don't know what to do. My dad visited for the first time in a very long time. Normally I am adverse to his very presence but it was different this time. He was actually nice compared to my mom and things just kind of went "ok." I went to hug him as I left to go home and nearly fell apart. I don't know what it was but for some reason I wanted him to call me his daughter so bad that it hurt. Of course he didn't call me his daughter. It's irrational because I would never expect him to call me his daughter but getting de
  15. I need to start working on my voice. Its bothering me more and more to the point I dislike talking at all. Edit: Had the impulse to go down to the local bar and try to pick up a guy. It made me want to throw-up I was so disgusted(?) that I would even think that, that I would be that lonely so quickly. I crawled out of bed and made tea, currently just sitting and sipping, trying to relax. Helps me sit up, act like I'm an ice queen and shake it off. I'm really tired of this town. My living situation isn't awful but there's just nothing to satiate me or distract
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