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  1. bandet

    What happened to this game: my opinion

    See I just don't get this logic Most played plane tier 9 with 92.2% winrate.. second most tier 8 89% winrate..... "Seal clubbing" okay?
  2. bandet

    What happened to this game: my opinion

    It's really best to ignore anything haswell says, he's an embarrassment. At one point wargaming invited us on a stream to tell the community how to win more, strategies and tips etc, and the entire time he was just disruptive and called us liars and said on the stream we were purposely giving bad advice to make our opponents worse so we can kill them easier... It's just not the behavior of a rational, or sane, person. He probably would have been wearing a tinfoil hat if he had a webcam. They make up some nonsense about abusing the MM or flights when none of those things ever actually happened... Just listen to them trying to explain away everything, tinfoil hats the lot of them. It's been what, 4 years, and they still can't admit they just couldn't beat us? We still laugh about it to this day, I only posted here because me and crayola were cracking up about it last night on discord and wanted to see if I came here and posted 4 years later how quickly the same people would materialize out of the woodwork to claim we were cheating... point proven. Thanks for the laughs, see yall again in 4 years.
  3. Really it's pretty simple... They never had any sort of "competitive matchmaking", in wargamings case it would be clan wars. Had they done this, all the top end players would be out of the general pool and not killing bad people...
  4. bandet

    Da Rocket?

    It's actually super simple when you think about it, I just say things that I observe are true, and people take some things I say like "just get better at the game" etc as trolls when in fact they are true.
  5. bandet

    Flights and 1.8

    Eh, any explanation that is based off of wargaming being incompetent fits right in.
  6. bandet

    Flights and 1.8 They changed flights to 2 in order to cover up their shitty programming abilities.
  7. bandet

    Dev bulletin for patch 1.6

    It would be like they fly circles around their base under AA cover, and the tailgunner is shooting at you for the duration of the game, regardless of your location.
  8. bandet

    Dev bulletin for patch 1.6

    I didn't mean they served the same role in actual gameplay, just that they are both the "easymode" of their respective games.
  9. Because it's peanut butta jelly time.
  10. bandet

    Dev bulletin for patch 1.6

    GA do serve a purpose in balancing as well. They affect the High-altitude fliers. Basically, if they control supremacy strong enough, it can force them to fly lower where they are vulnerable to attack. The skill thing really can be lumped in with the performance thing. They wanted something that can be played with poor performance, hardware or user regardless.
  11. There's plenty of reasons... Suppose, for example, I wanted to make someone that didn't have it jelly?
  12. bandet

    Dev bulletin for patch 1.6

    Something I posted over there regarding GAs.. Basically GA only exist to allow bads to participate. Otherwise, a flying game would be too complex for them. You might argue that artillery serve the same purpose.
  13. Man if I could get big rockets on my hg2 instead of the little bottle rockets, I'd do that so fast. Those big rockets are baller. Anyways, regarding the rise of ground-attack heavy fighters.... I think this is a result of low population matches. As we all know, the less people in game, the more effective ground-attacking is because the amount of ground targets is static. Like when game first launched, everyone high tier except us was in IL's because it was easy to grind them. The less people in the game, the more experience you got per game. Complete inverse of normal. Really they just need to make amount of GT's scale based upon team sizes.