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    hiipanda got a reaction from Folterknecht in   
    @Jesse_the_Scout" In his remarkable book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion, Haidt recalls a telling experiment. He and his colleagues Brian Nosek and Jesse Graham sought to discover how well conservative and what Haidt terms ‘liberal’ (ie: progressive) students understood one another by having them answer moral questions as they thought their political opponents would answer them. “The results were clear and consistent,” remarks Haidt. “In all analyses, conservatives were more accurate than liberals.” Asked to think the way a liberal thinks, conservatives answered moral questions just as the liberal would answer them, but liberal students were unable to do the reverse. Rather, they seemed to put moral ideas into the mouths of conservatives that they don’t hold. To put it bluntly, Haidt and his colleagues found that progressives don’t understand conservatives the way conservatives understand progressives. This he calls the ‘conservative advantage,’ and it goes a long way in explaining the different ways each side deals with opinions unlike their own. People get angry at what they don’t understand, and an all-progressive education ensures that they don’t understand. "  https://quillette.com/2018/03/10/psychology-progressive-hostility/
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    hiipanda got a reaction from RealBattousai in Teenager who's not a pilot has been charged with trying to steal an American Eagle pa   
    Flying is the easy part. Landing is the hard part.
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    hiipanda reacted to orzel286 in I should stop my habit of consuming illegal substances.   
    > consuming illegal substances
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    hiipanda reacted to nabucodonsor in the new tanks sealed it, the game is broken beyond repair   
    Not as much as their drug abuse. Have you seen how they have "fixed" Ruinberg? And Pilsen with "coal holes where LTs should go to spot"? I know it is a bit too early to speak but those do not seem to be improvements.
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    hiipanda got a reaction from DHP in Ok. Team of the year. VK4502a claims he is a sniping tank, then Tortoise on our team   
    You need to teach your dog to platoon.
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    hiipanda got a reaction from zbran in I think I am now set for the 9.22 patch. I ended up free xp'ing past the 430 II, it s   
    You'll need to play it for the new undecided tank. Load gold and treat it like a side scraping vk45b. In the open do micro positioning to make enemies miss the lower plate.
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    hiipanda reacted to Fabunil in The Object 705A aka what the E-100 "Gr8 Turret M8" wished to be. All these new Russia   
    "We at wargayming would like to use this opportunity to buff the other underperforming high tier Russian vehicles as they have been underperforming compared to overpowered vehicles such as the Leopard 1 and Jagdpanzer E-100"
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    hiipanda reacted to Hellsfog in QB summits the highest and mightiest of horses: https://clips.twitch.tv/IgnorantSuave   
    @TAdoo87  What makes him fake is that his response is exaggerated and feels like a ham actor reading lines.  You can keep a stream family friendly without the affectation. 
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    hiipanda got a reaction from FavreFan4ever in Researched: AMX M4 mle. 51 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 151503. Free E   
    Made sure to save enough exp for the top turret. I don't ever want to see an amx65t turret in my garage.
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    hiipanda got a reaction from TheTrojanWarrior in Past few nights I've been doing the operation gambit campaign, I have earned enough f   
    Really wish wg had released how many bonds you needed for tier 10s earlier, so people could grind them out.
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    hiipanda reacted to RollerCoaster47 in LMAO HE GOT BANNED.   
    Also here on YT: 
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    hiipanda got a reaction from lordawesome7 in 2d>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&gt   
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    hiipanda got a reaction from orzel286 in 2d>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&gt   
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    hiipanda reacted to CraBeatOff in feel even more useless playing tier 10 lights in grand battles. I desperately need a   
    I'll post a replay but you basically cruise around trying to overlap your vision circle on their sniper positions. Then as the battle develops start driving for side shots at 420m+. Keep looking for overextended tanks and people crossing the open to punish. Light what you can butt realistically you're just trying to farm until about 30% hp and then as battles thin out your lighting ability becomes really important. Find the sentient players and light for them. Work the edges and don't feed the strv in the bush. Your relocation ability is great at this point. Keep those hp to dig out campers and use your time.
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    hiipanda reacted to hazzgar in "And we all know who that is. Wotlabs. For years, they’ve done it. They would pick ta   
    I got banned for saying WR matters more than wn8...
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    hiipanda got a reaction from Errants in It's impossible to find a platoon for the Tank Rewards missions with a player who doe   
    you just don't spam invites in battle and then leave the platoon once it is over?
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    hiipanda reacted to dualmaster333 in today has been a good day.   
    Tanks everywhere!

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    hiipanda reacted to Nuttydave1234 in today has been a good day.   
    Nice....definitely beats what I got. But gold is gold.

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    hiipanda reacted to Tarski in How do i delete my attachments?   
    Start with something you're less attached to, like a pet. 
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    hiipanda got a reaction from BlackAdder in time to blow a whole bunch of credits trying to get ht.15.3   
    Well, that was fast.
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    hiipanda reacted to SchnitzelTruck in FUCK YEAH!!!!!!   
    damage that game was 8217
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    hiipanda reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in Anyone here skilled at exorcisms? My girlfriend is a sleep talker/walker/sleeps with   
    fuck that noise
    i would've ended up punching her in the face.  
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