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  1. Actually one at least is planned for 0.19 confirmed by SilentStalker @Shade421 well you can have a lot of fun with low tier especially in AFV (my favorite trick is to cap to spawn pillbox behind choke point :))
  2. For SPG I prefer Ioannis Sanna ,his pyromaniac and module crippling skills make you a true sky cancer.
  3. I rapidly checked your code (very quickly) in the PlatoonRatio method you doesn't weight by battle count or I'm mistaken ? IMO you need to change that
  4. I don't really figure how the platoon influence is integrated and used. My platoon ratio is 0.88 is ,32 BIA for 22K games. A "good" player I met last night (EU server obviously) : christopherx platoon ratio 0.82 , 244 BIA for 14K games (wtf less than me ??) Now check his most played tanks and please explain me why he is rated "good"* * and if someone can explain me why I cannot check my rating on wotlab , he will be welcome too
  5. I met shub_niggurath several times and last night Cheesus_crust.
  6. As you are doing some corrections it look like I've been erased from the matrix... When I try to access my stats : http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/elFredusing chrome/firefox/chrome on my phone or IE ,I end with an empty page But I can see others players stats like http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/orzanel wtf did I do ?
  7. Vade retro Satana ! I'll unleash Richard Stallman on you ! More seriously I don't think I've used this function since OS/2 (during last century) your thread tittle was a king of blast from the past for me
  8. Why the hell using a non standard non posix non iso non whatever function ?
  9. Depending on the country ... in mine 15 mean (according to the law) no booze no sex no driving So 15 best age ... certainly not.
  10. I do find the tittle a bit misleading I would have preferred Garbad 1er review the AMX 30 This formulation is quite more funny for a frog like me Vive le Roi ! Noble cri de la vieille France, Cri d'espérance De bonheur d'amour et de foi !
  11. Anyway there is no real reason to keep consistency as the tanks capabilities varie because of nerfing or buffing.
  12. Thanks both of you. I figured it anyway some minutes ago (cause I increased drastically my blood cafeine level (twice cause reasons ...)) @mods : junk that thread.
  13. Hello gents, it's there a way to limit the WN8 computation to in garage or played long ago * tanks ? I really don't care of the old tanks my son and I don't play anymore but I would like to track my progress in the tanks I currently own and play. cheers Fred *because a tank last played many moon ago is IMO to be discarded from stats.
  14. I'm just dropping by to thank you for your vids ,it's educational and very understandable (even for a frog like me). Bon Boulot ! (see I'm trully a frog)
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