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  1. Is the alpha being nerfed as well? I'm looking forward to the salt about that.
  2. I have my new favourite T7 TD - the Avenger. It's like a Comet, but better in most ways.
  3. lolwut? Wasn't me. As for windowed mode, try alt+tab. It usually works for me. If not, manually change your settings. What if I kick myself?
  4. Currently up to LT 11.3, 10 damaging shots against equal tier or higher opponents and 2k damage. WN8 factory. It's an excuse to redline snipe.
  5. Off hand is kept on the hip for balance and to prevent it being a target. Different systems such as Highland Broadsword use the off hand to help turn the upper body during cuts.
  6. @Siggy What I do looks similar to this: That is 16th c bolognaise, what I do was influenced by that. Similar, but different in many ways
  7. In regards to shitters, I should have quit while I was ahead yesterday. I played terribly for the most part and having 2-3 people AFK every third game didn't help in the sightest. Full moon might have had something to do with it.
  8. I went on my birthday (about 2 weeks ago) and the kit wasn't born yet. Mum wasn't on display either. Too pregnant to give a fuck.
  9. After a week of grinding and failing hard in the Firefly, i've finally unlocked the Comet in WT:GF. It's an interesting tank when completely stock. It fires the same projectiles as the 17-pdr, but due to having a different casing, the muzzle velocity is about 100m/s slower and has slightly lower penetration. When the projectile hits however, it does the same damage as the 17-pdr. Complete, fuck, all. Well... not entirely accurate. Due to the lack of explosive filler you need to target specific components and getting one shot kills on larger vehicles is unlikely to happen. It does however get a
  10. WT has been patched and the new update has NipTanks. I played 6 T1 games with a KDR of >10. T3 is full of Heavy Tank No. 6 spam though.
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