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  1. I'm vacationing here... I think. Dear god, stop me before it becomes what it was! Mmmm... Burst with mobility. You know me. Please, I could still smell all of the shit I left behind before logging in.
  2. Slow autoloader with bad pen and bad reload that can hulldown? Why Westfield? Intra too long to try and utilize the strong turret in cramped areas and urban rubble? Also, an addition, with more to probably come... New map knowledge is a bit more important than I thought in terms of squeezing more damage, kills, and wins out in terms of micro positioning and I have found a few games I can get hit in areas that I remember being safe in. Overall, however, my initial conclusion remains the same; general deployment and map control is still the same old thing. New tank knowledge is also le
  3. So, I haven't played much in a long time... Still not really playing much, but have logged hours in weeks rather than minutes in years. Here are my musings and questions after a few games. Nothing has really changed. I have no idea what, if any, major mechanic augmentations or map modifications have taken place... But consistent victory and above-average success with pubbies is still achieved through, in order of importance and they are all so close as to basically be tied: 1a) Situational Awareness; this includes from recognizing ideal initial deployment based on map and team composition
  4. I played some tanks today.

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    2. Flaksmith
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      I'm still trash, but now have more tanks to be trash in.

    4. Flaksmith


      I agree with clicker, come chat with us on the discord server! Heck there's even a phone app for it.

  5. I think the roadmap should be revised and simplified. Here is my offering:
  6. Due to some, what turned out to be, very positive changes in my life I am no longer active or interested enough in the game to even haphazardly fail my way through commanding any type of clan. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to remain as a commander. Not even in label for those shits and those giggles. How I imagine you all feel... Just give it to me. I have officially stepped down as AWFUL's Commander. I'm out. I will be passing the torch to the questionably-intentioned and capable _C00KIE. I am happy to see the name and brand be carried by this man and am confident he will be able
  7. New blog is up, NERDS! http://suddenlynerd.blogspot.com/2015/09/noninvasive-medical-diagnostics-dr.html
  8. There is nothing like the little ninja at Tier-X, really. Just use the T67 to learn vision and camo abuse. Translate that into how you play ALL of your tanks. As far as mobility, camo, and DPM goes a RU med at Tier-X will be your best bet... But there are fewer potatoes.
  9. AWFUL is going to be building a Global Map brigade and we are always interested in campaigns... I would recommend AWFUL.
  10. So much negs for OP when this is, hands down, his best thread evar.
  11. Blogging again: http://suddenlynerd.blogspot.com/2015/08/nerd-out-on-human-sexuality-wait-it.html Enjoy!
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